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  1. Above was sliced flat, which there was a small amount of. Here is the point.
  2. Well I definitely learned a lot. All in all I'm happy with my first brisket smoke. It turned out very tender and with a good bark. Would have like a little more smoke flavor/smoke ring, which I think I can attribute to my using too little fuel. Everyone else thought it was great so that's important too. Thanks for the input and help on here.
  3. Gotcha, well lesson learned which was the whole point of today. Still looks like this will turn out ok. About through the stall
  4. Here is what it started with. Perhaps not enough. Only my third cook with this and first long one so wasn't sure.
  5. I had originally thought that might be the case, but it moved a little differently. If up is 12 o'clock in that photo, the vent is at 6-7 and the fire moved in the direction of 10-11.
  6. Well it was as I thought, the fire completely died because it burned all one direction. That happens to be the direction of the prevailing light breeze all day. So is this a sign of an air leak I need to fix?
  7. Right at about 6 hours in and I hit the stall. Fast forward half an hour and it seems like my fire is out. I opened the lid and all I see are ashes on the left side and full lump and wood chunks on the right. Didn't have the lid open long to not lose heat, but the akorn is continuing to slowly fall in temp. I opened up the bottom vent to 3 then 5 and the top vent to 3 and still can't get the temp rising again.
  8. Meat went on at 6:35 with an internal ambient probe reading 215. When I had the lid open one of my chunks picked up enough oxygen to flare up pretty good. That shot my temps up over 220 pretty fast so I knocked my vents down a little to cool that off. It dropped to about 216 and with some fiddling of the dials I have it hovering right at 226 now and seems to be stable. Also, I did end up using hickory instead of mesquite.
  9. Woke up at 5 am, showered and made some coffee. Just got her lit using the pinned low and slow method. Waiting on it to rise as I type.
  10. Planning on doing fat down to preserve presentation side and hopefully achieve a better bark on the meat. We shall see how it goes.
  11. My other question, with a kamado do you use a drip pan with moisture of some kind under the meat? I do have the cermaic diffuser Stone and will be using that
  12. What would should I use if not mesquite for a brisket?
  13. I'm going to be using RO lump and bought some mesquite chunk. Aiming for a 225 cook temp. I did not trim it any additional but it didn't look excessive from a fat standpoint.
  14. Hey all, new user but been reading here for a bit. Recently purchased an akorn and used it several times now. I've smoked a pork loin and grilled chicken wings, breasts and sausage for the 4th. I'm looking to smoke a brisket this weekend and wondering what time I should plan for. I bought an untrimmed point, it's 7.3 lbs. I already have it sitting in the fridge wrapped in foil with a simple rub on it. Thanks for any thoughts on timing etc.
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