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  1. I'm looking for info on smoking Beef Culotte ( Picanna) steak. My butcher today told me it would be meat for smoking. Thanks Smokey Sam
  2. Good looking burger !!! Can you list the ingredients for the sauce?
  3. The brisket went well with with this Zin . wine.
  4. After watching John Setzler's video on a "Atlanta Brisket" I had to give it try. Yesterday fired up the smoker and make the brisket, Delicious . It was tender and moist and easy to cut. Just tried a piece of the left-overs and it was still moist and tender. The pecan smoked vegetables went well with the brisket. I definitely will be doing this brisket again!!!!! Smokey Sam
  5. The nice thing about it it is easy to do in order to have a great meal.
  6. That is a fantastic cook!! Reminds me when I would go down to Nawlins to visit my mom and eat some gator. The BBQ boys have a You Tube video showing how they BBQ a small gator!!!
  7. The thing I like about the dry brine is not to have to put a large container of liquid and chicken in the refrigerator .
  8. The salt helps to retain the moisture in the meat. When I was cutting the chicken all of the meat was very moist!!! To be honest I did not fine any real dry meat except some on the bottom that had the char, but even that was not super dry. I'm thinking from now on even if I was going to BBQ a whole chicken I will spatchcock it and dry brine it.
  9. I cooked my first dry brine spatchcock chicken. I dry bined it with just Kosher salt uncovered over night in the refrigerator. The next day sprayed it with a olive oil cooking spray. Made a dry rub ( without salt) and lightly coated it . Also made up a Alabama white BBQ sauce . Cooked the bird between 375-380 with direct heat and took it off the heat with temp of the breast at 160. I'm totally a convert, the breast was "very" moist and the hint of herbs was just right. Yesterday was a little windy so while I was taking the final temp the wind whip up the flames and I got a little extra benefit of having a little char on the expose meat on the bottom!!!! The Alabama sauce complemented the chicken. So we great meal with the last of corn on cob in our neck of the woods, smashed red potatoes and a chicken that was delicious and would defiantly have again.
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