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  1. Thanks! The bigger chop took just about 40 minutes of smoke time to get to 120 and the smaller one was pretty much the same at 35 minutes.
  2. I have had some great success reverse searing steaks so I thought I would try some pork chops since I have never done them before. Picked up a couple of thick, bone-in chops for me and the Mrs. and tried it out on the Big Joe II. I dry brined them for about 12 hours with a little kosher salt and put a home made rub on as I was getting the Big Joe ready. Smoked at 275 with a couple of chunks of cherry wood until the internal temp was 120 then I wrapped them and got the Joe up to 600 degrees. Seared them on the cast iron for just about 2 minutes per side. Needless to say they came out fantastic and my wife is already asking when I can make them again!
  3. I have not received mine either, also having ordered it on 7/13. However, instead of shipping me the iKamand I did receive 4 bags of Kamado Joe big lump charcoal despite the packing slip saying it was an iKamand (I didn't order any charcoal only the iKamand). It does look like it shipped from Kamado Joe and I am working with Costco to get this rectified.
  4. I have one on the way as well!
  5. My patio slopes as well but it has never affected the cooking. Only issue I will typically run into is when I take food off and place it on one of the side racks and the juice runs off and all over the place from not being level.
  6. Thanks @eric! Your fast and hot butt looked great as well!
  7. Similar to @Struja I also use a thin coat of oil as a binder and have never had an issue with smoke not penetrating or getting a good smoke ring.
  8. I also use Sharpe for my smoking wood. I find them to be a bit pricey but they have a great selection and great customer service.
  9. Visited my family for the 4th of July weekend and fired up the Joe Jr. I gave my dad a couple of years ago when I scored it from the demo deal at the Costco road show. The butt was a little over 8lbs and it was dry brined for about 24 hours and rubbed with a home made mix. Put it on the Joe Jr. around 3:00am with some hickory and cherry wood. Temps held steady at 225 for the entire cook, which took about 10 hours. We took it off around 1pm when the internal temp was right around 200 and then held it in a cooler wrapped in foil and towels until it was served around 4pm. I will admit I was a little nervous about the Joe Jr. holding enough fuel for the entire time but it was a champ and still had plenty of lump left over when we were done. Needless to say it was a great cook as the finished product was fantastic!
  10. Mine was about the same as @adauria. Probably closer to 35-40 minutes of smoking as I was at 275 degrees. Then 2 minutes per side of searing at 600 degrees
  11. Great looking chicken...looks like it was a good spin!
  12. It certainly took some trial and error for me but it was worth it as these steaks really came out delicious. I am excited to see how yours come out tonight!
  13. Welcome to the forum from your Kamado neighbor to the East!
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