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  1. Bongowillie


    Deep clean all grills and accessories..and everything bbq in its place.. now repeat and start grilling @fbov and @TKOBBQ
  2. Bongowillie


  3. Bongowillie


    Retirement life is to clean and organize the BBQ ROOM BIG BINS AT HOME DEPOT FOR $10 each.. screwed all to walk studes for weight support..
  4. Bongowillie

    2" Rib Steak

    Good looking grill.. every Wednesday Walmart and Kroger yellow tags the meats that’s close to date so that’s when I dive in.. no tag no buy!!
  5. Bongowillie

    14 inch Cast iron Woka wok wok

    @freddyjbbq NEW YORK STRIP AND T BONE hot fast and tasty
  6. Woka wok a whoop whoops
  7. Bongowillie

    Bella’s 9th birthday grill

    Everything came out great.. Bella is our daughter daughter and hangs out with us on weekends..
  8. Pork belly Chorizo Chicken gizzards and hearts Polish sausages Skirt steaks
  9. Bongowillie

    brisket & burnt ends

    Happy brisket yum yum
  10. Bongowillie

    Prepping for New Year Eve grill

    @TKOBBQ we should eat from it for the rest of the week then start over again...
  11. If it tastes good to you then you did a great job..
  12. Bongowillie

    Prepping for New Year Eve grill

    Brisket and
  13. Bongowillie

    Prepping for New Year Eve grill

    Brisket Beef Ribs Mexican Cut Onion Mushrooms with garlic and cheese Seafood Escabeche AKORNEILIOUS AND R2D2 Grills
  14. Bongowillie

    Happy New Year

    Happy NEW YEARS TO All and happy grilling
  15. Bongowillie

    Prepping for New Year Eve grill

    @Tarheel I got the flat at Kroger and it was about 6 pounds more or less