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  1. Walrus

    Sous Vide vs. reverse sear

    Nothing will happen. I just fired mine up to 650f as fast as I could for pizza yesterday when it was -10C/14F here.
  2. Walrus

    Sous Vide vs. reverse sear

    @KismetKamado Yeah, but it's more the squashed look causing there to be less words per line. On my 24" monitor, the forum only takes up half the width of the screen. Assuming it's to optimize it for mobile viewing?
  3. Walrus

    Rotisserie Glazed Pineapple

    Looks amazing. I've always done it differently in the past. Slice the cored pineapple into rings, dip the rings in coconut milk then dust with a mixture of white sugar and cinnamon, then grill until caramelized and serve with vanilla ice cream.
  4. Walrus

    Sous Vide vs. reverse sear

    @dirty6 Have you tried searing post-sous vide directly over charcoal, instead of on cast iron? Wondering if the wet exterior would crust up better over hot coals. I'm not talking about the crust/char marks that the grate makes, but the browning that occurs between from the hot coals below.
  5. Walrus

    Sous Vide vs. reverse sear

    I enjoyed the read too. Just joking around, as the size makes it more difficult to read.
  6. Walrus

    Sous Vide vs. reverse sear

  7. Walrus

    New here from Northern Ontario.

    Being Northern Ontario.. that's gotta be a lake. @Blair I just noticed the Lone Pine IPA. Love that stuff.
  8. Walrus

    New here from Northern Ontario.

    Welcome from Ontario as well!
  9. Walrus

    Too smokey

    I find prime rib, chicken and turkey needs no wood chunks, the lump is enough.
  10. Walrus

    42oz King for a (birth)Day

    Marinate for the day in fresh chopped fennel, garlic, ground coriander, pepper & oil. Grill a few mins a side until rare in the middle. While grilling, dump the marinade into a sauce pan and bring to a boil, then simmer. Pull the steak, let rest 10 mins, then slice across the grain. Ladle the hot marinade over the slices, including fennel chunks.
  11. Walrus

    Replace metal firebox with ceramic

    @Fishtails have you tried contacting OMC for warranty? Can't hurt. 10 year warranty. I've had the top and bottom outer shells replaced due to rust. https://www.omcbbq.com/WarrantyOrders/Eng/Index.php
  12. Hey in Guelph.. I'm in Breslau. Even with the legs up, the platesetter is too close to the grate. Brad at https://www.bjscountrymarket.com/ south of London is importing the woo ring for me, and bringing in another for a coworker who also has a PB24 from Costco. We contacted him back in September, and he said it'll be close to Christmas before he gets them in. If you want one, you should contact him and piggy back on our import.
  13. Yup, that's exactly why I'm buying the Woo ring. It holds a stone lower in the bowl on a smaller ring, and provides an additional larger higher ring to put the grate at seal level. @Brewsterb problem with the ceramic grill store stuff (where you buy the spider, and woo ring), they don't ship to us in Canada. I'm having to get mine imported by a store here in Ontario that carries their stuff for BGE.
  14. I find the diffuser useless - it's too high, and the gaps around it are too large. I'm picking up a woo ring from ceramic grill store, and will use a 16" pizza stone I already have. The woo ring will lower the stone 2" below the top of the fire bowl, and have a smaller gap around it.
  15. Walrus

    Kitchen Torch to light.

    Yup, Bernzomatic torch user here too. A creme brulee torch might be too small/get your hands too close to the coals.