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  1. This happens when the hinge screws are too tight. Some of the ones on the hinge automatically tighten themselves when you open/close the lid. Others start working loose. Get some red locktite, remove all the hinge nuts, put loctite on each bolt thread, and put the nuts back on. Tighten them until they are only touching, don't crank them down hard. Let it sit overnight. Mine was doing this when new, but since I've done this, the lid has been closing perfectly for over a year.
  2. Exactly what I'm talking about. Another guy on smokingmeatforums converted his offset to gas, the flame went out, so he turned off the gas and waited a long time. When he opened it to relight it, there was still a gas pocket and it blew. Burned his arms, face etc. If it doesn't have a flame sensing thermocouple that shuts off the gas valve when the flame goes out, it isn't safe. I know gas grills don't have this, but they multiple burners that would all have to go out, and they are leakier overall.
  3. Looks like a good way to blow yourself up.
  4. Even though I'm located far from the saltwater coasts, we luckily have two seafood stores in our town who get a regular supply of saltwater seafood multiple times a week.
  5. I can assure you, for flakier delicate and thick fish like cod, when I cook it to 145, it is super moist, not dry and tasteless as you suggest. I usually look for 2" thick fillets. I can see this happening on thinner pieces like you have pictured, as when you remove it at 120, it doesn't take much for the IT to keep going up and probably ends up closer to 140 once you are eating it. If you cook a thin piece to 140 then take it off, it'll keep cooking and end up overdone. Similar to grilling flank steak vs a thick ribeye, you need to take flank off sooner due to it being thinner.
  6. Hello from Canada as well. Our go-to fish is Black Cod (butterfish), but Costco (at least ours) doesn't carry it. We do fish all the time (cod, halibut, grouper, mahi mahi) and I always do it on a cast iron skillet, as it'll fall apart on the grill. I get the skillet hot on my gasser side burner with a little oil/butter. Sear skin up about 2 mins until you brown the flesh side. Then remove from the heat, flip the fish skin down, and put the whole skillet into the grill running 375 for about 10 minutes, until the fish reaches 145F. Sometimes I just use a plain blackened seasoning on the fish (Zatarain's is really good if you can find it, it's awesome on wings too). Other times we do this recipe from Fish the Dish, basically just using the maple soy marinade and not fussing with the rest: https://www.gustotv.com/recipe/maple-and-soy-black-cod-with-butternut-squash-puree/ If you can find black cod, try it some time. The texture and taste is amazing.
  7. Thin & Lightweight = less material, yet more expensive.
  8. lol how much soap is a pfffftb? Oh yeah, I need it in metric too.
  9. I wasn't talking about the slicing disks, we never use those. I was just talking in general about why we put it in the dishwasher sometimes. The normal everyday cutting blade is used to make salad dressing.
  10. We use it a lot to make homemade caesar salad dressing, using my home grown garlic which is super strong. We find hand washing leaves a smell in the bowl so that's when we throw it in the dishwasher.
  11. We have the same one, since 2005 (wedding gift). About 2 years ago the bowl and upper bits started cracking & breaking. Only cost about $60 CAD to get a new bowl & top. If you put the plastic in the dishwasher, not only put it on the top rack only, but turn off the heated dry. The heated dry is the main reason any plastic kitchenware breaks down, even on the top rack.
  12. Looks that way. Looks like they are getting the shell from the same supplier in China, but different shelves and a different cart.
  13. I have the TS4000, works perfectly upside down and never goes out. https://www.bernzomatic.com/Products/Hand-Torches/Instant-On-Off/TS4000
  14. It automatically #### it out as it detects it as a swear word S.h.i.s.h.i.t.o peppers
  15. Depending on the size, this will probably fit: https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/vision-pro-classic-b-grill-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store/products/large-spider-vision
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