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  1. I'm just using the lump Mesquite charcoal (Lazzari), no additional wood. I think you guys are onto something though, I let the fan get it to temp and put the chicken on soon after that. I'll try letting it sit for a half hour or so first
  2. I recently added a BBQ Guru PartyQ fan to my Akorn to get my temperature issues under control. I've made bone-in, skin-on Chicken Thighs twice now but they taste way too smoky and bitter. I'm using lump charcoal, put a weber fire starter near the top of the heap and let it flame for a bit, then shut the lid, crack the top vent and set the PartyQ for 350. Once at temp, the thighs go on for about an hour. Am I lighting it correctly, should I use a different temp?. I'm all for a bit of smoke taste but these have way too much
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