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  1. The set up is kind of rag tag to be honest. I have the Akorn smoking stone on top of the grates. I then have some grate that came with a stove I bought (I think) some years ago and a 20 yr old Pampered Chef pizza stone on that. Yes Happy I was trying to get the pizza higher into the dome so I didn't have to cook the pizza in stages and it worked well. If I ever come across something that is higher than the rack I have I may buy it but this worked well for me
  2. Thanks everyone for your kind words. They tasted great and we couldn’t have been happier the result.
  3. Yazamitaz

    Sticky Asian Ribs

    This recipe sounds delish and the pics are mouth watering
  4. Here is the pepperoni pizza that we made as well.
  5. Well last week the weather broke here in NJ. It wasn't raining or 97 degree with 98% humidity. A buddy had just done a pizza on his Akorn and it inspired me to give it a try. I have been using the following recipe for homemade pizza for about 2 years now and it has served me well: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/bobby-flay/pizza-dough-recipe-1921714 As I have been lurking and reading as much as possible and getting great advice from many of your posts I decided to set up my cook area to bring the pizza stone off of the grill grates and higher in the dome. I built a basic volcano with lump and started it with a wax cube. I have the vents wide open. When the temp hit around 400 I shut the top down to 2 and the bottom to 2. I hit my desired temp and shut her down to the half moon at the top and the screw at the bottom. Here is the margherita pizza assembled and ready to hit the stone. Here is the finished result. I know the picture doesn't do it justice but the crust had a great crunch and all of the toppings were melted and cooked perfectly. This is the first time I have ever made a homemade pizza where it didn't need to be assembled and cooked in stages so the crust crisped up and the toppings were cooked and melted. My family LOVED this pizza. It had a great hint of smoke which resembled what you would get in a wood fired pizza in a restaurant. The dough recipe I provided above yields about 3 12 oz dough balls for you to work with. We also made two pepperoni pizzas but you can only upload so many pics. I will show them in a comment to this thread. I will NEVER make a homemade pizza in the over ever again. We loved this and plan on doing this more often.
  6. Yazamitaz

    Wokking on the Akorn

    OK, that makes a lot of sense, thanks
  7. Yazamitaz

    Wokking on the Akorn

    Red River, I see you say you have the wok and wok ring but it appears that your wok is flat bottomed. Do you need the ring or did you just buy it as a set? I would think the flat bottom would be more versatile. The first pic makes it look round bottomed yet the pic on the pit looks flat.
  8. That whole plate along with the beer looks fantastic. I like to parboil my fries to start the cooking process and remove some starch. I saw another thread where someone used a CI pan. I have a pan and not a sheet (but that is now on my radar ) and am going to try this method.
  9. Yazamitaz

    Ceramic Akorn replacement grates

    I like that swing grate Scott. I see a LOT of uses for that. I have never needed to add any charcoal to my cooks but just in case it's nice to know you don't have to remove the whole cook to do it
  10. Yazamitaz

    Ceramic Akorn replacement grates

    Semper Fi Dog. Thanks for the info
  11. Yazamitaz

    Ceramic Akorn replacement grates

    BSR, is the kamado in the picture an Akorn? I have one and mine does not have a dial on it nor what appears to be a ceramic fire box. Also, you say that half moon elevated grate came standard? I did not get that with my Akorn. I found the grate you mention on Amazon and seriously considering it. I have never needed to added lump to a cook but it's nice to know you could.
  12. Yazamitaz

    Smoke Ring

    Thanks guys. I may try that next time philpm\om. I normally will put a few chunks of hickory and apple if I am doing ribs. I went with smaller chunks on my first low and slow since I have read here that the chunks can cause temp spikes. Since I didn't have a problem I will try a little more wood next time.
  13. Yazamitaz

    Shrimp Tacos Azul

    I have seen the back and forth with you and a few others in terms of "lump vs briqs". I tend to agree for my low and slow lump seems to work better but for an elevated cook using the Weber grate as well as starting fires in my offset smoker I think briqs do a wonderful job. All of the nonsense about additives and stuff is comical. Let you fire get going before you throw your meat on. Hell I bet our time in the military was more carcinogenic than ANYTHING charcoal briqs can throw at us
  14. Yazamitaz

    Shrimp Tacos Azul

    That's a great looking cook Dan. Having spent the majority of my time in the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, CA I can tell you my love for Mexican and Baja cooking is great. I have seen in a few other threads the photo of the Weber #7441 (just picked one up) and the charcoal briquettes to the side for either indirect or small area cooking. Do you start them in a chimney and then just dump them in or do you use another method? It would seem that the chimney would work well for this set up. Thanks, Dan
  15. Yazamitaz

    Smoke Ring

    It's funny this thread came up. I have had a stick burner for almost three years. I have a fireplace and a fire pit so I normally order about 1.5 cords of wood per year. My guy throws in a bunch of cherry so I try to separate it at stacking time for easy access for the offset. I did my first rib cook on the Akorn last week and while my kids (and their friends loved them) my son mentioned that they "didn't have the smoke the other ribs normally have". I don't mind babysitting the offset with 1 or 4 bourbons and a cigar. I have a Thermoworks "Smoke" and a "Dot" so managing the heat isn't a huge problem. I only used 4 small hickory chunks last time. I am wondering if sprinkling in chips would impart more smoke flavor or would that cause heat flare ups and mess up the harmony of a steady rolling temp???