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  1. Ogopogo

    Search For A New Forum Begins

    As far as I can tell this is an unadulterated transcript of every FB interest group I've ever read. It gets worse the more specialized/advanced your group gets. My favorites from a CCNA study group: "Can someone explain all of networking to me?" (Complains at > 1 sentence or at a friendly link to a study resource) "What's the easiest way to cheat on the exam?" (5 versions of this every day no matter how many people get banned for it) "What is CCNA?" FB groups and Reddit have taught me about walking the fine line between helping people with ridiculous problems and telling them to go jump into the center of the sun.
  2. Ogopogo

    Smoke ring tips?

    Another thought: anyone ever use 100% wood in the Akorn? Maybe that might get it close to offset-style gas penetration?
  3. Ogopogo

    Smoke ring tips?

    I've tried putting the meat on cold: trim the night before, refrigerate, rub, refrigerate for an hour, then on at internal 40F; doesn't seem to help. I think the efficiency is just too much. As for temps I've run it at 275-295 and then at around 240-250, no real difference. Not going to go for curing salt since I think the hamminess just takes over the beef flavor when using salts as opposed to smoke-derived nitrates. I think next time I'll try to put it on as cold as I can get away with without freezing at 275 and see if that helps, along with a little more aggressive trimming. My uncle's used an Egg for at least 15 years and said last time he did a brisket he got 1/4-1/2" ring. I'll have to ask him about it but I know eggs burn a little more fuel than Akorns so it makes sense. I've never tried a reverse, but IME it's far easier to spike the temps in an Akorn than it is to lower them so it may be difficult to pull off.
  4. Ogopogo

    Keto Diet

    I've been making keto ice cream for a while; it's decent. 2 cups heavy cream, 1 can (2 cups) full fat coconut milk, about 20 little packets of Truvia (I make it less sweet than most ice creams so adjust to whatever, can also use Xylitol but it kills dogs so I don't keep it in the house), few drops of pure vanilla extract, frozen keto-friendly fruit (blackberries mostly). Mix the liquids together and dissolve the sweetener, chill for an hour in the freezer, throw it in the ice cream churn, process the berries and add them when the ice cream starts getting a little gloppy near the end of the churning. It will turn hard as a rock in the freezer afterwards because of the lack of actual sugar but it's still pretty great.
  5. Ogopogo

    dry brisket

    When I pull a brisket in paper the internal temp is usually around 203F. I find if I let it sit out (still wrapped is fine, it will still cool) until it's around 170F then wrap the paper with a crappy towel and throw it in a cooler for a couple of hours it turns out well. Around 160 and below it stops cooking and properly rests; most commercial warmers and cambros are set to hold at around 140 as I understand. As far as later slicing I don't know; a smoked brisket is best when sliced and served right away. You could put slices in a warming tray with the jus or some beef stock I suppose, though the bark will suffer. If you're talking 30 minutes I'd say just wait before carving.
  6. So far I've done a few briskets and a bunch of chicken on the Akorn in addition to high-temp cooks. Specifically on the briskets I'm nailing the probe tenderness and moisture, but there's just the barest trace of a smoke ring. I've tried using more or less wood, adding the wood before and after lighting/getting clean smoke, using a water pan or not, cooking fat up/down, doing most of the cook at 225 or 275... nothing seems to help the smoke ring reaction. My theory is that the Akorn in particular is way too efficient to produce enough CO/NO2 to fix the myoglobin. I say that because people I know who use eggs or KJs have better luck producing smoke rings, but burn way more charcoal, which makes sense. Anyone have any tips? Soak wood? (Haven't done this yet.) It's getting frustrating as I've had no problems getting a decent ring in offsets, vertical water smokers, or even a cheapo gas grill set up for two-zone. Thanks.
  7. I have this problem with the Akorn and it doesn't have much to do with the amount of unburned wood. It's just so efficient that opening the lid for even 30 seconds to a minute is enough to spread the lit part of the coals so the temp jumps up, and then it takes forever to drop. Best practices I've found are just to minimize the amount of time the lid is open, and if desperate you can shut the vents about 2 minutes before opening, then reopening vents after the lid is closed. I don't like to do the second thing often since choking coals leads to a flavor I don't like if it happens too much.
  8. Ogopogo

    dry brisket

    Hard to tell but I guess early slicing. Briskets start drying immediately when you slice, so it's usually best to slice to order (at serving time).
  9. Worth a shot; does it wind up doughy enough this way? The gloves are probably the key part in this, though maybe hose wouldn't break as easily as cheesecloth.
  10. I've made cauliflower crust in the past with great results in an oven, basically following this recipe: https://detoxinista.com/the-secret-to-perfect-cauliflower-pizza-crust/ The worst thing about making these is squeezing all the water out of the cauliflower rice after blanching it. I've ripped tea towels and cheesecloths from the pressure, not to mention the rice and water is scalding hot (can't wait for it to cool or it gets harder to dehydrate, plus making this long process even longer). Does anyone do this kind of crust, and how do you remove the water? I keep thinking something like a primitive cheese press might work. Thanks.
  11. I usually empty it every couple of cooks. The ash buildup doesn't bother me as much as ash + water on steel.
  12. Making brisket rub is pretty simple and there are lots of guides; if all else fails just go kosher salt and coarse pepper equal parts by weight. Don't try to get too fancy. Of course you can always use a store rub but I never have so I have no advice on those. Is "old" lamb shoulder mutton or is this something else? I like mutton but don't see it much in the US.
  13. I'm finding this to be accurate. Mine seems to have prime packers and choice flats and the flats are more expensive by pound by far. It's weird.
  14. Ogopogo

    Keto Diet

    Macadamias are the bomb for keto. Expensive but you can get them a bit more reasonably at Costco.
  15. I think that comes down mostly to experience.