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  1. Makes sense and what I figured in regards to the cook without the skin. Appreciate the help!
  2. I did my first beer can chicken today. Came out well but I had a question, has anyone smoked one without the skin? Is it the same instructions in terms of rub, injection, cook time? The reason I ask is because I really like the taste of the rub and was wondering if skinless would work so I can just apply the rub directly. Thanks in advance all.
  3. I put about 5 chunks of apple wood on the heat deflectors. They were about 1 by 3 inch pieces. Actually tried some peppers just didn't think they were all that fancy. Did some steaks tonight and going to do a beer can chicken this weekend. See if I get lucky again.
  4. Thanks! I think I got lucky with the brisket. I barely slept for I was so worried. Now I need to practice a few more things. Any suggestions?
  5. A few of my first cooks, loving the grill so far. Each of these is the first time I tried them on the grill.
  6. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate the help. I guess I will settle in with a few more cooks and see how things goes. My brisket was about 8.5 pounds and came to temp in about 10 hours to answer the question posed above. Thanks again!
  7. I am in Smith field KY, about 45 minutes north of Louisville on I-71. Thanks for the warm welcome all, will try not to be too much of a pest!
  8. I just picked up the Classic 2 and I did a brisket as well as some burgers/chicken/etc. While I am definitely still a novice I had a few questions about temperature. I calibrated my thermometer (I am going to again when the grill cools) and I decided to use an old oven one inside the grill as well to test. I did a quick cook of two chicken breasts, the grill showed 400 as its temp and the oven thermometer showed 475. The chicken finished up in about 14 minutes (165 internal) which makes me think it was closer to 475 than 400. Any ideas on how to confirm if my thermometer needs to be replaced if the second calibration doesn't take? My brisket came up to temp much more quickly than the standard times listed as well. Thanks in advance, Justin
  9. Hello all, Just picked up a Kamado Grill to replace my old gas grill. Dived right in and did a 8 pound brisket this weekend. Looking forward to learning more!
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