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  1. So Saturday was the real test. First big cook on the Akorn. Pork Shoulder, BBQ beans and a rack of spare ribs. Rubbed the pork with mustard and doused with my sweet red rub. soaked the beans over night and loosely follow the recipe from beer and bbq by larry. Filled up with lump and a few hickory chunks spread about. Also took advantage of the thermoworks 20% off sale and picked up their smoke line of thermometer\monitoring equipment. Cook went fantastic, i only had to adjust vents a few times and was usually after i opened up the cooker for spritzing the shoulder with apple juice/ apple cider vinegar. After first 5 hours, i wrapped shoulder and placed aside the beans and got the ribs on the top rack... (forgot to get a picture of that) Pulled off Pork shoulder @ 196 and let rest for an hour, cooked the ribs in a 3-1-1 method, more like 3-1.5-1 but who's counting lol The beans are the only disappointing part, but its no doubt my error. I did not parboil them first. After i pulled off the ribs they were still super firm (12 hours) So i bumped temp up to 350 for 2 hours, still firm. Pulled them off dropped in a crock pot for 6 hours on low... still didn't like the texture. Cooked on high for another 2 hours, better, but very disappointing. The flavor was amazing, just too chewy for my tastes. I usually use pinto. I did add some tomato sauce after the 8 hour mark, so either the beans were old, didn't parboil or the combinations with the tomato sauce caused them to no soften up enough. Oh well, they were for the 4th anyway so i have time to redeaux! Both the shoulder and the ribs were fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Still amazed at how much lump was left after 14 hours of cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Brand new here, but have been stalking y'all. My searching for a new to me grill brought me here... Was using an old Propane smoke vault and a chargriller duo 50/50. The smoke vault was pooping out and my search for something new had me looking st some Weber smokey mountain 18 and 22". I was on a low budget, all the used ones seem to be priced not much cheaper than new and they would sell quickly. Then i came across a few used Chargriller Akorn grills. Never seen or heard of them before, so off to comb the forums and youtube. My interest was peaked, made arrangements to look at one, made an offer and scooped one up for 100$ Needed a good scrubbing and there was a little more rust in the ash tray seal than i would have liked. Little vinegar, wire brush and high heat paint.. boom like new! First cook, spatchcocked chicken with smoke diffusion stone. Held 270 for 3 hours and used a fraction of charcoal. My old offset barrel cooker i was adding coals every 45 min to maintain tempt...even with a redneck charcoal basket. I'm impressed with this little guy and wouldn't have even considered it had i not read up on the forums!! Cant wait to do a pork shoulder next weekend!!!!!!!!!
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