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  1. @BillJ - there is one sure fire way to find out. Fire up your kamado and take some measurements with an electronic thermometer. Put in your deflector. Put a probe on the lower grate. Place a probe on the upper grate. Record the temperatures of each over time. See? Now was not that easy? Now you'll never forget. Enjoy a beer or two in the process! Cheers!
  2. @DerHusker - very nice dawg cook! Kudos to ya.
  3. Bravos to your daughter for her beautiful cook. Kudos to you and your Bride for the parenting of such a child. All three of you keep up the great work! Thanks for posting.
  4. I remember Nov 22, 1963 like it was yesterday. Nice finds, Mark.
  5. Great cook, Mark! Bravos and kudos to ya.
  6. Wonderful cook, Jose! Everything looks droolicious! All the best to you and your family. Stop back by when you have the chance. Always good to see you!
  7. @Polar Bear - a probe is a probe is a probe. They all register temperature. Probes have ow clue if they are stuck in turkey, chicken, brisket, pork butt, or are reacting to a kamado's internal temperature. About the only thing that might differentiate a pure grill probe is the ability to register a higher temp, I.e. greater than 400° F or so. You don't really need a prone for temps much beyond that temp. I've done just fine with an iGrill unit. It handles 4 probes, any one of which gives me grate level temps while the other 1 or 2 or 3 monitor cooks.
  8. I lived all,along the Gulf Coast for years. During that time I would use pellets during some smokes. I kept my pellets in 5 gallon plastic buckets as described above. Never a problem. You can source these buckets at Lowes, Home Depot, etc.
  9. Very nicely done! Kinda makes me want breakfast all over again! Kudos to ya!
  10. Beautiful spin and even better looking ready-to-eat shot. Kudos!
  11. Try dipping your toasted baguette with a schmear of roasted garlic in some balsamic vinegar and top with diced tomatoes, basil, and a thin slice of buffalo mozzarella cheese for a really heavenly appiteaser. Your family will give you rave reviews!
  12. Cooks tend to cook as they will. Meat knows nothing of "normal" time or "how quick" to temperature; it's done when it's done. For really excellent cooks, you've got to have instruments you trust. In the instant case, a real problem was averted by a double check of internal temperature. I always use an electronic thermometer that I can monitor from my phone and as internal temperature nears my target, I double check with my Thermopen Instant Read. Between those, I feel quite confident things are done as I wish. Note, I check the calibration about every 3 months or so.
  13. Nicely done, John. Beautiful cook.
  14. Welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction!
  15. Welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction! We look forward to your posts.