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  1. @tm4000m - welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction! We look forward to your posts.
  2. @In2Fish - the only problem with expanded metal is that it tends to oxidize (burn) rather easily at high temps like one can find in a cracking lump fire. I've seen expanded metal utensils in high temp BBQ environments last only a season or so. I grew up with a BBQer that had expanded metal metals charcoal grates needing replacement every spring (Yeah, I know, Dad wasn't much for cooking outside during the winter months). Also, some expanded metal has been galvanized and you most certainly don't want that stuff contaminating your cooks. Finally, I think that with your KAB that airflow will be much of a problem. I'm looking forward to seeing how this works and your feedback.
  3. @bosco - I understand the calling of a Yoder. I have a couple of buddies who use both the Yoder YS640 and the YS1500. They are really well made units backed by very solid customer service. I think if I weren't wrapped around the axle for KK, I could see a Yoder on the patio. However, I have all I need with my KKs.
  4. @Marty - Last I heard, Sears has sold off those assets (Craftsman, etc.) to other companies. It's just a matter of time. I hope your divider works as well as it would seem. I understand expanded metal is plentiful and easy to work with. Have you considered a solid divider?
  5. Nicely done! Let us know what you think of your divider after you've used it. PS - get your Sears shopping out of the way early. I doubt they're around much longer. They're circling the drain. Another icon following Montgomery Wards into oblivion. Same too with JC Penney. Sad.
  6. @philpom - You'd fit right in here at ChezChef. I spend an incredible amount with my Cheese Monger here at a local market. The guy knows I'm an easy mark. I always have sharp cheddar, regular cheddar, a nice swiss, good jack, block mozzarella, plain havarti, and gouda. Then there is that cheese that my monger baited me with ... a great bleu or Stilton, a fresh goat milk cheese, etc. You're not alone in the world!
  7. Ditto! +1^. To borrow a phrase ... Just do it!
  8. As usual, @keeperovdeflame, first rate cook. Congrats!
  9. Congrats on a good looking cook.
  10. Sugar generally begins to burn (Caramelize) at about 350F. If you have sugar in the rub, keeping your cook below 300 will keep you safe. Also, know that many bimetallic dome thermometers are very inaccurate. Thus, when measuring your temps inside your kamado, I'd use a good electronic thermometer to be certain of your grate temps.
  11. @BGWolf - welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction! We look forward to your posts.
  12. @Spun - Welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction! We looks forward to your posts.
  13. Mark - I'll say one thing ... Man, you've still got it! Gorgeous pics of some gorgeous cooks. I particularly like the "Lil Smokie" stuffed jalapeños. I gotta try that very soon. Hope all is well with your family and that you're nicely settled into your "new" digs.
  14. @bosco - That is one very nice birthday gift! Your wife is gonna love you so much when she quits being "angry" with you. YOu're a lucky man and she's a lucky lady. Please relay a cheery "Happy Birthday" to your bride from all of us.
  15. Lcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction! We look forward to your posts.