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  1. @Smoke and Awe - I wish we were neighbors!
  2. Welcome to Kamado Huru and welcome to The Addiction.
  3. @ckreef - you never need to ask, Charles. Good thread you've posted.
  4. @ckreef - well written. Gurus who don't use some sort of drip pan on greasy cooks are just begging for dangerous fires. Grease that drips freely leads directly to flashbacks when the lid on the kamado is lifted. Those flashbacks burn people, sometimes requiring medical attention that can lead to hospitalization and treatment by a burn specialist. Nobody want that. The moral is ALWAYS use a drip pan on every low-n-slow cook. You should always have an ABC fire extinguished near your kamado. That extinguisher should be no closer than 5 feet and no further than 10 feet from your kamado. DO NOT store your fire extinguisher in your table holding your kamado because in the event of a fire, you won't be able to get to the extinguisher. Being so close to a burning kamado means that extinguisher could very well explode scattering shrapnel everywhere and injuring bystanders. After every greasy cook, please do a high temp cleaning burn after your take your cook off the grill. Just open the vents and get your kamado to something like 500°F for 20-30 minutes. Don't think you'll remember to go close the vents. Set an alarm to remind you. There is nothing more dangerous that a kamado that has gone nuclear. Just set the alarm and be safe. Also, never do a high temp burn with an overhang of any sort. The lesson here in this thread is that a clean kamado is a safe kamado and makes for a happy backyard chef.
  5. @afro-d - welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to Thr Addiction.
  6. Gurus - door gaskets accomplish very little, or so it seems to me. Let's look at some numbers. First, the average stack on a pellet pooper is about 3 inches in diameter. That equates to a surface area of about 7.1 sq. in. for exhaust gases to exit the cooker. The average door is about 2.5 feet wide and about 1.5 feet in depth. That means the perimeter is 8 feet. If we assume that the doors seal to within 1/16 of an inch, that means that the surface area of 0.50 sq. in. of space around the door through which exhaust gases can exit the cooker. If we assume a gap of 1/32" (more realistic I think) you have 0.25 sq. in. Looking at the ratio of the stack area to the area around the door, it's about 14:1. That's big. For a 1/32 in. Gap you have a ratio of 28:1. That's huge. Fluids always follow the path of least resistance. Virtually everything in the pellet pooper exits through the stack, not leaks around lift door. The moral of this analysis is that door gaskets are a waste of money, time, and effort. They contribute nothing to efficiency. When was the last time you saw smoke exiting around the pellet pooper's door? Many GUrus here don't replace worn gaskets and their cooks turn out wonderfully. Insulation blanket, much as I've see on the Yoders are an entirely different matter. I haven't run any numbers, but heat flux across the surface are of the cooker would seem to overwhelm any heat flux out the stack. Yoder recognized that long ago with their form fitting blanket option. Insulation makes a lot of sense. It will most definitely lower the operating costs. Gaskets make sense only at the thinnest of margins if at all.
  7. I make great use of my multi probe iGrill as well as my Thermoworks Instant Read. Both have a real place in my cooking arsenal. The iGrill is excellent at letting me monitor reverse sears, low-n-slow cooks, cheese smokes, etc. My instant read I use on every low-n-slow to probe for tenderness and temp near the end of a cook. I also use it in some no traditional ways like probing lasagna cooks, enchilada cooks, bird cooks, etc. Both have a real place in my cooking equipment. Thermometers are, to me, like knives ... One size doesn't fit all.
  8. That's one seriously beautiful and tasty fish cook. Kudos, kudos, kudos. Amazing colors in this post. @keeperovdeflame - this almost makes me want to take up fishing, but ... I think it's easier and cheaper to know a great fish monger. Having cooked on kamados for years, I am really good at the sitting and drinking beer that seem to be such a big part of fishing. It's the $100,000 in tackle, rods, reels, waders, nets, etc. that gives me pause for thought!
  9. @Springbringer - welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction.
  10. @carophill11 - dance with who brung ya. Get a heat deflector and a good digital multiprobe thermometer. Get a pizza stone. Get some good quality lump. Get some really nice beer that goes with BBQ ... I suggest Landshark. Light the fire and start cooking! Welcome aboard. Now go have fun.
  11. And we're supposed to take serious advice from a gasser and a guy who gave away Grill Grates? Note: this is supposed to be light hearted and is in no way meant to belittle any person, place, or thing.
  12. I just got aother pallet of FOGO. Let me know when you boys get serious about buying lump.
  13. Welders' gauntlettes. They last forever.
  14. @Oneof11 - welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction.