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  1. I have had both, racoon is solidly ok, and takes nicely to braising, im sure with enough honey hog rub or something similar it would make an interesting joetisserie photo Nutria over charcoal hot and fast is......interesting. Lets just call it interesting. I was glad we had tortillas and radishes and that green hucatero (spelling massacre) hot sauce.
  2. You owe me a new keyboard. Spit out my coffee. Good work!
  3. There are plenty of rabbits and squirrels in my yard, i'll be fine
  4. As ckreef[s experience says, I am hopeful that smaller local producers come out of this a little bit better, people learn how to garden a little bit more, and we all become a little more resilient, and self reliant. I know its probably heresy to say this here, but I would certainly eat a lot less meat if it became more expense, and meat became more of a special occasion type of meal. I had my grandparents over for dinner a year or two ago, and made steak, and made NY strips, not too big, regular, supermarket steaks. My grandmother commented that when she was raising my mom and her two sisters (cooking for 5, including herself), that one of those would have been dinner for everyone, with potatoes and carrots. Just puts it all into perspective when I load up the Joe with more meat on a Saturday than they probably had in three months. Support your local businesses, farms and butchers, and stay safe.
  5. As others have said (and not to pile on), if my temp is where I want it to be (anywhere between 225-275 is fine) I don't look at all for at least 2, 2.5 hours, then i'll take a peek just to gauge when I need to have everything else set up, and sauce for the last 45-30
  6. That's correct. The covenants for the "village" are something like 100 pages long, and the process youre undertaking up there would be ::possible:: but man alive it would take some time to get everyone on board. They are generally very reasonable at the higher level, but its the "compliance inspector volunteers" who drive around and look for violations that are the worst. They always are advertising for people to do this, and in my opinion, anyone who willfully would like to do that, is the worst person to do that job.
  7. This is one heck of a build, I look forward to seeing the end result! You're lucky you live in a community that allows such freedom. We have quite the HOA here, which has is negatives, but it also means I never have to live next to the Bumpuses
  8. I'll second AGC. I got my Joe from Costco, but everything else I have ever gotten (except for a brush and the little plate holder things for the stand which AGC didnt sell at that time) has come from them. They are great people.
  9. Well done. I have done two at a time on my classic2, i've also done two whole chickens which is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight but very tasty
  10. it has saved my butt lots of times. just to clarify, i dont vac seal the second time, i just run a second seal line, because someimtes the bagg will crinkle and the seal is only like, 98%. it may not matter for a cube of soup or stock, but it will for a prime ribeye
  11. I don't have the high end model like yours, however I have been vac saving food for ages with my OG foodsaver When my friend used to have his boat in the outer banks, coming back with 50lbs of yellowfin tuna or mahi or rockfish was not uncommon, and I would portion loins down into pieces big enough for 2-3 nice steaks, and freeze, without any loss of real quality for about 6ish months, and serviceable quality for up to a year I also buy the off brand bags, but i dont buy the cheapest ones, so theyre probably just rebranded "good bags" another tip, when youre making your bags from the roll, seal each end, then make another seal 1/4" towards the ends of the bags, that makes a double seal so you have a bit of backup.
  12. My favorite thing with leftover brisket is brisketdillas, very versatile, example: add some eggs, breakfast brisketdillas
  13. You've heard of the freshman 15? This is the COVID 19 I'll see myself out. Tip your waitresses.
  14. We actually did the big TP/PT stock up right before the baby showed up in December, figuring we would'nt have time to do that in the first couple months, so we're solidly fine, which has been nice. Biggest issue for us is produce, with the wife feeding the baby, she needs a good variety of good-for-you food, which seems to have finally come back in stock around here. I'll finally get around to making that pork belly that was on sale in Nov and has been in the deep freeze since then. Looking forward to that. The wife said I could do it while she celebrates passover. She's a keeper.
  15. There are cheaper basket accessories that I think are worth it. I say cheaper because that image looks like this is a pretty heavy duty basket, and will have a premium as a KJ branded accessory. I have no idea what they'd offer it for. I have the napoleon grill basket, for my classic. It works great for wings, and i also have seen others roast their own coffee or nuts in it. I didn't have a bumper crop of peppers last year, otherwise they were destined for it. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/napoleon-gas-grill-round-rotisserie-stainless-steel-grill-basket I also have a flat basket, which I have used for fish in the past, it is visually very impressive, and the fish was pretty great too. Future plans for this include loading it up with leg quarters or thighs and taking them for a ride. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008P4B8M2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  16. More even cooking, the wings are constantly turning so the opportunity for one side to get scorched is a little reduced. This ::should:: ensure more crispy overall surfaces. I usually build a ::SMALL:: ripping hot fire banked way to the back when I do this. Plus it looks cool That said, you generally cannot cook as many wings this way, so if you needed to do lots lots lots, the grate is the way to go
  17. Finding the fattier ones is key with this i have found, the example in the header image would be one that I would leave in the store if i was planning on smoking. those look like braisin' chuckies to me.
  18. I do these all the time, and theyre my favorite thing to make (aside from the 2x a year joetisseried turkey) I go super simple, buy the fattiest ones I can find, put on the rub of the day (usually meat church holy cow, or AGC himalayan sherpa) put them on indirect with about two or three pieces of oak or hickory (each piece no bigger than a deck of cards), indirect set at anywhere between 225 and 275 (it doesnt matter) and let them ride for 6ish hours, that takes them to 190-195 internal, which is perfect for slicing. If you were to go to 200-205 you could probably pull them for pulled beef, but I don't do this. I do not inject, i do not wrap, i do not braise (I do always put an empty alumium pan underneath on my Xrack to catch the drippings, for two reasons, one, cleanliness, two, smoked. rendered. beef. fat). This cook is simple, effective, and generates lots of leftovers.
  19. the lump is something like 22 bucks a bag, but its a 30 pounder, not the 20pounds you see elsewhere, and is a decent deal for what some (myself included) call quality lump charcoal. the JTs are priced aggressively too, usually coming in at the sale prices you see at other retailers.
  20. The 3 series is not offered at the roadshow, they offer Classic 2, Big Joe 2 and the Joe Junior. They will also sell joetisseries and lump. We just had one at my costco but i was unable to go.
  21. Saw them at "my" costco the other day too. the hinge looks to be the biggest improvement, in years past the costco would zip tie the lid closed because the floor models kept shattering when people would lose control of the weight lowering it down. 600 is a great price for this kamado IMO too, and I would probably ride up to the land of tax free shopping for it. The grill looked to come with grates for two level cooking, and they seemed to be somewhat of a D/C type system of its own right. I couldn't play with it very much, it was all zipped together, and I needed to buy the diapers and get home
  22. I run a KJ, so I put my accessory rack on the lower level, and always put an empty pan there. you could probably put a pan on your deflector plate, but the fat may burn since it'll be hotter. maybe get some ceramic flowerpot feet, put them on the stone and put the pan on that?
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