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  1. I picked one up 3 weeks ago for $350 in Illinois and saw them for sale in Colorado for 399. I would agree the prices are different everywhere. I feel like the Illinois Sam's Club only had 3 in stock and the one in Colorado had 6 or more on the floor. I wonder if they discount more when the item is low in stock.
  2. I just purchased a vision B series Kamado from Sam's club and I saw i have a top vent with a black knob and a red Knob. What does the red knob do exactly? Sorry if this sounds silly, but I couldn't get it to do anything really. I have added a link to the top vent for context. https://visiongrills.com/product/cast-iron-top-vent/
  3. I'm pretty sure it will get lower. I picked up the same grill from my local Sam's club for $349.00 this past Saturday and last year I saw some for $299.00, but I didn't jump on it.
  4. Has anyone tried this tilted pizza lid holder on an Akorn? I was hoping it might fit our Akron given that it has a tapered back edge. https://www.bbqguys.com/pizzacraft/pizzaque-pizza-oven-kit-for-charcoal-kettle-grills?product_id=2943486&merchant_id=3173333&creative=173217997343&target=&placement=&device=c&campaign=736433708&adgroup=37593735734&source=google-adwords&medium=shopping-campaign&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1NzZBRCoARIsAIaMwuuNQKPEhDElm7h_Yt0_oi3l-FhHF2vp9VG5shWfxpqpBWvrKHqKdesaAsRMEALw_wcB&s_kwcid=AL!5468!3!173217997343!!!g!278300157094!&ef_id=WlQeXQAABozeaSao:20180701011621:s
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