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  1. KJ is sending me a new latch so hopefully that fixes it. Ive actually been able to cook on it nevertheless. Now to stop my trend of buying every accessory out there
  2. My latch does not overlay enough underneath to hold and it just pops open. These two other parts were in the envelope and I know they may be part of the latch but can't figure out how to attach or how they will help with not enough hook to keep latch closed. My latch just pops open as it barely hooks underneath Thank you in advance for any advice Even without it latching I was able to use my KJ for an awesome seared prime ribeye and an apple wood 'smoked' whole chicken
  3. Thanks - an electric heat gun? See below, when the top hook tries to go underneath to latch there is not enough overlay so it just pops out. I can't figure out how the two pieces in my hand help remedy this situation though I know they are probably for the latch
  4. I just bought myself a brand new in box Kamado Joe Classic II for $400. I was really eyeing the Weber Summit Charcoal but at $1499 and $1999 for the station that I had wanted, I felt it was too good of a deal to pass up to learn Kamado cooking on the KJII. Even with buying a cover, griddle and rib rack I'm only slightly over $500. Try to find the best and fastest way to light the lump charcoal. I'm using those kitchen candle lighters with the starters and it has worked ok. I'm looking at Looftlighter or maybe a propane torch. Your experience would be greatly appreciated. Also my latch does not stay shut nor has it since I unboxed it. Since I bought it off someone I don't think KJ will help me on this but wondering if anyone else had a problem with their latch not staying shut. Its like the two components are too far apart depth wise so the top part does really latch Anyway, cooked an awesome prime ribeye steak as first 'grill' and then did apple wood smoked chicken. Both were awesome
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