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  1. Marty, the trouble with kamado cooking is that I don't have to stay home minding a smoker! I just put the meat on and then I go out and paint the town red! Now that gets expensive when you like to drink aged single malt neat! . Jim, I can tell you from first and second hand experience that divorce is MUCH more expensive than any ten or twenty kamado cookers, especially after 40 years. You've got a keeper in that lady and your kamado! Dadgummit you're smart!
  2. CeramicChef

    550 tops?

    I routinely run my Primo XL around 600 - 650 for searing and have had no problems at all! Having said that, gaskets get fried all the time, irrespective of the manufacturer. I don't know why my Primo gasket withstands my abuse but other throw up their hands at 500 or so (on occasion). I'm about due to replace my gasket. I'm thinking of shopping around for something other than felt.
  3. I've got to tell you I've never heard of this kamado style cooker. Having taught strategic marketing at the university level, I can tell you with 100% certainty that if you build a better mousetrap, the world WILL NOT beat a pathway to your door! Maybe there is a consulting gig available here ...
  4. I use my deflector plates all the time! I think they are one of life's necessities. I always use a cheap formed heavy duty aluminum foil roaster pan as a drip pan. I like keeping my stuff nice and clean ... It helps prevent grease spills which can lead to flash fires on kamado style cookers. That is why you should always burp your kamado each time you open it. One of the primary reasons I use deflector plates is that it increases the thermal mass. Yeah, I'm a Chemical Engineer (among other things) and when using firebox divider plate, I put firebrick on the opposite side. These two simple things really increase the efficiency of your cooker. It also smoothes out all temperature fluctuations if for some reason you have to open your kamado mid cook. About the only time my Primo isn't loaded as outlined above is when I'm going really high heat for searing steaks, chops, etc. Just my 2 cents worth ...
  5. I'm just like DerHusker ... Welder's gauntlets for hot metal, etc. and high temp rubber gloves for handling cooked briskets, pork butts, ribs, etc. DerHusker, I notice a pair of bear claws there for pulled pork. How do you like those? Would you recommend them? Finally, you from U of Nebraska?
  6. John, on second thought, I remember those wise words my dearly departed Daddy taught me: "If the girls are happy, everyone enjoys the party. If so much as one girl is pissed, they're all pissed and the party is in the crapper!" Get her the an espresso machine one level up from the one she wants! You'll make her really happy and as we now know ... If the Girl is happy ... My previous post reflects why I'm still single 20 years after my 2nd divorce! Just my 2 cents worth, and that's all I have left after the divorce !
  7. Given the cost of an espresso machine, beans, that's no big deal in the larger scheme of things. HOWEVER, what it costs to support the attitude behind wanting an espresso ... In my experience that is ULTRA high maintenance! I wish you guys well!
  8. Hey, Kamado Cookers! Towards the end of every year, I take a household inventory for insurance purposes. I was staggered on what I have wrapped up in my hobby! Replacement costs are as follows: Primo XL $1155 Med BGE. 600 Custom Table. 1100 Drip pan racks. 60 Deflector plates. 80 Grid lifter. 20 Ash tool. 20 Extended Racks. 40 Divider. 45 Poultry Sitters. 60 Cover(s). 125 Pizza Stone. 70 Refrigerator. 500 Misc. Stuff. 300 TOTAL. $4175 Mind you this is replacement cost and I acquired this stuff over time, but who'd-a-thunk almost $4200!? How about you guys? Let's share the cost of our obsession, but keep it from our significant other! So much for "Just my 2 cents worth!!!"
  9. How about you split the butt, inject half and keep the other half au naturale? Remember, size matters and unless you put the two butts butt up against each other, things will cook faster. Also, the bone-in side cooks at a faster rate than the other. Looking forward to your outcome(s)!
  10. Glad to have you on board! Settle in, grab your favorite age appropriate beverage and join the fun! Oh, and congrats on the new kamado!
  11. I just use my Primo XL and the A-Maze-N Tube-Smoker. I load the tube with whatever pellet/flavor I wish, light the thing, and put it in the bottom of my Primo XL. Of course I have removed all the lump. I put in my deflector plates as well as 3 fire bricks (they act as an additional heat sink). Then I put in my racks, open my vents and we are off and running. Depending on how much cheese I'm smoking, I may put in my extender racks and go two-tiered. I always put my cheese in my Primo directly from the refrigerator after soaking them in ice water for 5 minutes. I don't pat the cheese dry. I've been told cold wet cheese absorbs smoker quicker/faster/easier. After a few hours in the Primo, I vacuum seal the cheese and let it age between 4 and 8 weeks. I only smoke cheese during the fall and winter. I lay up stores and feast on it all year 'round. Oh, and by the way, smoked cheese as well as smoked almonds makes GREAT Xmas gifts for family, friends, neighbors, etc. This gift really makes everyone jealous as they wish they had my Primo (or any kamado for that matter)!
  12. What I can't figure out is why anyone would go to Mickey Dee's for BBQ when most of us always have some leftovers in the 'fridge? And to think I used to teach Strategic Marketing! What have I helped create? I gotta make an appointment with my priest, hit my knees, and beg God's forgiveness. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! I've been a VERY baaaaad boy!
  13. I actually have been thinking about getting one of those. Do you have much trouble keeping it rust free? Not one little bit! A little rub with Flaxseed oil and everything is good. I keep my Hibachi covered and in the garage when not in use, so rust has never been a problem. I only use it about every other month. As long as you keep it maintained, cast iron is the finest cookware available! Get one, you'll love it and never regret it.
  14. Nicely done, John! Sometime, you'll have to tell us the video set up you use to record and edit your postings on YouTube. Yours are among the best! Keep up the great work on the Joe and here. Thanks for all you do to get out the word on BBQ and kamado cookers.
  15. Remember being CooCoo for Cocoa Puffs? Well, I went "Loco for Lodge" cast iron a long time ago. I have a little Lodge cast iron Hibachi that I love. http://www.lodgemfg.com/images/producti ... s/L410.jpg Had to get this pic of it as I made the mistake of loaning it to my old college buddy for tailgating purposes. I'd give up my H&K before I give up my Lodge cast iron cookware!
  16. I have never known anyone who regretted going BIG! Let's face it, size matters! :D Seriously, when you get your kamado up and running, you'll find friends you never knew you had inviting themselves over for BBQ. You'll be asked to cook for every function known to mankind. In my case, with my Primo XL, I can go big or small quite easily depending my needs and the occasion. Here is my bottom line: if you go small, you can't go large when you need to go large. You have an inherent limitation in what you can do. If you go small and you find circumstances changing, then you are stuck getting another kamado to either cover the shortfall (either another kamado of the size you have or one a step larger). Either way, that option will eventually cost you more than if you had gone BIG in the first place. Just bite the bullet and go BIG. And don't think you can go cheap and get a gasser or something using brickettes. That is the difference between chicken salad and chicken $h!+ .... Just my 2 cents worth ...
  17. It seems to me that this is just another gimick to prey upon some poor schmuck who doesn't know any better. Now I could be wrong, but it seems that after about the first 2 hours of a low and slow, smoke stops being really absorbed by the meat. I just put wood chunks into my primo right before I put on my meat. After that first 2 hours, why add something that is just a waste? Why do you need a pellet feeder on a Kamado style cooker? Seems to me that this company is trying to make a kamado into something it was never intended to be! The beauty of the kamado style of cooking is that you produce a superior product with minimal work on your part (if you know what you are doing)! A pellet feeder is an absolutely unnecessary complication that will eventually foul up and break. Just my 2 cents worth, and that ain't worth much!
  18. Okay you Bat Rastards! I'm 50+ and had never eaten a McRib until today. Whoever came up with that thing oughtta be drawn and quartered! And I thought Chicken McNuggets were pieces/parts! Never again! Like my Daddy said ... Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!
  19. I started with a Large BGE that ended up Humptied during a move. Got it's little brother, a Medium BGE, as a replacement because I didn't need anything bigger. About 5 years I saw a Primo XL and just had to have one. The Primo is my go to grill with the BGE relegated to kid duty, hotdogs, etc. during parties. Ceramic is the ONLY to cook!
  20. I've been charcoal's worst enemy for about 20 years. I've been into BBQ for most of my adult lfe. I thought I was pretty good until I went to grad school at 30-something. My next door neighbor was on faculty in the meat science department. His BBQ put mine to shame, and I was pretty good! He had this goofy looking green egg. I'd stay up all night smoking a brisket, a butt roast, etc. and all he did was put the meat on, wave and smile at me, go to bed, and kick my everlovin' tush with some of the best BBQ you ever tasted. I'm not the sharpest knife in the block, but I am trainable! I went out and bought the large BGE! My wife at the time thought I had lost my mind. Two weeks later she wondered why I took so long to get an egg. I sold the gasser and the offset smoker that were my pride and joy! I got rid of the wife shortly thereafter, but kept the egg! My LGBE Humptied during a move. Sad day in my life. Got a Medium BGE and then 5 years ago, got a Primo XL. If you aren't cooking ceramic, you are definitely working too hard for just so-so BBQ!
  21. I am cooking on my Primo XL at least 5/6 times a week. It's been so long since the Lady in my life saw her stove or oven she forgot the way there! Besides, I'm a better cook! If she confronts me with that last quip, I'm coming to get somebody! What's said in the Kamado Guru Forum, stays in the Forum, right? :D
  22. Hi John! Hey, come on out here to Oklahoma! Heck, most of you Cali types have Okie blood in you anyway, you might as well come join us here in America's heartland. We've got great football, the OU Sooners, great basketball, The OKC Thunder, stunningly warm weather, it was 58* here today, and we have a great support system for guys like us when it comes to BBQ! Housing prices are wonderful! This commercial was brought to you the the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce Permanent Committee on BarBeeQue!
  23. John, first off, you do a wonderful job here. Thanks for being sensitive to the potential pitfalls here. I am an ardent capitalist and anything that reduces my search costs for worthwhile products is valuable to me. Also, anything that helps me get better at my craft I'm all for! I'm always looking to learn something and I've been in ceramic smokers for about 20 years, I'm always looking to learn something. These vendors have a TON of resources to draw upon and help us learn. That said, I fear without some sort of rules limiting their pitches, this wonder site you've built will become one big advertisement. To that end, I would suggest that blatant marketing be restricted to their individual product threads. Further, it would seem to make sense to me that each product rep have a mandatory signature identifying them as a rep for a specific company/product. Keep up the great work here. Love your YouTube channel and this forum. You've got a lot of good suggestions preceding mine. You can make this work to everyone's benefit.
  24. I've been a member for a few weeks, just lurking and reading. First thing, I belong to a ton of forums of various sorts and I must say that this among the finest forum I've seen on the net. The contributors here are among the most gracious, knowledgable, fun loving, and funny that it is my pleasure with which to associate. The breadth and depth of knowledge here is impressive. Our site administrator does a great job both here and on his YouTube channel. That's how I found this place, thank goodness! Now a bit about me. I am the PROUD owner of a Primo XL for the past 5 years and a medium egg. The egg replaced its big brother that Humpty Dumptied during a move. I can honestly say that the Primo XL is the finest ceramic grill on the Market. Period. At least in my humble opinion. I first ran into ceramic cookers during grad school. That was over 20 years ago. My next door neighbor had an egg and he made the most delicious chew I ever tossed a tooth at. He was faculty in the meat science department of a major university so I figured he must know something I didn't! Not that that is the first time that's happened, but I can learn and I am trainable! So I got a Humpty Dumpty and never looked back. Sold the gas grill and sold the offset box smoker. When I found out about the Primo XL, I had to have one. My medium egg has been relegated to kid duty during the parties I throw ... you know ... Heating up dogs, etc. for the kids. My Primo does the serious cooking! Well, that's about it in a nutshell. I hope to make a few contributions here and there and learn something in the process! Merry Christmas and happy Primo cooking!
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