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  1. Right Gents, I have a pork loin in my possesion. Point me at a recipe for a slow cook that makes sure Peppa Pig didn't die in vain............
  2. Cool beans, I'll give it a go! :)
  3. Well it's arrived and looks pretty much brand new, so as long as it works then it looks like I got a bit of a deal! Right, need something to cook.....whats recommended for a first timer?
  4. Well I got it for £160 so around £80-£100 less than new and it looks in good nick. Time will tell how I get on with it I guess. Thanks All for the insight and advice. In reply to some of the comments you've made PB, I don't think I've ever freaked out about differences in grate v's dome temp as i've never measured the difference!! ;) Tool kit now amounts to an ikamand, a TP-20 and a Joetisserie, (which I love!). Gadget wise I suspect that list won't grow any further. I like the Doejoe but honestly it's way to much money and cooking pizza using Mr. Setzlers set up of raising the stone above the deflector plates by an inch or so works very well indeed. :)
  5. Good point John, like your thinking! Ive put a cheeky offer in, lets see what occurs!
  6. Still a little confused! Seen a V2 ikamand on the Bay and I reckon if I offered £150 he'd take it, it looks to have had very little useage but of course anything bought second hand is a risk.....especially on Ebay! However the question is do I need it? And the answer I keep coming up with is I don't really know!! I quite fancy having a go at low and slow cooks but meat here is bloody expensive so I don't want to make a complete nause up and end up with something only suitable for rats! However I don't really know if one of these gadgets will reduce the risk that much?
  7. So Gents, Are we saying that the ikamand is the unit to have? Or is the Flameboss better? What are the main differences between the two? Or is that the same as asking, "how long is a piece of string"?
  8. Mouldy

    Pork Loin

    Done a chicken and this and wouldn't cook any other way now! :)
  9. Mouldy

    Pork Loin

    First time with a 1Kg pork loin. Pretty happy with the result considering I don't have a thermometer. Guess what the next prurchase is? :)
  10. Fancy a crack at this but Italian Dressing? What's in it? Ta muchly!
  11. Mouldy

    Cooking grate

    Sorry for the ambiguity fellas. Yes, I am reffering to the cast iron cooking grate.
  12. I've grabbed on of these primarily for steaks, but what else to use it for? Should I substitute for one of the stainless grates on a permanant basis?
  13. Mouldy


    Thanks all for the warm welcome! So much to cook......so little time!
  14. Mouldy


    Thankyou! Well I hope the great results will come, at the moment we are getting edible results!!
  15. Mouldy


    Hello to you all from the South of the UK. After much deliberation my wife and I are now the owners of a Kamado Joe Classic II, (had to be the more expensive one because my wife couldn't lift the lid of the cheaper version!), a pizza stone and a Joetisserie. We've had it for just under a week and to date we've tried baking pizza, (we're both accomplished bakers but to be honest we made a mess of this. However we have learnt from the process and understand what we've done wrong!). Had a BBQ Friday evening that was a success and as I type the Joetisserie has a chicken revolving slowly over a heat of around 350F. We'll see how this goes! Anyway enough ramblings, I look forward to all the info I can get from this excellent site. Cheers, Ian
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