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  1. I am also sorry you are having problems. I received my 4 bags shortly after ordering them. That is surprising that Costco customer service is not being more helpful. When they had the KJ sale last season, I ordered the iKamand from them. I knew there were some issues with the iKamand but the price was too good to pass up for me, especially knowing Costco customer service would help with any issues. As it turned out I did have an issue in that they shipped me 4 bags of KJ charcoal instead of the iKamand. The issue got elevated within Costco customer service and they called KJ on a daily basis for me until they got a tracking number for the iKamand, which was after the KJ sale had ended. So, I would suggest staying on Costco customer service until they make it right.
  2. Costco currently has a member only sale on the Classic 2 and the Big Joe 2 as well as the Big Block charcoal.
  3. I have always had good luck banking the coals to the back and using some foil in the front to catch the drippings and help with the clean up. Here is a picture from my last rotisserie cook from Thanksgiving to give kind of give you an idea.
  4. +1 for everything that @KJTerp said, especially the tip on using pliers to lock the forks down. When spinning a larger piece of meat I found the hardest part is getting it centered and balanced but it is certainly worth any fuss as the end result is typically really good. Here is a recent post I did on my JT turkey for Thanksgiving. Needless to say it was fantastic! https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/46776-joetisserie-turkey/
  5. I was able to install my iKamand on top of the existing door on my Big Joe II. The doors are a little hard to slide but it makes for a better seal, I feel, and it is convenient. I remove the unit anytime I am doing anything other than a low and slow or I am roasting.
  6. I have always had pretty good luck with Sharpe. Nice selection and great customer service: https://sharpegourmet.com
  7. I followed Malcolm Reed's method for smoking a spiral ham a while ago and I thought it came out pretty good: https://howtobbqright.com/2013/11/17/how-to-smoke-a-honeybaked-ham/
  8. Thanks! Handled the 12 lbs without a problem. Took a little bit to get it balanced and centered but when I did I just let it spin!
  9. Fired up the Big Joe for the Thanksgiving feast! 12lb bird that was in a buttermilk brine for 24 hours. Stuffed it with apple, onion, garlic, sage, thyme, rosemary. Injected with melted butter and put on a simple rub of salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Set it on the Joetisserie with the iKamand at 325-350 and basted a couple of times with a mixture of melted butter, garlic and honey. Took about 2hr and 45min. Needless to say it was delicious!
  10. I have used mine a dozen or so times since I got it a couple of months ago. I had a few issues setting it up as my WiFi network has both 2.4 and 5GHz but once I figured it out it has been working great. Knock on wood it has been pretty flawless for me and has not deviated more than +/- 5 degrees or so of the programmed temperature. Last cook was a 19 hour brisket set at 240 and it held steady the entire time. I was hesitant as well based on the experience and feedback from others but purchased it from Costco knowing they have a favorable return policy should I run into any issues. Thankfully that has not been the case for me and I am really happy with the purchase thus far.
  11. Thanks to @CentralTexBBQ, @DonBB, and @KamadoChris for the insight. Even though I have not done that many briskets this was by far the best one I have ever done. Great bark, very juicy, and really tasty!
  12. I do not have a lot of experience with brisket but saw this at my local Costco this week and thought it might be something more manageable to cook as I continue to refine my brisket techniques. It was marked as a 9.5 lb. USDA prime brisket and to me it looks like they just took a full packer brisket and cut it in half. What do others think? What exactly do I have here? It appears that I have some of the flat and some of the point but mostly point? Any considerations on how I should cook this? Just treat it like a full packer? Will it be prone to coming out dry due to it being cut and the size? I will be watching videos all day but also wanted the input from this learned community! Thanks in advance and have a great weekend everyone!
  13. Big shout out to Costco customer service on this one. After going back and forth with them for a little bit, it finally got elevated to their Resolutions Team. By that time the promotion had ended at the iKamand was not available any longer on the Costco website. Despite that, they were determined to make this right by me and worked directly with KJ to resolve the issue. They called KJ on an almost daily basis until they got a tracking number and all the while kept me updated. I am happy to say that just about 6 weeks later the iKamand arrived today! Now the hope is that with some of the known issues with the iKamand is that it works as expected. I am keeping my fingers crossed but I am exited to find out and use it!
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