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  1. I've noticed on longer cooks that the temperature drops off even though there is still good sized charcoal left in there. I removed all the plates/grills and scrapped around with the ash tool and then it bursts back into life for a few more hours. I thought if the hole were larger that they wouldn't block with ash quite so easily?? I'm cooking with standard Joe II.
  2. Well, I don't know what you call it over the water but here we call it a "balls up". My first attempt was a slight disaster. I made fresh dough with yeast and let it prove all day, made home made tomato sauce and grated the Parmesan, it was going to go so well? It was when I slid my elastic Pizza off the board that that I realised I was on a steep learning curve. It landed with splat and inverted itself, I had inadvertently made an inside-out Calzone. I let it cook and it did taste OK. As the rest of the family learnt from my mistakes my belly filled and after five they did impr
  3. So I have a new Pizza stone for Christmas, I've watched too many videos and now I'm confused. Do I place it on the deflector plates directly or space it out with nuts. I'm going to cook four Pizzas straight off.
  4. Thanks everyone, spatchcocking worked well. Only problem I had was maintaining a high temperature, (350), I usually slow and low (130) which I can easily maintain. I found I had to open the top fully by swinging around the vent to get/keep it hot. With reference to my next batch of questions, my wife bought me a Pizza stone for Christmas which I wasn't expecting so I'll have a look around on here this morning.
  5. Planning to cook my turkey in the Joe, this will free up my house oven as I have a lot of people coming for Christmas dinner. I usually spatch a chicken and cook it hot with the deflector plates in. Advice would be welcome, oh, we usually stuff the breast end if we were to cook conventionally.
  6. Just sat watching these programs about people in Alaska smoking/preserving fish. They smoke it for 12 hours or more in sheds. Can I use wood in my Joe so as to smoke fish and meat. I've only used lump-wood so far and done a few very low and slow lamb and pork joints. Never below 110/130C. So can I use wood?
  7. Having used the Joe quite a lot I don't like the look of the greasy grills and cooking chrome work. I find that the ceramic plates self clean but would like away to make it all clean just like new. Is there perhaps a chemical that I can submerse everything in?
  8. No, too overpowering, too much paprika, too much smoke., too much fat. You can't beat English pork sausages simply fried or grilled.
  9. Update: We made it to Hang Fire Southern Kitchen here in the UK. We were a group of four so ordered most things on the dinner menu. We all agreed the Grits with it's sauce was the best, next best were the Frickles. Hush puppies were a bit boring. We tried all the smoked meats and agreed the ribs were best followed by the brisket, the sausage was overpowering and rich. I didn't think much of the Alabama sauce, it was quite vinegary. I think my slow cooked shoulder/butt was better than "pulled pork". We had most sides and all like the brisket Pi
  10. With the hole from the Joe I made a chopping board, today I'm using the table for the first time for what I think is an old leg.
  11. Been working on this for a while with the help of a local joiner. All English oak, a lot of which I've had for years waiting for a project. Treated with Osmo oil.
  12. I'm quite new to this too, but I know about lamb, shoulder is best for slow cooking, legs go tough. I did a slow 130c cook last weekend. Eight plus hours. Also it doesn't take well to smoke (don't add a lot of wood). I used a dry rub of Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, salt and pepper. I used the deflector plates and put the shoulder in a large tray, later in the afternoon I added as much fresh mint as I could (whole plant grows well here). and then covered with foil. A couple of hours latter I removed it and wrapped it in film and foil for two hours. I must say it was the
  13. With reference to this "dinner". I missed my first booking and tried to re-book. I was surprised to find it's fully booked for six weeks. I've emailed to see if they can squeeze us in. What other places are difficult to get a table?
  14. Thanks lads, it's a good idea to try the lunch and then evening menu, that way sampling the most dishes. For me food is not just about a recipe, which I know I can find on the net. The anticipation, location, ceremony. Plus all the sights, sounds and smells of a restaurant that I have never sampled will make it a memorable experience. If any dish amazes me I'll research it and make it, even better:)
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