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  1. 350 is bare minimum for malliard IIRC. more is better. I'm usually at 600 or so on the CI itself, not necessarily dome temp
  2. was it frozen when you started?
  3. Beef ribs week here in AZ too. I did the ones John Posted about -- https://porterroad.com/ . They were awesome Fred Flintstone brontosaurus ribs. Would recommend. Couple of observations.... 1. They were "flatter" than I thought they would be in the package. I think the vacuum seal compresses them. I was initially a little disappointed until I cooked them and they plumped up into a ridiculous looking piece of meet. 2. Porter road showed "out of stock" on the web page. But they arranged a pre-order and they shipped a few days later. Of note they told me it would be the next
  4. I've reverse seared pork loin before. Works well. As far as timing. Id guess 45ish minutes maybe less. My technique when I'm on a schedule has been start a little earlier than you think necessary. Pull meat at desired IT and wrap in foil to hold. Leave grill set for 225until ~10 minutes prior to serving time. Then open vents wait 5-10 minutes for coal to come up and sear off.
  5. Looks great. Are you just going to leave us hanging? time/temp/grill set up? Can you share the rub recipe or would you have to kill us?
  6. Thanks for explanation. Think I may try it for a while before I bite the bullet on a new set of deflector plates. interested in the reverse sear application since that seems like what I do most often. Bonus, I guess it would be self seasoning then with the grease dripping on it
  7. So I just broke one of my deflector plates. Considering this as a replacement. If I understand correctly it fits on lower level of the D&C where the deflector plates are? So in theory I could use this in lieu of the deflector plates for low and slow as John did, And if I'm reverse searing, pull the meat then open vents and use as cooking surface for the sear portion? I'm confused by the use of the X rack in Johns cook.
  8. Retired Air Force pilot here. Mine is a combo of my callsign from back in the day + plus my given first name that I don't go by/brand of kamado I own. #imnotcanadian
  9. pork but is also a good first low and slow. Very forgiving of temp swings IMO.
  10. This^^^^^^ cotton balls and alcyhol for the win. Raid the medicine cabinet if you run out. No need for a chimney. Only want a small fire for low and slow anyway.
  11. Wood peel for launching, metal peel for turning, removing also helps
  12. I Like mesquite for a reverse sear on beef. IMO its not overpowering like it might be on a low and slow.
  13. I have found that with thick steaks/cuts or tri tip that you don't get a lot of carry over or significant rise in internal temp during during sear. So, take them to (or just short of) target during low and slow. Then sear after fire is hot for 60 seconds a side, flipping and rotating every 30 seconds -- (two rotations). Make sure the lid is closed, during sear.
  14. I did a spachcock chicken (careful when you google that) recently direct. came out great. Interested in compare contrast between indirect (deflector plates) and direct? Guess I might speriment this weekend
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