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  1. hillbillyben

    Taller Stand for Joe Jr.

    Put the stand in a classic stand. Fits perfect and is the perfect height. I picked up a classic stand on Craigslist for 35$
  2. hillbillyben

    New Kamado Joe Cart

    John, Are they planning on making a cart for the big joe?
  3. hillbillyben

    Smoking wood

    I ordered some peach wood chunks from Fruita Wood and BBQ. The chunks are huge. Bigger than what I nornally see for “chunks”. Some still have bark on them? Question should I split them up into a couple smaller chunks and also remove the bark before use? Thanks!
  4. hillbillyben

    Soapstone or Cast Iron

    Where does it say this? I’m not sure how that would all fit together
  5. hillbillyben

    Joe Jr Cover

    Look up big frog supply they were cheaper than going direct through some other places!
  6. hillbillyben

    Joe Jr Cover

    Get a Small Grill Dome cover. Fits perfect.
  7. hillbillyben

    Big Butt and the Jr

    Took everything out this evening and shook out the KAB and all that was left was after shakin’ Was three tiny lumps. So running hot and fast for 4 hours seems to be the max from what I can tell. Just FYI!
  8. hillbillyben

    Big Butt and the Jr

    Thanks!! I may start doing my Pork this way. Still plenty juicy and quick and easy for the most part if I don’t let it get to 500 again ha
  9. hillbillyben

    Big Butt and the Jr

    Pics....... very weird that it won’t let me upload them with post
  10. hillbillyben

    Big Butt and the Jr

    Well this is my second pork butt I’ve done. And both have been on my jr. It’s been sitting in the fridge and needs to be smoked as it’s taking up room. I was going to do it on my big joe but wanted to try a hot and fast butt but didn’t want to wait. So this one was a hair over 8lbs I decided to give it a go. I have a KAB for the jr. I topped it off with some fresh lump. Light and off to the races at 6pm. Added a couple pieces of cherry and piece of pecan. Decided to try honey hog bbq from meat church for my rub. No binders. Threw it on at 250 and decided to let I t ride up to 400. Wife was gone for a meeting at church so I was wrangling the kids. Came back about 45 minutes later to a jr running at 500. Whoops. Got it back down to around 400/380. Wrapped in foil after about 90 minutes. Back on. Probe tender right after 10:15pm at 202*. Into the cooler for an hour and then pulled apart. It turned out pretty well I though. Taste was surprising good. Not very much smokiness to it and I may have burned off a little bit of the rub when jr went a little nuclear on me. But overall. I’d do it again. My only issue that I had was for the last hour and half or so I had a hard time getting it back above 350. It just seemed to sit there and when I pulled it the temp was closer to 315. I am going to check the lump leftover later. I just don’t know if the jr can hold enough charcoal for a long burn like that at higher temps. I know it can go a while at 225-250. But I did have some used lump at the bottom and put kJ lump on top. Also didn’t help the temp got away from me. All apart of the learning process! On to the next one!
  11. hillbillyben


    Im stoked about this possibility! I love the look of the pro joe. Would definitively consider a smaller version with the same set up. Looking forward to hearing more! Also Mr Setzler, when Are you cooking up the rest of that beef tenderloin?
  12. hillbillyben

    Can you cook with lid open?

    So what does the average kJ classic and big joe hold in lump pounds normally? I could see using the cast iron divider or split basket handy for that situation?
  13. There was a pretty decent fat cap on the other side I didn’t have a picture of it. I didn’t trim really any off on that side that’s in the picture. I may have to look up that technique and try it. Taste wasn’t bad. Just not super tender or moist. All apart of the learning process I suppose!
  14. So let me preface I’m still new to Kamado cooking. Picked up a KJ jr earlier this summer and a couple weeks ago got the deal of the century on KJ BJ V2. I have done the usual steaks. Burgers, dogs etc. pulled pork all on the jr. Decided to try my hand at a brisket today. Picked up a flat from Sam’s about 6.5 lbs before trim my guess was 4-4.5 lbs post teim. Washed. Rested and dried and rubbed. Bob was set up at 235- 245ish. On at 830. About 330 cruising at 245 still internal temp at 154 Same as it was couple hours earlier. I did spray it a couple times on the hour around 11/12/1. Figured I was in the stall, proceeded to take off. Foil and wrap. Raised temp to 275-280. Hit 203 around 4:45. Probed not completely tender. But we were eating around 545. So wrapped and out in cooler to rest for an hour. In the end we had a brisket that was a little tough still, a little dry and not pull apart tender. I personally did not like my choice of rub however the misses really liked it. So thumbs up for that! Any advice going forward would be great. I know should have left it alone and let it do it’s thing. I just didn’t foresee a 4.5.lb flat taking nearly 9 hours!