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  1. Bongowillie

    KJCII & Vision M dual table

    Very nice work.. well done
  2. @face5535 good lesson but what determines the length of the rest period?
  3. Why the rest period and the long time of it??
  4. Bongowillie

    Here's an interesting TURKEY project...

    41 pounds....BEWARE OF THE STUFFING!!!!!
  5. Bongowillie

    First brisket ever!! Attempting

    First brisket I ever bought so what is the normal price..I’m in Little Rock Arkansas @DrunkenMeatFist Thanks for your advice
  6. Beef brisket point cut..5.71 pounds..for Kamado Joe Jr..what would you do and how? Think outside the box or long and slow?
  7. 38 outside today... chicken kabobs pork chops small potatoes mushrooms vegg done on diverter plate to fit new taller basket goya adobo with black pepper kosher salt sweet vadalia bbq sauce with little cider vinegar
  8. If you can’t bbq it then it doesn’t belong
  9. Bongowillie

    Brisket size

    Photo below shows the FLAT and POINT..so I will use the flat cut of the brisket..?
  10. Bongowillie

    My AKORN JR AND JOE JR accessories

    @Teajunkie this is how I used this rib rack, this is the only way it works but I still have to try a lower plate so it could sit on normally and closed top
  11. Bongowillie

    Brisket size

    @scott Roberts is this s ma full size 4 pounds brisket or cut to fit? Thanks for link
  12. Bongowillie

    Brisket size

    What size brisket will fit the Kamado Joe Jr. Ready to do my first of many ..
  13. Bongowillie

    1st time ribs In forever

    @Smoke and Awe not really, says he doesn’t like ribs much but enjoyed these
  14. Son 43rd birthday party today so I decided to do ribs outside and veggies inside..AKORN JR..unconventional grilled all meats crosscut and season rub and garlic minced in jar. Aluminum wrapped for 1 hour 48 minutes..200 meat temp when pulled off grill
  15. Bongowillie

    Claypot Smokey Joe “VADER”

    17 inch claypot base 14 inch claypot top Weber Smokey Joe insert Akorn Jr cast iron grill grate Akorn Jr charcoal grate VORTEX insert K_JOE JR stand Black high heat paint No extra holes drilled in pots. Smokey Joe bottom vent fully open, top vent for heat control. Claypot top can be used at your desire.. initial burn For curing pots and Smokey Joe 29$ Smokey Joe 15$ 17 inch claypot 10$ 14 inch claypot 7$ Black Highheat paint