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  1. I put one in for Christmas on the 18th, so I guess I'm going 37 days. 45 was my target because thats what I hear is the sweet spot. but Costco was out our prime rib when I went the week before. Doing a prime rib with middlke 3 ish bones and cutting steaks with the rest. Last time I tried this a made only steaks and went 42 days. Very happy with that result.
  2. wow holy thread resurrection batman. I use a drip pan instead of wrapping deflectors for "messy" cooks
  3. Big fan of the Papa Murphys on the KJ when you don't have time/forethought to start from scratch. I use the deflector set up with 1" gap as mentioned above and shoot for ~550. If you don't want to cook on the paper plate, try this. Place a cookie sheet or second peel (something bigger than the pizza) on top of the pizza. Flip the pizza and sheet/peel over making sure to hold them together securely. Cut open saran wrap and carefully lift off paper plate. Sprinkle bottom of pizza with corn meal or liberally flour your wooden peel. Place peel on top (bottom) of pizza. Flip the whole assembly over holding the cookie sheet and peel securely together. Lift of cookie sheet. Remove saran wrap. Launch. Cook for 6-8ish minutes depending on temp. Enjoy.
  4. If I were going to get one surface it would be a 15" round soap stone. I have the half moon and don't find it all that practical. With a round soapstone you could do smash burgers, seafood or anything else you want to cook on a flat surface, and it could serve as a pizza stone.
  5. 350 is bare minimum for malliard IIRC. more is better. I'm usually at 600 or so on the CI itself, not necessarily dome temp
  6. was it frozen when you started?
  7. Beef ribs week here in AZ too. I did the ones John Posted about -- https://porterroad.com/ . They were awesome Fred Flintstone brontosaurus ribs. Would recommend. Couple of observations.... 1. They were "flatter" than I thought they would be in the package. I think the vacuum seal compresses them. I was initially a little disappointed until I cooked them and they plumped up into a ridiculous looking piece of meet. 2. Porter road showed "out of stock" on the web page. But they arranged a pre-order and they shipped a few days later. Of note they told me it would be the next day but apparently the rep was mistaken because it was almost a week later. Had to delay the cook a week. Not a huge deal and they did give me a discount code for next order. 2. I always think they will cook faster than they do (like pork ribs). But really its brisket on a stick and these were probably 5" think including the bone (once they drew up). Mine were on for about almost 9 hours. Spritzed with water every hour or so. Wrapped in butcher paper after ~6 hours. Which brings me to... 3. They spend a looong time in the stall at 150-160. Finally they creeeeped up to 180-185 but seemed like it was going to be a long while before they got to 195 -- which was what I thought was the start probing temp. They were probing like butter even though only 185 and I was afraid they were going to dry out. So, I pulled and rested for 45 minutes while we had one more cocktail. 4. They were unbelievably tender and juicy. Even more beefier/smokier than brisket IMO. Probably my favorite BBQ meal. And this was by far my best result with them yet. I think the meat was the diff and worth it. Sorry for no pics. I suck at food pron. Also sorry for the thread jack... Yours look awesome Mr Cook. Well done sir!
  8. I've reverse seared pork loin before. Works well. As far as timing. Id guess 45ish minutes maybe less. My technique when I'm on a schedule has been start a little earlier than you think necessary. Pull meat at desired IT and wrap in foil to hold. Leave grill set for 225until ~10 minutes prior to serving time. Then open vents wait 5-10 minutes for coal to come up and sear off.
  9. Looks great. Are you just going to leave us hanging? time/temp/grill set up? Can you share the rub recipe or would you have to kill us?
  10. Thanks for explanation. Think I may try it for a while before I bite the bullet on a new set of deflector plates. interested in the reverse sear application since that seems like what I do most often. Bonus, I guess it would be self seasoning then with the grease dripping on it
  11. So I just broke one of my deflector plates. Considering this as a replacement. If I understand correctly it fits on lower level of the D&C where the deflector plates are? So in theory I could use this in lieu of the deflector plates for low and slow as John did, And if I'm reverse searing, pull the meat then open vents and use as cooking surface for the sear portion? I'm confused by the use of the X rack in Johns cook.
  12. Retired Air Force pilot here. Mine is a combo of my callsign from back in the day + plus my given first name that I don't go by/brand of kamado I own. #imnotcanadian
  13. pork but is also a good first low and slow. Very forgiving of temp swings IMO.
  14. This^^^^^^ cotton balls and alcyhol for the win. Raid the medicine cabinet if you run out. No need for a chimney. Only want a small fire for low and slow anyway.
  15. Wood peel for launching, metal peel for turning, removing also helps
  16. I Like mesquite for a reverse sear on beef. IMO its not overpowering like it might be on a low and slow.
  17. I have found that with thick steaks/cuts or tri tip that you don't get a lot of carry over or significant rise in internal temp during during sear. So, take them to (or just short of) target during low and slow. Then sear after fire is hot for 60 seconds a side, flipping and rotating every 30 seconds -- (two rotations). Make sure the lid is closed, during sear.
  18. I did a spachcock chicken (careful when you google that) recently direct. came out great. Interested in compare contrast between indirect (deflector plates) and direct? Guess I might speriment this weekend
  19. On the ne hand I see a small issue for a sandwich application. On the other, you invented the donut loaf!
  20. Mine came loose relatively early in life as well. I suspect because I was doing hi temp pizza cooks at that time. Emailed KJ customer service to ask what to use to re-adhere. Rather than answer my question, they sent me a brand new gasket! To your specific question, being the cheap bastard I am, I used Permatex (the orange stuff) to re-glue the old one (seemed in good shape other than not sticking ). No issues to date. Just scrape off any old glue and gunk,. and keep the bead small and in the middle. I have a couple of places where a small amount oozed out the side. No biggie but it's visible.
  21. I like big butts. These were 9+ pounders
  22. I think that was my issue Not a lot of grill space left on the edges and they weren't touching but very close together in the middle. Perhaps I could have arranged different/better?
  23. Cooked two butts (at once) on my KJ Classic II last weekend for a large gathering . Each was in the 9 LB range. It took FOREVER -- like 16 hours. Would have been better off doing them one at a time. Did I create a physics problem? Thermal mass vs. dome space for hot air? Came out great but I was up till 0300 finishing the cook. Any one else had this issue? … Yes I know, I should have bought the BJ for those couple of times a year
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