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  1. Pigfqr

    Beef back ribs

    Those look great! I am having trouble finding them. Should I ask for beef back ribs?
  2. Is the ball valve adapter the automatic damper?
  3. Pigfqr

    Kamado Joe gasket

    I have a pit boss. Was thinking of switching the gasket, at least one of them to the kamado Joe gasket. I think I can re-align my lid to take care of the issue though.
  4. Pigfqr

    Soapstone or Cast Iron

    What is the diameter of the big Joe soapstone? I was wondering if it would fit in a pit boss k24.
  5. Pigfqr

    "Finex" High End cast iron cookware

    Mainly for steaks and big double batches of biscuits and gravy. I think I'm going to hold off though. It is a bit expensive. Also I have been hoping that the le creuset 13" skillet, which is currently a williams and sonoma exclusive, will show up at the local le creuset outlet store.
  6. Pigfqr

    Kamado Joe Lump on Amazon

    Wow that is crazy expensive. I am sorry you don't have access to it like we do down south. There was a Kamado Joe roadshow at the local Costco this week, 40# bag for $21.99.
  7. Pigfqr

    Brisket burnt ends

    @CentralTexBBQ Yup, that's exactly what I did as well. I think the point helps everything stay moist during the smoke. I followed John Setzler's video on doing a brisket. He recommends, and I agree, to cut a wedge of the fat out between the point and the flat. It will help you see the dividing line between the 2 pieces of meat after the cook. Good luck!
  8. Pigfqr

    "Finex" High End cast iron cookware

    Anyone have a Butter Pat cast iron skillet? I love that they also sell the smother pans, but man they are even more expensive than the Finex. The reason I was looking is that they have a 12" cooking surface pave, 14"at the top. It is what I am looking for size wise, but $400 seems a bit steep. https://butterpatindustries.com/collections/frontpage/products/the-lili
  9. Jungle Jim's carries it, but frozen. I don't think I've ever found it fresh.
  10. Pigfqr

    Boston Butt question

    My costco sells them 2 to a pack, but bone in. Weird.
  11. Yes it is, but a bit of a drive for you. Humberts is a true butcher shops. Stehlin meats is another good one. They can usually get what you want with a week's notice if it is something special. I have yet to find a butcher that keeps full beef "Dino" ribs on hand. But Dave's was more than happy to cut those chops for me. If you are looking for Prime beef steaks, Jungle Jim's meat counter stocks prime beef all of the time. So does Costco, but of course I don't know if you can get Costco to custom cut something. Good luck in your meat quest! My wife tells me to add Avril Bleh's to the list. They are on Court St. Kroger and Sons is a fantastic butcher if you are looking for sausage. They make about 30 different kinds. Including one made from Camel. I have to admit the camel was good.
  12. Thanks, they were. I think this may be a staple.
  13. Wouldn't let me put them all in one
  14. Went to the local butcher (shout out to Dave's Quality Meats of West Chester) and they kindly sliced off these 2 inch bone in monsters. Brought them home and rubbed them down with Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express. Got the grill to 185-195 and let them go on indirect apple wood smoke until internal temp was 133, about an hour. Pulled them and got the grill to about 450. Put them over the fire for about 2 minutes per side. Seared up real nice. Turned out super juicy. I will definitely be doing this again. Oh almost forgot made some potato packages with shallot, garlic, and sliced apple. I also quick seared some asparagus that was seasoned with khmeli suneli and olive oil. It was a fantastic college football Saturday meal.
  15. Pigfqr

    Trying to UP my Mac & Cheese

    Yeah, I am going to give that a try. We stupidly put the pyrex glass casserole dish in the grill for our mac and cheese, and it was blackened pretty good from the smoke. By the way look up Ina Gartens Grown up mac and cheese. it is an amazing recipe.