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  1. I also had issues connecting. Took around three nights, and hooking it up to my neighbors WiFi to boil it down to my router. I had done everything, hard restarts, disabling the 5g network, soft resets, discussions with Kamado Joe, discussions with Spectrum internet, etc to no avail. I finally replaced the router with our internet provider and it worked the first time. Couldn't find a good reason for the old router to not work on the ikamand as all of our other devices (TV, ipads, phones, etc) were working fine...but that fixed it. Since then it has worked great! How has the temp control been for everyone so far? I had my top vent open too wide on my first cook and overshot my temp... Also, I was a user of the "The MEATER" product, which didn't connect great through bluetooth (many cooking sessions were cut short due to connectivity issues)- however the app itself was very nice and more robust than the current KJ app. It had a built in alarm that you could add personal times to for flipping, basting, etc...
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