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  1. Yazamitaz

    First long cook on my Akorn

    Thanks so much KK. I definitely plan on doing some small butts that only need about 12 hours or so and when I am comfortable enough plan on doing some overnight butts and briskets. I just love how I could do low and slow ribs and then crank it up to get a small chicken fully cooked with crispy skin. I’ve already talked about doing wings and then cranking it up to do pizzas. Looking forward to the journey.
  2. Yazamitaz

    Sausage crust pizza

    You had me at sausage crust .........
  3. Yazamitaz

    Father's Day Throw Down

    Good luck. Post up some pics of the cook at the church and the finally result. I'll bet it came out delicious
  4. Yazamitaz

    First long cook on my Akorn

    Not sure why the pics doubled at the end there, sorry about that. I couldn't believe this cook. I held 245-255 for three hours with literally NO monkeying around with the bottom or top vents. I did take about 30-40 min to bring up the temp SLOWLY and once she hit 190 I put on the ribs. Watched it again and started shutting down vents from 2 top 2 bottom to 1 top 1 bottom, then to what you see in the pics when she hit 230. Anyway I did the 3-2-1 method and wrapped them in foil with butter, agave nectar, and brown sugar, meat side down. I finished them in the oven because I now needed to throw on the chicken. I opened the vents to 2.5 top to 2.5 bottom and let her run to about 300. I then put the chicken on slowly dialed her down until the Smoke was reading 350. Ribs came out fantastic. Moist and juicy and mine were full of bark. I tried putting some canned beans with some bourbon, bacon, and brown sugar in a drip pan under the ribs. Well, this was an epic failure. The flavor was awesome but as you can see they are burned. The ones that weren't cooked to death (about two wooden spoons full) were eaten by the chef during picture time Here is how the chicken looked. Moist and juicy with just a nice crisp on the skin. I have to say how impressed I am with the Akorn. I bought it due to the versatility I have read about and it didn't disappoint on this cook. I have not done ANY mods to mine. There was little to no wind yesterday either. My family and I enjoyed and some of the kids friends came over to jump in the pool and scarfed up any hopes of left overs. Thanks for reading.
  5. So I decided to FINALLY do a long cook on my Akorn yesterday and decided on the family favorite of ribs and chicken. This is my first post with pictures so I hope I don't mess this up too bad. I did two racks of ribs. One for my kids that just has a basic AP rub (Malcolm Reed's recipe) and one for me that has the same AP rub, then a little yellow mustard and a rub recipe from a friend that used to compete in smoking competitions. Getting them on the pit as the temp is rising up to 190. Shutting her down as the temp comes up to 200.
  6. Hey Doug, Welcome aboard. I am pretty new here as well. Here is my .02 1. I set up two horses and a piece of plywood to bring the work to at least waist level. I got it done, with beer, in about an hour. 2. Complete the installation of the legs to the bottom half in the basement as well as the handle and vent to the lid. Put them together outside and you should be fine. 3. The first thing I did was wash and season the cast iron grate, get a good fire of about 400 deg going and just let 'er run for about an hour or two. I went simple with my first cook AFTER two high heat runs with steak, sliced potato in foil with oil, butter, and shallot, and some asparagus right on the grates. You probably want to read the threads on fire management and temp control to get an idea what you are getting in to. Would hate to see you throw a 15 pound packer on there for an overnight low and slow and either the temp blaze up to 400 or snuff out on ya. Good luck.
  7. Looks like you may have tightened up one of your issues. How long were you holding 233?
  8. Yazamitaz

    Wokking on the Akorn

    NOOOOO, not knife threads........I'm DOOMED
  9. Yazamitaz

    Wokking on the Akorn

    Ahhh crap!!!! Now there's something else I need to buy. Never heard of this website and need to check it out. This site is terrible for financial management
  10. Yazamitaz

    Potatoes onions tomatoes

    Ahhhh yeah. Were they just sides or was it part of greater dish?
  11. To your list of a man, his dog, his grill, and the quiet I would have to add a nice pipe or a cigar and a strong cup of coffee.
  12. I wonder if this happens to many TTT users???
  13. MCA90 Guitar, so you actually sort your lump out to small, med, and large and arrange as such? Do you do this in the Akorn or in an other receptacle?
  14. Yazamitaz

    Akorn Tips and Theories

    I like to use an aluminum pan for one purpose; catch those drippings for beans
  15. Thanks so much moloch. Looks like another toy I need to get