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  1. And we're supposed to take serious advice from a gasser and a guy who gave away Grill Grates? Note: this is supposed to be light hearted and is in no way meant to belittle any person, place, or thing.
  2. I just got aother pallet of FOGO. Let me know when you boys get serious about buying lump.
  3. Welders' gauntlettes. They last forever.
  4. @Oneof11 - welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction.
  5. Welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction. Nice looking K7.
  6. @victorytea - welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction! We'd love to see pics of your KK. How long have you been a member of the KK Family? Are you over at the Komodo Kamado Forum? Join us! Kamado Guru and Komodo Kamado are the two best Forums, especially if you're a KK owner!
  7. @beenlostonce - welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction. So ... You want a good kamado, huh? Why settle? Two words: Komodo Kamado. Twomore words: Dennis Linkletter. 'Nuf said.
  8. CeramicChef

    Ok ok

    @ifican - welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome toThe Addiction.
  9. @Tboans - forget granite. It isn't temperature stable and has a nasty tendency to explosively come apart at the worst possible moment. Soapstone would be the way to go. Just my opinion.
  10. I just searched and it's not on Netflix. Will look elsewhere. Thanks for the pointer, @Dub.
  11. In my opinion, cast iron is a subpar solution. It rusts and requires a lot of care and feeding. Stainless steel you just brush clean and off you go. I've had oth cast iron and stainless steel and I'll never go back to cast iron. There are infinitely better solutions than cast iron. Try Griil Grates and cast iron becomes absolutely irrelevant.
  12. Welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction.
  13. Welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction.
  14. Gurus, as often as this topic comes up, why is there not one sticky on this vitally important topic!? Why? Temperature control is the single most basic topic one can master in kamado cooking and in this entire Forum we have not a single sticky on temperature control. We've got stickies on every topic under heaven, but not temperature control. I've written on temperature control until I'm blue in the face. One of you mods needs to write this topic up, pass it around, polish it, and post it as a sticky for all newbies so we don't beat topic over and over and over. I'm not trying anyone how to run this place, but this topic comes p every single week. Time to get the deal done.
  15. @Dub - Buddy, my blood sugar just bounced off the moon! Don't you just love simple comfort food deserts that are so simple and so droolicious!? Beautifully done. I can taste it here in OKC.
  16. @skreef - absolutely beautiful cook, Susan, and a gorgeous money shot! Congrats and kudos on a great cook.
  17. Spark arrestor or not, there should always be an ABC fire extinguisher within 5-10 feet of your kamado. Do not put your fire extinguisher close to the kamado just in case fire breaks out. Give yourself 5-10 feet clearance.
  18. @GS1397 - your cook was nowhere near done at a temp of 193F. That would explain why some areas weren't moist/tender. Low-n-slow cooks generally are done in the temp range of 200-205F. I always probe my cooks beginning at about 197F to test for doneness. You probe in several spots and it should feel like warm butter, i.e. very little resistance to your probe. Adding liquid to a drip pan in a kamado does absolutely nothing but make you think you're doing something. Indeed, you're doing something, but it won't help your cook. You're better off just keeping the lid to your kamado shut. As for burning your drippings, water isn't the answer. All that does is dilute what you're trying to preserve. Instead, put 4 copper plumbing tees under the corners of your drip pan. This gets your drip pan up off the heat deflector (you are using a heat deflector on each low-n-slow cook, right?). When you set your drip pan directly on a heat deflector, the drippings are exposed to high temps as they are sitting on a very hot heat deflector.
  19. @John Divers - you should always start every kamado cook with a full fire bowl of lump. For low-n-slow cooks light a single spot in the middle of the lump pile. For cooks in the vicinity of 300-400, light your lump pile in 2 spots equidistance across the lump pile. For cooks in the vicinity of 400+ light your pile in three spots equidistance in the lump pile. As for lighting you lump, you can use any number of methods. I've used premade wax/sawdust lighters, cooking oil soaked paper towels, MAPP and propane Benzomatic torches, cotton balls soaked in 90% isopropyl alcohol, etc. They all work equally as well in my experience. I would never use a chimney. That is a rather crude way to light lump. As I've stated many times, the ring of fire is entirely inappropriate to kamados. In kamado cooking, you manage fire/heat and thus temp by adjustment of the bottom and top vents not by some inane arrangement of charcoal. Just dump the lump to fill up the firebox and light 'er up. When the firebox of a kamado is fully loaded with lump for a low-n-slow cook, you can expect between 18 and 22 hours of steady heat. That's in both the Akorn and ceramics. Kamados basically haven't changed in 3,500 years. The methods of cooking on kamados have been well established. Is always best to learn first principles and employ best practices. This leads directly to kamado success and away from water pans, ring of fire lump arrangements, proper use of heat deflectors and drip pans, etc. All the best to you in understanding your kamado.
  20. @bhaney123 - welcome to Kamado Guru and welcome to The Addiction. I would recommend you set a budget and get the best kamado that fits your budget. I prefer ceramics to the Akorn. No matter what kamado you begin with, you and your family are in for some really special meals.
  21. @AlabamaAviator - a really nice looking cook. Kudos to you! Congrats on the new addition to your family. That's the best news today!
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