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  1. Been a relaxing weekend, still experimenting with Joe Jnr now, just under 3 weeks old. So the brisket was just a sugar/pepper (slightly too much)/ Salt and onion granules, left overnight. Not 100% sure what it should taste like as never had it before cooked like this, but put another way not a great deal left So i think success. All in all about 4-5 hrs of cooking around 250f (yet to find the best way of keeping it stable to a +- 15f) I then stumbles across the video on how to curl the ribs and cook a rack on the Joe Jnr, I marinated these in cider, fennel, garlic powder and some hot paprika for 48hrs, Cooked for 3hrs. How good, These all got devoured in the space of 20mins
  2. New Komado Joe Jnr owner here from the UK. The aim is to up the game instead of the usual UK barbecue/Grilling affair. A little bit weird as I only eat meat at the weekend or if out for dinner. Partly because the welfare of the animal is very important to me. As we all know this costs even more, so the little bit of abstinence for something that tastes so much better is worth (if i do not make a complete balls up of course) Anyway, with the purchase of the Joe i decided to make a bit of a mobile kitchen for it, along with pictures of my first cook (short ribs) at around 250 for 6 hrs not perfect by all means and in places a little tough and possibly a little dry, Next attempt will be a longer cook maybe 8 hrs and get a spritzer or something and a temperature probe. https://imgur.com/a/vkNXaHk Watched a load of the videos and really looking forward to trying the salmon out. Oh and i have found used coals are great for vegetable cooking. Will be badgering more of you later i am sure
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