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  1. When we expanded the patio a few years ago we built a BBQ area with storage, lots of counter space, and room for the kamado and gasser.
  2. Hello all and happy Monday. I live in the Chicago suburbs and have grilled on propane for years, but never smoked anything...until yesterday. Wife and I re-did the backyard last fall and now I have a Grill Dome Large (painted in Notre Dame colors) and a dedicated cooking station. I smoked 2 racks of pork ribs and threw on a couple ears of corn towards the end - it was all delicious. Wife is not a fan of dry rubs so I did both racks plain (with some pecan chips), used apple juice to keep moist, and sauced 30 min before finishing. Now that I've got 1 successful meal under my belt I'm excited to experiment and try other things! Glad to have found this board! -Larry
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