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  1. Thinking about pulling the trigger. Looks like a good starter kit for outdoor WFO without stressing my KJ by going north of 700. Any one have experience with one? https://www.amazon.com/Napoli-Wood-Fire-Outdoor-Pizza/dp/B07FT4CP11/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=napoli+pizza+oven&qid=1561407600&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  2. Thanks all. ordered some permetex
  3. Just sent of an inquiry to KJ customer service.... Bottom gasket adhesive no longer working. Gasket is sitting on rim and moves when you touch it with grill lid open. Appears to work fine ( no leaks) and be structurally sound. Would you recommend replacing entire gasket or just re applying adhesive and if so what kind? ... before I finished typing this they responded that they are sending me a replacement gasket. Had the grill just over a year BTW. That’s some good customer service there. But question to the board; I assume they will include adhesive but is there a better option?
  4. Ah I misread your original intent. Your comment in OP was that you are maintaining 250 in dome WITHOUT deflector plates, so you can then feed the beast? That is indeed interesting. Would be just like back in my stick burner days. maintain a bed of coals, add a log when blue smoke quits. When you get the procedure dialed in, a video would be worth a million words for those like me with low reading comprehension!
  5. Wonder how long you can maintain the fire though? would it support an 8-10 hour pork butt cook?
  6. Take them out of the jar? That's my go to method and it works like a champ.
  7. Surprised it took that long and now wonder it didn't stall. 0 lb Boston butt. I'm guessing it didn't feed many either....
  8. Why are you hating on the Capn? Not sure we can be friends. #youprobablylikedgrapenuts
  9. Rule 1: If you're lookin you aint cookin
  10. I've done sous vide with good success with a large group. Steaks just hung out in the hot tub until I was summoned to cook. But I definitely like the flavor profile better with the reverse sear. I have a potential large family gathering happening soon. Thinking out loud.... what if I low and slowed the steaks in batches to about 120. Then held the steaks in a sous vide bath until its feeding time and sear to finish?
  11. That's sounds awesome... recipe? Apologies if its already posted
  12. I was with ya right up until that last pic with the beans. I think you meant you made some chili flavored soup
  13. WTH took so long? JK, thanks. Just the info I was looking for. Did better on last cook. But I think I closed down too much Hit 700 on the gauge for initial cook but didn't hold it. I didn't give stone enough time to come up but I had a house full of hungry people. Used Ken Forkish Enzos' recipe but adjusted to 65% hydration. Will replicate your technique this weekend.
  14. Hmm left mine wide open. Perhaps too much airflow won’t hold heat in and burns fuel too fast?
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