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  1. I have found that with thick steaks/cuts or tri tip that you don't get a lot of carry over or significant rise in internal temp during during sear. So, take them to (or just short of) target during low and slow. Then sear after fire is hot for 60 seconds a side, flipping and rotating every 30 seconds -- (two rotations). Make sure the lid is closed, during sear.
  2. I did a spachcock chicken (careful when you google that) recently direct. came out great. Interested in compare contrast between indirect (deflector plates) and direct? Guess I might speriment this weekend
  3. On the ne hand I see a small issue for a sandwich application. On the other, you invented the donut loaf!
  4. Mine came loose relatively early in life as well. I suspect because I was doing hi temp pizza cooks at that time. Emailed KJ customer service to ask what to use to re-adhere. Rather than answer my question, they sent me a brand new gasket! To your specific question, being the cheap bastard I am, I used Permatex (the orange stuff) to re-glue the old one (seemed in good shape other than not sticking ). No issues to date. Just scrape off any old glue and gunk,. and keep the bead small and in the middle. I have a couple of places where a small amount oozed out the side. No biggie but it's visible.
  5. I like big butts. These were 9+ pounders
  6. I think that was my issue Not a lot of grill space left on the edges and they weren't touching but very close together in the middle. Perhaps I could have arranged different/better?
  7. Cooked two butts (at once) on my KJ Classic II last weekend for a large gathering . Each was in the 9 LB range. It took FOREVER -- like 16 hours. Would have been better off doing them one at a time. Did I create a physics problem? Thermal mass vs. dome space for hot air? Came out great but I was up till 0300 finishing the cook. Any one else had this issue? … Yes I know, I should have bought the BJ for those couple of times a year
  8. That's awesome. Working on one myself...much more rustic looking though. Can you show drawer and charcoal pullout details. I'm to that point on mine and about to finalize layout/design.
  9. Howdy Tucson here. KJ Classic II. Had it since last summer. Loving it. Cook almost every meal almost every weekend on it. Happy wife!
  10. Sounds like a great time to invest in pork futures Mortimer.
  11. thanks for the heads up. . Knew the Ace up the street where I always go doesn't carry it, but just googled and the next closest one has it. Will grab a bag next time I'm over that way.
  12. Apologies if I missed it as I have only skimmed some of the pages.... how does jealous Devil compare to tested brands. Have a bag on the way. In my unscientific experience, RO XL is my go to . Really like B&B although I have a hard time finding it in stock at wallyworld.
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