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  1. I’ve got a sort of smoked-on stain on my Akorn Jr. Is it branded forever? If not, what do you recommend for cleaning it?
  2. I bought a quite-used chargriller king kamado. It seems to work well—made one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten on it last night. The dome temp gauge Started at zero, but got pinned at over 700 when my remote thermometer was around 450F, also corroborated with infrared thermometer on stone. I noticed a small (smaller than a dime) spot of condensation in it. Today, with no coals lit since last night (all dampers closed, hood latched) the dome temp gauge is reading 400. The gauge looks much newer than the rest of the grill, so I’m wondering whether it’s been installed improperly and I can fix
  3. Lodge makes one that’s 10.5” — and almost fits. Emphasis on “almost” :-(. I’ll keep an eye out, but can probably find a bigger Akorn and the Lodge for less $$$ !
  4. Thx, All... I’ve got the Lodge skillet with the loop handles, but I’m looking for a grilling surface. Didn’t realize cutting CI wouldn’t be so difficult!
  5. Hi! I’m not quite understanding the Akorn Jr setup. What is the lower stone sitting on, and what is *that* sitting on??
  6. Does anyone know of a cast iron grill that can be put on the regular grate? I would like to be able to sear steak over direct heat without fat dripping into the fire. I’m guessing that cast iron would hold the heat best, though I’ve heard that aluminum will transfer the heat faster. On the other hand I don’t know about the max heat for aluminum and whether there are health concerns when the temp gets that high. So far, the only options I’ve found would involve removing handles. Not a problem in use, as the base would be left to cool along with the grate, but what does it take to re
  7. Need advice. During our high-heat cook tonight, around 650F, there was quite a bit of smoke escaping from one side on our Jr. It’s only a couple of months old, and I don’t think it’s done it before, but we usually do indirect and lower temps. Anything I should do? I don’t see anything obvious going on with the gasket.
  8. Thank you, thank you! I’m using the CI skillet, actually purchased for the grill, rather than getting another stone. I did use it upside down on the Akorn grill, since the grill needed a burn-off anyway. The pizza was much improved over previous attempts—pretty evenly done top and bottom, without having to do in two stages. I will try the canning rack next time to get it just a bit higer in the dome. Thanks again for all your help. —Heidi
  9. THANK YOU! I tried to PM you before, but got a msg to the effect that “this member cannot receive messages,” I do have a smokin’ stone, and a 10” CI dual handle skillet. Do you think it would work to have the smokin’ stone on the tabs as usual and the skillet on top of the canning rack (with the pizza, like yours, in the steel pan)? And, if so, would you have the skilled right side up, or upside down? Someday, I won’t be so ignorant... —Heidi
  10. K’man —Thought I’d reponded before, but don’t see it here. Please forgive if you’ve already seen this. I just can’t wait to experience similar success... How much charcoal? CI skillet upside down? Resting on what? Canner rack resting on what? Size/mfr/link? Ceramic diffuser on canner rack? Pizza in steel pizza pan on diffuser? Preheat all except pizza in pan to what temp on dome thermometee? Recommendation for vent settings? I’m determined to nail this, and your setup looks perfect. Can’t thank you
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