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  1. Owner of a pit boss kamado for a month tomorrow. First impressions are that I absolutely love it. Has brought so much more passion to my cooking. I have done a few cooks on it, burgers and sausages. Did 3 rack ribs at once and a pulled pork that turned out absolutely amazing. I have another 3 racks of ribs on now and I love this thing. 499 at costco for me can’t beat that price. I was looking at this and a pellet grill but I’m glad I went with the kamado much more you can do and more of a cooking process than set and forget which I choose well. Oh also have made 4 pizzas and love them too. So good.
  2. Just bought a ditch oven too. I will probably buy a blade pot roast or make a nice juicy thick stew. But it’s been so hot here lately waiting for it to cool a little
  3. https://ibb.co/bQew7J https://ibb.co/c45fZy https://ibb.co/gFcYnJ see if those work for pictures
  4. Decided to try out the kamado joe YouTube video recipe for bacon cured pork tenderloin. I wrapped it it in bacon approx 6 hours before cook which is a little less time than recommended but still turned out great. Pulled it it off the grill at 151 degrees and let it rest for 10 minutes. Best pork tenderloin I’ve had in a long time. Cooked about 40 minutes at 400 degrees give or take. And for for some reason not letting me add pictures to my post grrr.
  5. Glad everything worked out and you had a great time!
  6. This is similar to what I did the other day. Almost three hours at 225 then wrapped for 2 hours with butter beer and a little sauce very little. Dry rubbed in the beginning and sat at room temp for 45 minutes. Temp went up to about 275 near the end of cool but they were fall off the bone and damn delicious.
  7. Ribs are almost done and omg best ribs I have ever had. Used a treager rub and then at 240 for 2.5 hours then wrapped in foil for next 2 hours dome went up to max 260 degrees. Now finishing them off outside the foil and smacked on 3 ribs and omg. While putting them them into foil I added some butter, Stella beer, and some franks honey garlic sauce. The rub sure stands out and delicious.
  8. Have been rummaging around this forum for a while and I finally picked up a pit boss kamado 24. Looking forward to learning more and sharing. Did some curing the other day of the seals and then some sausages. Today I think will be trying out some back ribs.
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