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  1. Don't smoke according to time, smoke them until they hit 150. 4 hours could be too long.
  2. @JeffieBoy Who is selling it nearby? I'm in Breslau
  3. While you are at it, buy the Woo ring too and a 16.5" pizza stone. It's the best investment that improved my K24. Otherwise the grate is way too close to the coals. Plus flip it upside down to do pizza. I never use the useless diffuser now, the gaps are way too big around it. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/pit-boss-24-kamado-grill-costco/products/pit-boss-24-woo-ring-costco
  4. For something different, try cutting them into large bite sized cubes, smear each face with wasabi paste, coat each side in black sesame seeds, and then quick sear each side on the grill or cast iron. Makes amazing finger food appetizers, with some nostril clearing zing depending on how much wasabi paste you use. A sriracha aioli works too, we're doing that tomorrow night.
  5. I used red RTV to seal around the bottom vent. I also used a hammer to tap the lower vent channels tighter, the vent door is too loose. Lastly, I bought Rutland 5/8 woodstove rope gasket, laid a bead of the red RTV on the lower half of the open chamber, and stuck the rope gasket to it and closed the lid. This sealed all leaks around the gasket. I can hold 225 for 24+ hours. Start slow like others said. Once dialed in, I find I have the bottom vent open just enough that you could slide a pencil in. If there were fractional markers, I'd say 1/4. Top vent around 1-1/4. If you need to open the lid to check anything or probe the meat, burp the lid first, and then work fast and close the lid, or you're screwed with an overshoot for an hour.
  6. Trigger start MAPP torch https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bernzomatic-TS4000KC-Trigger-Start-Torch-Kit-TS4000KC/203368730
  7. @Z mann R2 You missed the part about it now being from Mexico, and not tested. The Dragon's Breath that Rick would have purchased would have been the new Mexico stuff. I'm in Ontario too, and saw it at Costco 2 years ago, and avoided it. @Wildwr The XYLO stuff, to me, is identical to the Nature's Own that Costco Canada carried in previous years, if you have tried it. Easy to light, burns hot. I too have a Pit Boss, and have no problem maxing the temp dial.
  8. Once it hits 175 dial it back if shooting for 225. Dial back at 200 if shooting for 250.
  9. Ditto. Run it half open when coming up to temp, but at 1 once at temp using a temp controller.
  10. We really like these tongs for bacon, sausage, poppers etc. https://www.amazon.com/Kuhn-Rikon-6-Inch-Small-Silicone/dp/B004QGXNMQ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=kuhn%2Brikon%2Btongs&qid=1573853076&sr=8-1&th=1
  11. I did this to my Lodge square 10-1/2", and it works sooo much better than the rough surface. I used a 120 grit flap disk in my angle grinder. It took a while, I should have started with a 40 then worked up, but it's what I had already.
  12. Agreed. Even with a damper controlled temperature controller (Heatermeter) I struggled to keep 225 on my Keg. It regularly overshoots, or goes out. I've since moved it to our cottage, and have the Pit Boss K24 (ceramic) at home. Way easier to maintain 225 (or lower).
  13. Don't worry about it. You aren't going to thermal shock it. I've fired mine up in -20C temperature, wide open to 650F to do pizza. The 10 minutes it takes isn't going to thermal shock it. There is very little difference between -20C and +30C ambient when going to high temps for something like pizza. Throwing a bucket of water (or a snowman) into the hot bowl would thermal shock it.
  14. This happens when the hinge screws are too tight. Some of the ones on the hinge automatically tighten themselves when you open/close the lid. Others start working loose. Get some red locktite, remove all the hinge nuts, put loctite on each bolt thread, and put the nuts back on. Tighten them until they are only touching, don't crank them down hard. Let it sit overnight. Mine was doing this when new, but since I've done this, the lid has been closing perfectly for over a year.
  15. Exactly what I'm talking about. Another guy on smokingmeatforums converted his offset to gas, the flame went out, so he turned off the gas and waited a long time. When he opened it to relight it, there was still a gas pocket and it blew. Burned his arms, face etc. If it doesn't have a flame sensing thermocouple that shuts off the gas valve when the flame goes out, it isn't safe. I know gas grills don't have this, but they multiple burners that would all have to go out, and they are leakier overall.
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