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  1. Go with something else. The deflector for the K24 is useless, and leaves far too much of a gap. I use a 24 Woo Ring from CGS and a 16.5" round pizza stone, and would not go back.
  2. Turn those short ribs into bison pastrami.
  3. FYI all of the Canadian Tires in K/W/Cam are showing they have lots of Royal Oak in stock. I was at the Kitchener Victoria St one again a few days ago and they had skids of it sitting out front.
  4. They had a fire in the bagging plant in 2017. https://feuillederable.com/en/our-story/
  5. Thanks.. I was just curious. I think I'm stocked until next year. The Canadian Tire on Victoria St in Kitchener got in a shipment of Royal Oak back in Aug so I bought 4 bags, plus I have 2 bags of Xylo left from last year, and 1 back of Maple Leaf.
  6. Hey @JeffieBoy what store? I'd like to try some. Last year Costco was selling Xylo lump, but it was in a plain bag with a green top, Rona sells it now. https://www.rona.ca/en/xylo-carbone-large-lump-charcoal-hardwood-8-kg-60095000 I found it to be the same as the Basques they sold the previous years, and about the same as Maple Leaf lump. It's probably all coming from the same place in Quebec.
  7. 'uncovered in the garage refer' refer... refrigerator
  8. Correct, it's through the app. In the app, I click add device, and you can add smoke, signals or bluedot. I select signals, it searches, and then says no bluetooth devices found. I removed the signals in the old app, did a search, and it re-found the signals no problem through bluetooth. Deleted the app and reinstalled from the app store, still nothing. The new app obviously doesn't work on my phone. The only permissions it asks for when first installing is location. What permissions does your phone show?
  9. I can't get the new app to pair to my signals. I click on add device, and select signals, and it says no bluetooth devices found. The old app has no problem connecting. Did you have any problems connecting? I've updated to the latest firmware using the old app, which now uses a separate updater app.
  10. No, 1 bag. I think you are missing the fact we are all in Canada in this thread.
  11. I was just at the Guelph Costco last night, and they had Cowboy Lump, made in Mexico, for $17.99. Pass.
  12. Don't smoke according to time, smoke them until they hit 150. 4 hours could be too long.
  13. @JeffieBoy Who is selling it nearby? I'm in Breslau
  14. While you are at it, buy the Woo ring too and a 16.5" pizza stone. It's the best investment that improved my K24. Otherwise the grate is way too close to the coals. Plus flip it upside down to do pizza. I never use the useless diffuser now, the gaps are way too big around it. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/pit-boss-24-kamado-grill-costco/products/pit-boss-24-woo-ring-costco
  15. For something different, try cutting them into large bite sized cubes, smear each face with wasabi paste, coat each side in black sesame seeds, and then quick sear each side on the grill or cast iron. Makes amazing finger food appetizers, with some nostril clearing zing depending on how much wasabi paste you use. A sriracha aioli works too, we're doing that tomorrow night.
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