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  1. I did this for mother's day last year. With the heat deflector in place (legs up) I started the ribs on the top rack. I cooked the ribs for 2 hours then removed the heat deflector and slide the spatchcock chicken in on the bottom rack so it is cooking direct while acting as a heat deflector for the ribs. Since the ribs are almost done you don't have to worry about any drips on the chicken. At 275 dome temp (using the OEM dome thermometer) I find ribs cook in about 3-3 1/2 hours no wrapping/foiling. Removing the deflector the chicken cooks direct in about 1-1 1/2 hours. When the ribs were done I pulled them and raised the temp to 325-350 until chicken was done (maybe 15-20 minutes after the ribs). Also dark cherry wood for smoke. Unbelievably good on pork and chicken.
  2. Looks good! Nice thick steaks are easier to get right. I'd say by the color and juices that you nailed it!
  3. Haha oops. That was yesterday. Today is not so nice. Windy and rainy. Booo...lol. I want to cook a chicken.
  4. First day of spring, first bbq of spring. Warmed up enough today for the gasket on my Pit Boss to thaw and open the lid. I have lit fires in the bottom to melt it open before but I have had enough of the cold and don't want to be outside that long lol. But yesterday was beautiful so I had to bbq. Simple meal. Striploin and potatoes.
  5. Hi. Welcome. This place is great!
  6. I just did mine. Awesome! It should be like that out of the box. Much more versatile. You should make a new thread about this mod so others don't miss it.
  7. Golden Glow... hahaha barf... used to buy the stuff by the gallon for like 8 bucks here in NS (teenager with no money). It was so awful we used to try mixing it with 7up but that just prolonged the agony lol. To this day I can't drink cider.
  8. That roast looks too good! Prime rib is my favorite!
  9. I got mine from Costco Canada. It came with a cover included. Do they come with it in the UK too? I usually wait until the next day to cover it as it is usually still a bit warm at night. Until I decide to use it the next day. The cap keeps out the rain if it starts during a cook or overnight while it is cooling down.
  10. I use a piece of fat wood or one of those square fibre and wax starters. light it and drop it in. Leave the lid open and wait about 10 minutes.
  11. I got mine March 31st $750 plus HST. They just got them in that week. I was checking weekly for them to arrive. Didn't want to wait for them to go on sale. I figured they would sell out fast since they had 3 on the floor and there were already 2 of us buying them.
  12. I like the pit boss heat deflector and the fact that it sits on the firebowl without a metal support. But don't like how the bottom rack sits directly on it in the higher position.
  13. I was nervous to try lol. First "big cook" (3 racks of ribs and 2 birds about 3lbs each) for the fam. Usually there are only 3 of us so It would only be 1 bird or 1 maybe 2 racks of ribs. I was so happy it worked out. Everyone else was too. Btw black cherry wood is AWESOME on chicken and ribs. Don't mind the kraft bbq sauce, still have to learn to make a good sauce.
  14. Thanks. I hear(read) that the Vision and Pit Boss are made in the same factory for different companies. I do like the idea of a gas insert that vision has.
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