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  1. I have an an older anova bluetooth. I LOVE IT. I like that it has actual buttons, a lot of SV gear coming out now is wifi/app/phone only, no buttons, and even though I'm a damned milennial, I loathe that. I like buttons. I like being able to cook without my phone.... anyway as said above, vegetables are easily the best thing I take out of the bath, though steaks are great too. I make this for every "have people over for a holiday dinner" it is simple, it is effective, and I never make enough https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/06/sous-vide-glazed-carrots-recipe.html best part is, you can make them in the bath up to a week ahead of time then just finish them day of. also have done it with parsnips, or added curry powder or some ginger powder...so good
  2. BINGO Although my local Giant Food has choice standing rib roasts that are more....appropriately sized for two for the same price around this time as well, so its decisions decisions for me
  3. Welcome to the forum fellow Marylander, you'll find lots of great info here.
  4. Following this thread, costco had bellies on sale the other week and i picked up two, and split them in half, with this in mind for at least one of them
  5. if i recall, a guy used to sell these on etsy and ebay, he would sand them down and reseason and sell, but then one day it was alllll gone, and i bet lodge sent him a CnD
  6. my top and bottom are starting on my classic II, has anyone used the glue up top? whats the process there, do i need to take off the dome?
  7. I'll answer your questions in order: Any of those will be great, but tenderloin has the least amount of fat, so you'll need to be more careful. I always do ribeye roasts, like Johns thread below Onto your list: Yes, I would leave about 1/4" max, and trim all the "hard" fat Beef likes salt and pepper, but Johns video is great too Yes, 100% yes, I let mine go for almost a week, you get a litttttle bit of the funk that way, which I like OAK, with maybe a small piece of cherry for color Yes Bring it up to temp low and then blast it, or blast it and then go low, low being in that 225-275 range Nope! Good luck! Johns Thread, I've done this, it was SUPERB, and the leftovers made just killer sandwiches I have also done this, in my ::ducks:: oven, and it was SUPERB. I know this is a kamado forum and all, but good lord above it was amazing. I let mine dry brine/age for 10 days, it was so SO SO good. Like, top 5 best thing i have ever made good, we're currently expecting, and my wife has asked for this as her "reintroduction to rare meat" post pregnancy meal https://www.seriouseats.com/2015/12/step-by-step-food-lab-reverse-sear-prime-rib.html
  8. Try something like this? My first thought went to my nice big charliebrown sized head polarized sunglasses, they have a MONDO case, so i would try something like this for 8 bucks with free returns https://www.amazon.com/Sunglasses-Protective-Holder-Oversized-Glasses/dp/B07CJX989V/ref=pd_sbs_309_t_1/134-2186014-3035843?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07CJX989V&pd_rd_r=b6d157eb-2c1c-4dbd-ac97-d120dee13135&pd_rd_w=WKVJv&pd_rd_wg=pJGk4&pf_rd_p=5cfcfe89-300f-47d2-b1ad-a4e27203a02a&pf_rd_r=DPWTMMZ5H0H72MWJQTAC&refRID=DPWTMMZ5H0H72MWJQTAC
  9. I don't know what i'm more jealous of, the fact that you're having ham for thanksgiving or the fact you have a "Curing fridge"
  10. I really appreciate the mesh setup info. It's just not in the cards right now to drop 200-300 bucks on a controller, and 200-300 bucks on a good mesh setup when i'll probably need to spend that money on things like diapers, bottle nipples, and coffee. Perhaps in a few years when that tech has leaped forward again i'll get fully connected.
  11. Wow this has exploded and I am grateful. I should say that I do have a ThermoPro wireless thermometer with Meat/Grate Temps, so I'm halfway there already.
  12. Thanks David, great info. My only question, is the 400 wifi only/requires wifi for operation or does it run on bluetooth too? My wifi is spectacularly spotty and I loose connection often with my phone around the house. Also, what is the power requirements for the FBs? I don't have an exterior outlet on my patio (yet). could they run off of a bigger usb brick battery or do they need the standard house outlet?
  13. I'm embracing my ignorance here, but I've looked around a bit for a bare bones intro into temp controllers, and cant find one. I have seen plenty of recommendations, and been to websites and such, and read through lots of comments about lost connectivity, wifi, bluetooth, USB batteries, etc etc etc. But, I have no clue what I would actually need to buy from say....flameboss, or fireboard to get my KJC2 "hands free". We have a baby on the way, and for a few years at least my ability to do other things while keeping an eye on the grill will be limited. It's almost christmas, people always ask me what I want and I always shrug, so, I'm asking yall what I need to learn before I ask for a couple hundred bucks worth of electronics. I'm not necessarily looking for "I have a flameboss and I love it" posts, I'm looking for "I have a flameboss and I love it, you need product X and product Y" gold stars if you post links. Your friend in ignorance of controllers, KJTerp
  14. Thoughts for improvement: You could make a cute little handle Take off the sticker...CMON MAN But really, great idea, I like it!
  15. KJTerp

    Sticky Top

    I spent an hour or two cleaning mine with hot soapy water and some degreaser, and three cooks later it was right back where it was, it does this regardless of high temp/low slow alternations, etc. It is what it is, and before the cold and the important family event cooks (turkey day, xmas roast and NYE) really gets here i'll probably do it all when I do my big "pre holiday" cleanout.
  16. This is a super interesting experiment, and it's awesome this is on a grilling message board, of all things. But as someone who works with anaerobic bacteria, the quote above is....not exactly true. Microbes can and do respire when oxygen is absent, anaerobic respiration can occur. Drive past a marsh, that rotten egg smell is hydrogen sulfide produced by sulfate reducing bacteria present in the soil. I'm sorry to be that guy, but I died a little inside when I read that.
  17. If it were me, I would not do such a large bird, but rather do two smaller ones. In my experience it's much harder to cook a larger bird than it is to cook two smaller ones. YMMV, and if you need that big chonker, or dont have the space for cooking two (i usually do one spinning on the Joe, and one spatchcocked on the (::ducks::) gas grill to sace oven space) go for it. A lot of people have mentioned saving gravy drippings. I always JoeTisserie my birds, and make stock using a process i've described here a few times, look through my history and you'll find it. This also helps because it means you can make a huge batch of turkey stock, both for gravy and for things like soup/rice/etc later on.
  18. I would get the dahlstrong you can slice meat, bread, level a cake, even fend off a home invader with that thing that being said, its BIG
  19. That's probably it, I know that if i'm making pizza, i'm having friends over and we're churning them out. I've always found it easier to make one big batch of dough than a small batch, one big thing of sauce, etc etc etc. Also, cold pizza is good
  20. Very fine indeed. I usually do mine on a bed of nice polenta
  21. Mine is pretty bent out of shape too, and i've been lucky enough to get it to work. HOWEVER It always seems to come off true at the most inopportune times, like when im putting the stones down, or putting meat on, and POP, now everything is all caddywhompus, and theres a fire that i've now given lots more air than i've wanted, and oh god everything off now, shoot where are my welding gloves, oh god where is the pan to put the meat down on, oh lord and heaven the dogs licking the chuck roasts, shoot i knocked over my coffee, jesus this is supposed to be fun this has happened twice
  22. if you have any long logs left i would totally plank them out for a desk or table, thats good stuff
  23. I've done wings in my napoleon basket, and planned to do peppers until the planting this year didnt produce that well. I have a flat basket, and did a whole fish on the grill. It was.....fine. Honestly not worth the effort, I could have done the same or better just on the grates IMO, without all of the fussing with the basket, and spit. However, it looked cool as hell.
  24. and anyone that can, they can have it, its not like you're going to stop that person, it'd be like shooting Mongo, you'd just make them mad
  25. Chuckies over the weekend. Both with Meat Church Holy Cow, whipped up some coleslaw, Serious Eats' Grilled Potato and Jalapeno salad, Serious Eats Cheddar Bay biscuits (not pictured) and some homemade BnB pickles. recipes: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/08/grilled-jalapeno-potato-salad-recipe.html https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2017/02/garlic-cheddar-drop-biscuits-recipe.html
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