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  1. new years eve was -12 C I used a chimney starter to get my charcoal fired up, got it red hot and fully engulfed in flame, then dumped it into my cold Vision Cadet, the internal temp very quickly got up to 550. Seared some steaks and salmon. This morning, first day of 2019 its about 0 degrees C and the Cadet is back to being cold and fully intact on my snow covered deck. BTW, I remove the ash tray to get the temp over 350. With the ash tray in and the vent fully open I cant get temp over 350. Love this grill.
  2. I recently bought a Cadet - wondering why you use this or need this container for charcoal?
  3. what are the benefits of the firebox divider? thanks B
  4. My Pitboss 24 needed a little buddy, so I bought a Visions Cadet from Home Depot. I've used it twice and I'm impressed with everything it does. I wanted a KJ Jr but the local dealer won't have them for another six months and their price is way out of line. Love this 13.5" interior diameter grill - However...I'd like some accessories. Is there a deflector plate setup that will work - other than the one sold directly by Visions? What other accessories will work with the Cadet?
  5. KEEPING FIRE IN CONTROL Step #1: Fill bowl to just below the holes in the fire bowl. If you have unburnt lump charcoal stir with the lighter to knock ash into ash drawer and visually confirm the charcoal grate holes are not blocked (this will restrict air flow) Interesting - because I just bought a Vision Cadet and the instructions say to fill the fire bowl with enough charcoal to cover the holes Used my new Cadet last night per the manufacturer's instructions and it worked perfectly.
  6. In Canada we call them Biscuits if we put gravy on them, scones if we put jam on them. The best of both worlds. Anyhoo, what's the recipe for the sausage gravy?
  7. welcome to the forum, lots of great info here for those of us afflicted with this need to grill. I'm on Vancouver Island with my Costco purchased Pitboss Kamado grill. This site helped me with Texas style BBQ, Pizzas, proper charcoal loading, and many excellent equipment comparisons. B
  8. Bongowillie I think you're my hero! looked at a lot of your threads and comments and postings. I too have a big plastic deck box full of BBQ toys. My wife often teases me about experimenting with kitchen gadgets in my BBQs, many of which no longer reside in the kitchen, so I got a kick out of seeing what you've been working with. I really appreciate the thoroughness of your photos and posts. B
  9. And so, you use the Akorn for certain types of cooking and the K Joe jr for other types of cooking? another post noted that the Akorn is good for searing while the K joe jr is preferable for low n slow. I have a big 24" Pit Boss and was hoping to duplicate it as much as possible in a small size regards b
  10. thanks for that, the distinction between searing vs low n slow is what I was looking for. B
  11. takes a long time to get charcoal hot enough and then gives a too short window of opportunity for grilling before the charcoal becomes ash. Admittedly, I didn't use the best grade of charcoal. Overall, the fit and finish of mine is poor. After 4 years it is rusting. It lives on Vancouver Island where it is subjected to salt air. As with all things metal, I take care to ensure that its dry and so I was quite surprised that it began rusting so quickly. Because I prefer to camp in colder temps (when tourist season is over) I've found that the lid provides little heat retention for such things as melting cheese on a burger. The things I like about it: disassembles nicely and fits into a narrow outside cubby on my RPod trailer. Light weight. easy to re-assemble. I'm interested to hear what it is that you like about yours...because I just ordered an Akorn jr from Amazon. regards B
  12. welcome to the forum I bought my Pit Boss 24" grill at Costco a couple months ago and have really enjoyed it. I've found a lot of good recipes on this site as well as a lot of good advice. Per advice and opinion I've found here, I've bought pretty much every accessory and tool available. And had a lot of fun doing it. One of the best tips was a great big accessory box (deck storage box) to hold all my grill toys. The great thing about this site is that the issues you come across have been sorted out and figured out - that refers to both mechanical technical issues as well as cooking issues. This site has made me a better griller and has turned a couple of ordinary deck parties into memorable events. Thanks to this site, I cooked things I had never previously considered and looked like a pro doing it. B
  13. I bought one 4 years ago and use it camping...it is a disappointment, especially in cool weather. I see the Akorn Jr grills at most hardware stores and will try to buy a floor model now that we're heading in to autumn. Thank you for the opinions and observations B
  14. The best car is a Honda. But what is the best Jr sized Grill? It appears that Akorn users have more negative issues to deal with than Kamado Joe Jr grills. Can't wait til I retire....must have grill now. I am in serious withdrawals from my Pit Boss. B
  15. I've got a Pitboss K24 - love it...but its at the lake and its too big and heavy to pack up and bring back to the city. So, I need (and of course you understand that this is a need, not a mere 'want') a smaller version kamado grill that I can move around. In a year or so I intend to retire out to the lake and would like to build a BBQ shack where the big Pitboss would co-exist with the yet to be purchased smaller - complimentary grill. I've been reading older threads about the Jr sized grills but don't see one that would tell me specifically - which is the best brand? I see that Akorn Jr appears to be less desirable that the Kamado Jr. Your opinions would be most appreciated.
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