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  1. Looking good Gravyd Just wanted to say I give a big thumbs up to the naked rib method. I chased temps for a while in the beginning but after 45 minutes or so I got the temp to hang around 280 so I was happy with that. Left the ribs on untouched and lid down for pretty much 4 hours exactly. Then I took the ribs off the rack, sauced them up, opened the vents all the way and let them go for 20 minutes then we chowed down. Everyone said they were the best ribs they ever had. Falling off the bone tender and a ton of flavor. So that is the way I'll be doing them from now on. Enjoyed them so much I forgot to take pics! Thanks again for all the replies to this. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  2. Happy 4th everyone! I'm giving these a try again today. I think I'm going to try them naked this time after reading all of your posts above. I'll just let them go 4 hours or so then sauce them. I'll let you know how they turn out, thanks...
  3. Thanks for all the replies on this. Meant to say earlier that mine was out covered all winter and I didn't see any negative effects. So until I find myself with some more storage room, that's what I plan on doing from now on. Thanks again.
  4. Seeing as I don't really have a whole lot of extra storage space I'll leave it out this winter and hopefully get some use out of it. Thanks for all of the replies everyone!
  5. Not that I am giving up just yet but I am figuring at some point I'm going to be thinking about storing my Akorn for the Winter. I am in southwestern PA, gets pretty cold, usually a good bit of snow, etc. Just wondering how many of you bring yours indoors? If so, when do you usually bring it in? Do any of you cook throughout the Winter? I have the Akorn cover on mine. If I bring mine in, more than likely I will be storing it in the garage. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys, very helpful. I ended up doing what I said I was going to do. I had it running hot, maybe even 350 at times but the ribs still turned out really good. I was rushing, next time I have to take my time and get everything right. Anyway the family liked them so that is all that counts.
  7. Hi All. Thought I'd try something a little more difficult now that I am a few cooks in. I know ribs aren't the easiest thing to cook but I've made them many times before with pretty good results. Just never on the Akorn. I'll be doing baby backs. How do most of you do them? I'm figuring on the 3-2-1 method pretty much but with baby backs I might do more like 2-2-1. 2 hrs on the grill with a rack, between 200-250 depending on how I do holding the temp, 2 hrs in a foil pan at same temp with some apple juice, 1 hr back on the grill but maybe less depending on how they look. At the very end I plan on saucing them then opening the vents wide open, let it get fairly hot then take them off and eat. Sound like a plan? Again, just like to get some comments on how all of you do it. Thanks!
  8. Yes, that is what I am seeing now also. Must have been local to my machine somehow. Let me try again.....
  9. That's strange, I wonder why? Maybe I posted it wrong? There is only one, I can see it fine...
  10. Just FYI, my local store just dropped the price on this to $7.88 so I grabbed a bag...
  11. Good stuff. Easy cook, just got it going good and hot for 6 minutes on a side...
  12. Thanks ckreef, good to know. I guess I was thinking if the wind was blowing it might blow some ash around on my food but guess that doesn't happen with these grills. I'm having a hard time finding the post you are referring to about your experiment. Can you give me a hint what the title is or what else to search for? Thanks!
  13. I've been dumping it every time I use it before I light the grill. Is that what most of you do?
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