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  1. Yes nice cook. Maybe it's the picture as I know color doesn't always come thru great on photos, but your skin appears much lighter in color than I would expect cooking at these temps. Was it crispy and/or bite thru?
  2. What are the main differences b/w this model and the Original II? The price difference b/w the two is $500...
  3. FWIW the sausage hanger is a throw in and didn't factor into my pricing. It was a gift from a buddy who has a sheet metal shop. He got some free sausage out of the deal so win/win for both of us. Also, that's an older pic I dug up, as evidenced by the well worn gasket.
  4. Welcome Tim, I'm from around the Northeast corner of the state, so probably not too terribly far from you.
  5. Thanks TKOBBQ, and yes, I'll post a pic later today or tomorrow of the hanger. My plan is to leave this as a package deal on the sites I have it listed on (only bbq sites/forums) for the next 2 weeks as is and if I don't have any takers, I'm posting it on the big sites (ebay, craigslist, facebook). If at some point down the road I decide to start piecing things out, I'll let you know about the GrillGrates.
  6. I'd have to disagree with this comment: "As you can see in the photos below, the Primo hinge is one big sturdy assembly with the advantage that there is really no opportunity for the hinge to get out of adjustment" While I have been a proud Primo owner for close to 9 years, I have first hand experience with the hinge getting out of adjustment. The only fix for me, in spite of attempting the recommended adjustment procedures emailed to me by Primo, was purchasing a new hinge & band assembly. Now it works great. Of course, mine had experienced heavy usage but at the end of it's life, my lid would not sit properly on the base. It was cocked to one side and prevented a tight seal. All in all this is such a minor point of contention, as the hinge outlasted it's warranty period so I really have zero complaints. I'm just pointing out that lid misalignment does happen on these grills.
  7. $1000: Pick up Only Located in NE TX, halfway between Dallas, TX & Little Rock, AR off I-30 Primo Oval XL Curved Cypress Table DigiQ w/ Pit Viper Fan & Ceramic Adaptor Full set of GrillGrates Cast Iron Firebox Divider Heat Deflector Plates Heat Deflector Racks Extended Cooking Racks (2) Primo Pizza Stone Cast Iron Cooking Grate Primo Ash Tool Primo Grate Lifter Home made sausage hanger built to fit this grill Table and Oval XL are 8-9 years old. Table is worn and weathered but the Primo just got a new hinge/band assembly and gasket (both from Pimo) installed within the past 2 weeks. This is posted to a couple other BBQ forums and this is my final price drop. This is EVERYTHING you need for low-n-slow & hot-n-fast on a ceramic. All of the above would be pushing $3k new. Additional info/pics available upon request. Pics of new hinge/band assembly installed GrillGrates in action this past weekend, new hinge and gasket working great
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