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  1. I also have a Broil King Keg. Comparing the two, the keg one has the fixed cutouts shaped like a right angle triangle. The moving part rotates much more (more degrees) with graduations 0 -5. When you start opening it, it just opens at the bottom of the triangle, so when you have it set at 1, you have 6 openings the size of a pencil, instead of 6 long skinny slits. As you open more, it gets progressively bigger, with finer control the entire range. I just find the K24 top vent too coarse, the fixed portion should have been cut differently to give better control.
  2. I didn't use felt on the lower, instead I used a hammer to tap the door channels tighter. I also removed the two bolts and slid the doors out, and bent them into more curvature. I could see they were not bent as much as the curve of the ceramic body. This was pulling them away from the body and letting air in.
  3. Sounds like you don't own one. It is a problem. Before sealing the top vent and lower intake, I couldn't hold 225. I struggled to keep it below 300.
  4. Wait till the top greases up more. Mine, when new, would still be glowing 6 hours later if I opened the lid, and burn all the lump left in the firebowl. Now it'll shut down quickly, within an hour, and have lump left for the next cook.
  5. It doesn't work fine, it's a crap design.
  6. There are countless topics about this in this exact Pit Boss subforum. Have you added felt to the top vent yet?
  7. And with the 1.35 exchange rate, that comes to slightly more ($1012), plus how do we get it from NY to Ontario?
  8. I know the sauce, brought back 5 large bottles last year. It's great with eggs, used as a BBQ sauce on pork chops. This stuff:
  9. @BPYLE88 I emailed them a few months ago, and they said they have no intention on making one for the Pit Boss/LA Grills K24. We need to hammer them with more emails asking for one. I dislike the coarseness of the K24 top vent.
  10. Once you get some grease build up on the top vent, it'll seal up better.
  11. Yup. Brad said he had the spiders in stock that fit the K24, but the Woo Ring is better.
  12. When you installed the top vent, you should have noticed it fits loosely/slides around and the felt actually does nothing. A 2nd layer is needed to seal.
  13. Call up Brad at BJ's and ask him if he brought in more than the 2 he got for us. After using the Woo for the past 2 weeks, I can't believe the improvement it's made. The higher grate height at the gasket line is much better, and the lower height for a round pizza stone diffuser is much better than the high height of the legged diffuser and the huge gap around it. I now only use the stock diffuser legs down for pizza. The woo also gives more room between the diffuser and grate for a drip pan.
  14. Yes, 5 hours is too long for back ribs. I find 3-1-0 (no unwrap) for dry rub, or just straight 4 hours unwrapped works best. If saucing, 2-1-1 or again 4 straight unwrapped.
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