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  1. Following up....first cook since calibrating the dome temp. Last night I tried out a roadside chicken recipe on a spatchcocked 5lb bird with pecan smoke. My plan was to cook at 350 indirect and juice the heat a bit at the end in an effort to crisp the skin. The properly calibrated dome thermometer was noticeable almost right away. With the advisement of @CentralTexBBQ on my mind, I made the first temp-check 45 minutes into the cook. At 75 minutes I was reading 140 degrees (mind you, the previous cook at “350” with the non calibrated thermometer had resulted in a 208 degree bird 105 minutes in). At this point I opened the vents up, hoping to raise the temp quickly to 400-425 until the breast reached 165. The bird read 168-171 when I checked at the 95 minute mark, so off she came to rest under foil. This time, the meat was perfect all the way around. What wasn’t perfect was the skin. The wings and drumsticks rendered out and crisped up nicely, but the thigh and breast portions had bite through (but not chewy) skin with noticeable fat still under the skin. There were no leftovers. So, short version: the calibrated thermometer produces great results, glad I figured that puzzle out.
  2. dirty6

    Made it to the Last Frontier!

    Did you give that a go? How’d it turn out?
  3. dirty6

    Made it to the Last Frontier!

    That’s exactly what I was thinking (extreme temp), until I blew out a chicken cook and pulled the dome thermometer off the grill to check it...the dang thing was nearly 50 degrees off. Thankfully they are quite easy to calibrate. I haven’t resorted to online lump ordering yet. Turns out that Lowe’s has gotten 18lb bags of Cowboy for 16 bucks, so that’ll do as a budget option I think. I also found a random food truck that sells 40 pound bags of Mexican Mesquite (?) lump for 40 bucks and an intriguing small bag of premium-priced Alaska Charcoal Company lump made from alder wood at 15 bucks for a 5 pound bag. I’m going to have to buy at least a bag of that for the novelty. I need to get some caribou or salmon for that cook...Alaskan protein cooked in Alaska on Alaskan charcoal.
  4. How about that? My family roots (Dad in the Army) are in Ohio. Went to college at Capital in Columbus and met my wife there. Family is all from NW OH.
  5. @CentralTexBBQ That all sounds like great advice, thank you. Perhaps the place I found that time/temp formula was referring to a non-spatchcocked bird? I can’t recall where I found it, so it’s a mystery lost to my browser history. When I first got started with using this grill, I was lighting my fire way too big way too fast, and then clamping it down...which was really suffocating a big fire more than it was feeding a small fire. With that lighting method, opening the lid even for a quick check often breathed oxygen on a starved fire and led to a temp flare. A rookie mistake for sure, that feeds my hesitancy to check temp too often even though I’ve got my fires much more stable with experience. But you’re right. Esp when not cooking w a probe in the meat I should be checking on things much sooner. Side note-where are you in CenTex? I lived in Killeen for a few years around my high school days.
  6. dirty6

    Hearty Beef Stew

    Totally agree with this. We have a few tomato based soups/stews and a good tomato breakfast dish that I’d be hesitant to do on a regular cast iron. And chili, depending on how much tomato you put in your chili. That enamel cast iron is pretty slick stuff.
  7. I do the same. I didn’t have the Smoke on for this cook, however. Just used the dome, and the Thermopop to take the temp when I was ready to check it (too late).
  8. I hear you...since we packed the grill up in very early December for our move, Thanksgiving was really when I stopped cooking on it. And I only had it for 5 months prior to that, so I don’t have much experience to lean on here....I thought 2 hours sounded right but I haven’t done a chicken cook in some time and my brain was rusty. I was planning on 20 min a pound, and then walking the line between my confidence and “if you’re lookin you ain’t cookin.” Poorly walking the line, I’ll admit. That said, my point here is that if I suspected the dome temp to be low, I should have checked earlier. Bc the thermo was in fact 50 plus degrees low, I was actually cooking that bird above 400, not 350. That’s what I meant by confidence in the thermo.
  9. Since moving to Alaska, I’ve noticed a significant temp difference between my grate and my dome as measured by a ThermoWorks Smoke and the built in dome thermometer, respectively. I was confused by this and couldn’t figure out if it was the thermometer hardware or if the cold air was changing the airflow dynamics inside the grill that much. Last night I did an indirect chicken cook and used only the dome thermometer. My 5 lb chicken had a target cook time of 120 minutes at 350 degrees. After 105 minutes the breast was reading at 208 degrees in the deepest part. Well....crap. That was the final motivating factor in taking things into the kitchen for calibration. Considering my elevation and barometric pressure, the internet advised me that the boiling point for water here last night was 211.53 degrees. The Smoke was spot on, with both probes. When the dome thermo went into the bath...well....I think I know why the chicken was dry! Morals: Maybe when you’re not confident in the accuracy of your thermometers don’t wait until 15 minutes before the end of the target cook time to check the chicken? Oh, and I’m very grateful these stock KJ dome thermos can be calibrated. A wrench and a small screwdriver and 15 minutes later the dome thermometer was reading exactly on point. The KJ has been through a lot to travel thousands of miles to get here. No telling what “bumped” the thermo that far out of whack. But we are good now.
  10. dirty6

    What weather?

    That we don’t have up here. Just crisp cold.
  11. dirty6

    What weather?

    Actually, when I made ribs this weekend the temp was in the high teens and the sun was out. Most trips outside were less than 3 min and I didn’t bother with jacket or gloves or hat. I did put my shoes on, though.
  12. dirty6

    What weather?

    Actually, I bragged too soon. Wind kicked up to 50 plus mph and we had corn chowder instead. Now, the snow is clear and the temp will be below zero when I make my chicken tonight.
  13. dirty6

    What weather?

    I’m cooking spatchcocked chicken on that grill tonight.
  14. dirty6

    Sous Vide vs. reverse sear

    I have not, mostly bc I cant quite bring myself to spend an hour bringing the grill up to temp for a 2 minute sear...although I suppose it might not take an hour if I don’t need to fully heat soak the ceramics. Perhaps I will try that when the weather warms up. I don’t want to heat the grill up too rapidly in temps well below freezing.
  15. dirty6

    Sous Vide vs. reverse sear

    lol sorry, I dont know. I typed all that out in a seperate app and then copy/pasted it into here. I didn’t see an option for changing font size.