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  1. I recently sealed up the intake door on my Akorn with some lavalock fireblack gasket seal, and this was my first smoke since. I did some pork ribs. I rubbed them down with just some generic rib rub (can't remember the brand name). Sprayed them with some apple cider vinegar mixed with apple juice a few times. I also slathered some blues hog original bbq sauce on em. Smoked with hickory and apple chips. Temps held at 250* the entire time. They turned out AMAZING! Just thought I'd share.
  2. wow! great find. That thing looks brand new. you stole that thing! you go the ceramic one for the price of the regular akorn!!
  3. I added some fireblack with lavalock gasket around my intake door. Can't wait to try it out this weekend.
  4. they were pre-cooked pita bread crusts at our local farmers market. slightly cooked though, similar to a boboli crust. So we coated them with olive oil, then sauced, and added toppings. They were great!
  5. dang it! Ok. I shouldve just let it go a little longer to 200*. thanks
  6. I did my first pork butt for pulled pork yesterday. It did not turn out quite like i had hoped. I started with a 9.5lb, bone in pork butt. I trimmed most of the fat off of it. Rubbed it down with mustard and then a blend of spices and brown sugar. Wrapped it in saran wrap and kept it in the fridge for 24 hours. I started the akorn up and put the butt on at 225*. The temp stayed at 225*-250* consistently for the entire cook. I smoked it with hickory and apple wood chunks. Around 160* internal temp, it seemed to stall there, so i wrapped the butt with foil and kept going. My goal was 190* internal temp. after roughly 8 hours total on the smoker, the internal temp hit 190*. I took it off and put it a cooler to sit for about an hour. When i went to shred it up, it didnt just fall apart like i hoped. It was kind of a struggle to rip it all apart. It still tasted pretty great. The seasoning was spot on. and it was still tender and tasty, just hard to shred up. What do i need to do to make it fall apart? Where did i go wrong? Any tips, comments, suggestions are welcome. Thanks. I wanna make the perfect next time.
  7. I did my first pizzas on the akorn last night. They turned out great. I used some fresh pizza crusts that we bought at the farmers market. I cooked 4 all together. 3 supremes and one for our girls. It was a pepperoni & mushroom, with black olives on half. I used the deflector stone down low and placed our pizza stone right on the grille. I cooked them at 425* for 10-12 minutes each. Thanks to everybody for the ideas and suggestions on how to cook em!!
  8. I was curious if the stock temperature gauge on the Akorn is adjustable? I think mine is off by about 20*. If it is not adjustable, what other brands of aftermarket gauges do you recommend? I was looking at the man law gauges. Also how do you calibrate your gauge? Oven? Boiling water? please explain your process. Thanks!
  9. makes total sense! thanks for the input! I'm looking forward to making my first pizza soon.
  10. So I have a question. Why use the deflector stone PLUS another stone on the top grate? Couldn't you just use the deflector stone directly on the top grate as the pizza stone? Just asking. I've never done a pizza on the akorn before. BUT, I want to!
  11. I'm glad to be part of the group! I recently got a Char-Griller Akorn Kamado from my wife for fathers day. I had been researching smokers for over 2 years and I'm glad I chose the kamado style. of course budget was the main priority otherwise I would've gotten the Kamado Joe. But for what it is, I already love this Akorn. I've cooked on it 3 times already, and looking forward to cooking on it more and looking at upgrades.
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