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  1. Welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction!
  2. Welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction!
  3. @VAPA - how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice! Practice maintaining temps on your Akorn. Nothing builds confidence like knowing the idiosyncrasies of your Akorn. Also know that Butts are almost impossible to screw up. Goodness knows I've tried! Just light up some lump amd burn it. See ow your Akorn responds to changes in vent settings. Learn the vent settings for 250°F. See what it takes to maintain 250°. Specific vent settings will yield specific temps every single time! Vent settings are typicaLly invariant for a specific temp. Look, bent setting restrict the amount of air (oxygen) into the kamado. The more closed/open your vents the less/more air flow (oxygen) into your kamado and thus the lower/higher your temp. It's just that simple. Just go practice. Play with your vent settings and see how quickly temps change. You'll do just fine. P.S. - practice is hard, hot work. Remember to stay hydrated with your favorite beer! Always end each practice session with a nice cook.
  4. @VAPA - welcome aboard! We look forward to your posts. As to your questions ... 1) I am not a huge fan of turbo cooks. I enjoy the zen of BBQ. You might consider trying the 225°, then the 250°, then the 275° temps on cooks. Cooks at 300° might be too high for turbo cooks. If you are pressed for time, consider an early start time. You can always bump up temps if time becomes an issue. 2). I'm make whatever sauce I serve with my Q. I mostly like my Q unsauced. 3). I've used everything from alcohol soaked cotton balls to oiled paper towels, to a MAPP torch to get my lump started. However you get your lump lit and burning is good. Starting a fire a specific way isn't as important as getting the fire lit and your kamado up to your cooking temp. Have fun and make some great memories.
  5. @JDEaston - your comments seem to indicate with 100% certainty that you need to do MUCH more homework, especially with respect to the Big 3 and their warranties. I dont't think you are willfully ignorant aout such issues; rather I believe you are simply uninformed. Read the KJ Forum. Read the BGE forum. Read the Primo forum. If you think that the KJ firebox cracks cost the KJ owner so much as a single penny, you are sadly mistaken. The Primo and BGE Forum are replete with praise from their owners who have relayed their experiences with their respective manufacturers' customer service. I never once mentioned any other nonceramic kamado as I tend to stick with that which I know for dead sure and certain. About the time I think Akorn has solved their manifest manufacturing problems, "I Tried to Tame an Akorn" here in Kamado Guru and all the sad stories are resurrected. Do your homework before you throw down a gauntlet. Please. I've owned an Akorn and found it severly lacking. I had to take 2 back before it met muster. I've cooked on BGEs, Primos, KJs, KKs, and Akorns. Have you even cooked on a ceramic? If not, might I suggest that you buy one, cook on it, and figure out what the heck you're talking aout before you go running on as you have. The reason you don't understand the negative comments is that you hAve no other frame of reference from which to opine.
  6. @keeperovdeflame - you forget ... I've seen your cooks posted here. I'm throwing the flag! I can't haul water for you. All I do is cook for one and the aesthetic of my cooks is decidedly lacking the compared to yours!
  7. @Cgriller64 - Burgers ... just about the perfect meal. Protein, veggies, dairy, carbs all in one nice, easy to handle, scrumptious package you can hold in your hand! How does it get any better?! Great looking burgers! Kudos!
  8. I'd use catsup/ketchup on eggs if I were eating at the mess hall! I'd put catsup/ketchup on EVERYTHING eating Army food! Just kidding! The services have pretty good chow these days.
  9. C'Mon, 50 miles! That's practically in your back yard! Go make a day of it and get your new kamado. I'm not certain what you're referring to when you speak to ceramic breakage. If you mean cracked fireboxes, this is no big deal. People cook for years with cracked fireboxes. KJ just came out with a new design for their firebox because of cracks that relieve thermal stress. It that is what you are referring to, I assure you this is not a problem. First, KJ has redesigned their firebox to alleviate these issues. Secondly, all the Big 3, i.e. BGE, Primo, and KJ have exceptional customer service and will stand by their product. If you're talking about the ceramic body cracking, that is an exceptionally rare occurrence and I promise you the BIG 3 will stand by their product. In your area, a ceramic is the only way to go. I lived along the Gulf Coast for year and never had one iota of corrosion. I cooked on BGE and Primo. The Big 3 are MUCH different cookers than that cheap Akorn and will last you a life time. Comparing the Akorn with the Big 3 isn't fair to the Akorn or the Big 3. The Big 3 are very interested in their being perceived as the quality purchase. Akorn doesn't care about its position in the mind of a consumer. They want to be seen as inexpensive. I wish you well in your purchase decision.
  10. @Gryphon - welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction!
  11. Oh gosh! I don't know what keywords to use. Sorry about that. i've probably posted that type of thing at least 50 times. I think if you use the search bar using my name and something like Vent Settings or Temperature Control you'll come across it. Good on ya for the Maverick. Always cook to temp, not time. For your butt, I would start probing when the IT hits about 195F It should be finished (probe like warm butter) at something like 200-203F IT.
  12. @jackjumper101 - Jack, you're killing me my friend! I'm traveling today and all I'm eating is airport fare and then you come and post this!? How do you continually surpass yourself? This is one wonderful cook. Great Dino Bones and stunning plated shots. Major kudos and congrats to ya!
  13. Searing temps are in excess of 500F. The only thing you'll get at 250-275 is a little browning over a long period of time. Top reverse sear, slowly warn your steak to an IT of 120 or so as you indicate, take off the steak, tent it under foil, open your vents wide open, and get the temp up to 500F+. then put your steaks back on the grill, cook to the desired degree of doneness, and enjoy! Good luck.
  14. @reddog90 - I assume that you don't have a digital thermometer or any other means of monitoring the internal temp of your cook. The temp of your kamado is absolutely irrelevant in the main. And so is the time to cook. Butts don't know how to tell time. Rather, butts are done when they are done. To test the doneness of your cook, it should probe very tender. That would be kind of like sticking a warm skewer in warm butter. There should be very little resistance to the probe going into your butt on the grill. Butts are a very forgiving first cook. Gurus here cook butts all the time at temps between 225F and 275F, no big deal. Finally, I would urge you to get to know your KJ and it's temperature response curve. You need to know what vent settings yield which temps. The only way to do this is to burn some lump on a Saturday. I've written extensively on exactly that subject. Use the search function and you'll be way ahead of the curve. Trial and error is no way to learn. Be systematic. Also, get a good digital thermometer for continuously monitoring your cooks. The Maverick and iGrill seem to be favorites around here. Welcome and good luck today!
  15. To clear out your dome thermometer, just take it out of the Vision, put it in your kitchen over at something like 250 for an hour, then turn the oven off and let it cool with the thermometer inside the oven. it'll come out of the cooled oven nice and clear. No big deal. You may then want to seal the thermometer. Clear nail polish has worked for several friends. Just paint a thin line around the glass/metal interface and around the back wherever you see a seam.