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  1. Hi everybody, I am a kamado quasi-neophyte (I've got a Monolith junior since last August), and after some experience with shorter cooks (chicken; ribs) I wanted to enroll into Brisket Academy. Unfortunately, it seems that I have failed the entry exam, as I couldn't explain to my butcher what I needed. In the end, I was talked into buying something that definitvely does not look like brisket to me, and I don't know how to cook. It seems something I would braise or boil, but according to the butcher I can cut it into strips and make 'asado'. It is boneless (but has some hard cartilage). Apart for the idea of slicing strips and grilling them (that's not what I wanted), what could I do with this chunk of meat? How would you call it in English? Thank you a lot!
  2. Hi everybody! I am a new user from Italy - my girlfriend and I have a cheap kettle BBQ on our balcony.. we wanted to upgrade to a nice kettle, then we noticed a BGE for sale in a shop and we're soo tempted to buy it! But I'm not sure about what to buy: we probably want a ceramic kamado (no steel + insulation then), and due to being in Italy I didn't find a lot of options. I could buy a small BGE (no nest or everything) for 1200€ from the local shop, a medium BGE for 1350 (same shop) or a KJ junior for 700€ from an online shop. My GF is not very keen on buying this online, as she wants a nearby shop we can go to if there is some problem / the shell is cracked/etc. While I understand that a 33" grill should be enough for 2-4 people when direct grilling, and I should be able to cook pizza, brisket/rib, or fish on a plank, I would prefer the medium BGE over the small. What do you think? Should I go for the medium or the small is enough for us? If we buy the smaller size, I'd prefer buying the KJ (or a monolith, if the reseller would only reply to my mail), as I see no value in spending 5-600€ more. In your experience buying a kamado online poses risks and should be avoided, or it's just ok? Thank you a lot!
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