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  1. Yup lid was closed. No hibachi style grilling. It started almost instantly when burgers were placed on grate. That’s why I’m leaning towards fat content or something with air flow. Not sure.
  2. A little less than full chimney. No drip pan. Flare ups were all on coal side.
  3. Please be kind lol So, I’m Still working on how to finesse the PK360. New to briquette cooking prior was lump only on KJ. Was just cooking up some burgers and had a problem with flare ups. It wasn’t occasional it was almost a constant flame while cooking. Was set up pretty much as 2 zone. I don’t know If it’s a single variable issue or a combination of things. To much Fat: Meat was a normal 80/20 pretty sure. Seasoning was lowrys season salt and a dash of the bbq rub (too much sugar content?) Briquettes: Can an uneven lighting of briquette cause a greater amount of flare up? Uneven layers? Type of briquette? This was plain Kingsford. Grill Set up: Temp was around 400 - 450 (coals on the left) Normal SS grate (no grill grates) Food: was edible but crunchy...........burgers shrank up a ton though. Thoughts, suggestions, smack downs from the kamado family? thanks. Ben.
  4. Thanks! Im tempted to "get" my 5yo son a PK Classic so he can "learn" on it. Really its just an excuse to buy another ha. Im looking forward to trying more things on it. I enjoy Kamado cooking, I know im against the grain here it was just too big for what I ended up using it for. Sold it to a local who has just as much appreciation for Kamado cooking and has a larger family. Win-Win. Like I stated, I will most likely pick up a classic at some point. Unless I stop looking at KK's lol My first kamado was the JR, I will never sell it. The PK is fun I would recommend it... which doesn't help your buying dilemma. I think it would be fun to paint/powdercoat it KJ Red so at least it would fit in. But the graphite does look good, Well see how it holds up long term. I cant wait to try some more, just ordered a Half Beef yesterday so Ill have plenty of stuff to try on it!
  5. Recently sold my big joe 2 and bought a pk. I enjoy kamado cooking but honestly it’s too big and I’m not doing many big cooks like I thought. Would love to find a class 2 and cart if they were still available? Anywho, Decided to break it in on something simple yesterday. Messed around with vent control and smoked some pecan wood before throwing on steaks. Had a couple of prime ribeye/filet. Some Himalayan Sherpa. Sear first and cook. Absolutely deciduous. There’s some green stuff in the back btw. So it’s healthy. I’m going to say it was all the PK’s doin not mine lol. Just need to get some grill grates. There’s needs to be more pk action on here! alternatively decided today to fire up the jr and reverse sear a tri tip with HC Black. Delicious.
  6. Check out the adjustable rigs from ceramic grill store.
  7. I would be interested in this too. I don’t want the seal to fail either.
  8. Bobby didn’t tell you?! It’s the all natural version for 2019 the Kamado Pro Jr. “When your so good you don’t even need a thermometer”
  9. Do you have slink to the pan and rack?
  10. Put the stand in a classic stand. Fits perfect and is the perfect height. I picked up a classic stand on Craigslist for 35$
  11. John, Are they planning on making a cart for the big joe?
  12. I ordered some peach wood chunks from Fruita Wood and BBQ. The chunks are huge. Bigger than what I nornally see for “chunks”. Some still have bark on them? Question should I split them up into a couple smaller chunks and also remove the bark before use? Thanks!
  13. Where does it say this? I’m not sure how that would all fit together
  14. Look up big frog supply they were cheaper than going direct through some other places!
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