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  1. Mine did the same thing. Tightened the Hong e bolts and it’s fine. Hinge bolts are the one parallel to the bowi that the hinge pivots on, at first we tightened them too much and could hardly open & close the lid, backed it off then it was fine. We just opened the lid and reached inside to tighten the bolts. I’m lazy!
  2. Started a smoke, brisket, but after getting it started the temperature took off. Went really high, so I shut everything down. Then I noticed smoke coming out around the gasket. I’d already started my brisket. it was only 2.49/lb. Long story short, it’s up to 192° after only 7.75 hours. I did wrap it I’m foil when it hit an internal temp of 170. I seem to have the temp stabilized at 225°. Can I just hold the temp and hold my brisket for a few more hours till it’s had maybe 9-10 hours in the kamado? I’ll be watching it closely. I did put some of my marinade in the foil to help keep it moist. Once my grill is cool, how do we adjust the lid? It’s lifted about an 1/8 in on the right side. It was fine before. Could the cold weather caused the problem with the lid?
  3. Well, did my initial firing yesterday, went very well, with PartyQ held 200°F perfectly. So today I did a spatchcock chicken. I held the temp at 300°F for about an hour. I wanted to make sure my grill was adequately seasoned. I put a drip pan on a CSI spider,although the instructions called for direct grill setup. I had my grill at 350° initially, but an hour into the cook, it hadn’t browned well & the internal temperature was. 135°F, so I kicked the temperature up to 400°. Ahh, reverse sear? Anyway by the time the internal temperature reached 165°, it was golden brown. While shutting down, when I took the PartyQ off, water, maybe a teaspoonful ran out of the adapter. Anyone else experience this? It did rain yesterday while the grill was firing for the first time, but it could not have gotten rain inside that would run out the adapter, as it is 1/2 inch off the bottom of the vent, had to be condensation, but it wasn’t humid today. PartyQ did function ok after I removed it, the fan was running. I covered the PartyQ by draping a bag over the top while it was raining, I made sure the fan wasn’t blocked by the plastic. Figure I will get a small metal bucket, cut a slot in the rim to fit over the adapter to protect it in the rain. I’ll just upend a plastic container over the BlueDot body on a saucer to protect it from the rain. Guess what else I figured out, grabbing a temperature probe with bare hands is just downright dumb!! Ouchy! Dianna
  4. Well glued things together, then waited 4 days and did my 2 hrs at 200°F. Went very well. Thanks again for the help!
  5. I already figured that one out! That’s definitely a QC problem they need to work out!
  6. Is this the stuff? J-B Weld 37901 Extreme Heat High Temperature Resistant Metallic Paste - 3 oz
  7. Well, had a hard time getting the screws in the chimney, my fellow did it for me, took off the chimney to add another layer of gasket, found out we had chipped the rim above the screw hole. What is the name of the stuff used to repair it. I know it’s under warranty, but don’t want to truck it all the way back to Costco, Don’t think it really compromises anything, it’s about an inch long and goes down to the screw hole. I have all the pieces so I think it will be ok just to repair it. Opinions?
  8. Do you use one, if so which size did you use?
  9. DiannaDZ


    I’m a newbie, so this may sound silly, but I was planning to keep my PitBoss in the garage and just roll it in & out to use it, that was I have protection from the weather, and I hesitate to leave it outside in the front all the time. I’d have to push it through the grass a long ways to put it in back. It’s as close to the kitchen either way.
  10. Will the lump charcoal light with a butane kitchen torch that I use for making cream brûlée? Is it safe to use in the firebox? I’m mean without using the fire starters. Just the torch directly.
  11. Looks good, hope I can make one for myself!
  12. Just purchased a 12 inch Lodge cast iron skillet at Home Depot for $19.99. Pretty good price, 2 Handle so it should fit in most kamado type grills. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Lodge-Cast-Iron-Frying-Pan-L10SKL/302283848
  13. I’m new, haven’t even had a chance to break in my PBK24, broke my foot & off of it for next month. How did you check the stock thermometer? Does it just screw out & have a probe? I can’t even get into the darn garage, my grill hasn’t been touched since I assembled it. Yes I had help getting the body on to the cart. That thing was so heavy Costco guys used a forklift to get it on my truck. A neighbor & my partner wrestled the ceramic part onto the cart.
  14. Has anyone tried using a smokeware chimney to replace original?
  15. I was really glad I purchased my iPhone through AMEX, it was stolen 2 weeks after I bought it. I have $2500 deductible on my home owners, but AMEX buyers protection plan covered $1000, with no deductible.
  16. I’m going to break in my new grill shortly, I was reading some of the reviews , not realizing they were from 2016. I did read that the manufacturer had made some improvements in the design. With the 2018 model, is it still nessesary to add some more felt tape around the vents? I know that the previous thermometers were crap and purchased a party Q from BBQ Guys. That should give me an accurate temp. I’m wondering if maybe some folks were also using too much charcoal to keep the temp low. What do you all think?
  17. I’m a newbie, I don’t see how the green handled one works? I’m interested b/c I think I will need to get at least one, my old method was to grab the grate with tong & fling it out of the way. Don’t think I want to do my new PitBoss that way.
  18. DiannaDZ

    Hi Folks!

    I’m a Grandma, with 5 great grandkids, I drive a 1 T Dually, w/crew cab & long bed. Real fun to parallel park! Gave my daughter my Blazer, so unless I borrow my partner Ron’s vehicle, it’s all I have to drive. When I went to Costco to get my new Pit Boss 24, the guy asked me if I had a vehicle big enough to carry it home. I told him I thought I could manage it. He was a bit surprised when I pulled up to the loading dock with my little truck. Well I took the box apart in the bed, assembled the stand then got Ron to tighten the nuts down, I’ve got arthritis in my hands,so they are puny now. Then he and a neighbor wrestled the ceramic part into the frame and I finished the assembly. I love cooking, gardening & traveling in my 5th wheel. That’s why I have the dually. I was widowed in 2012, after 28 years of marriage. Met my partner in 2014, and we’ve been together ever since. Grew up in the country, roaming the woods, got married at 18. Got rid of my first husband after 15 years cause he liked his booze too much. By that time I’d acquired 3 kids, went back to school & got a MS in Microbiology. Busy, busy, busy! Acquired my second husband and we had our handicapped daughter. She has multiple health problems & functions about like a 3 year old. Just put her in one of my rentals in a supported living situation last year. I’m finally able to just relax and do what I want! Wow now ya know my whole life story. Anyway got the grill & now I’m trying to figure out what I can do with it & have lots of questions.
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