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  1. While yours are a bit over done for my tastes, reverse searing is the way to go. I have never made a tastier steak, although I do miss the sauce you can make from doing them in a cast iron pan and finishing in the oven. The pan sauce is crazy good. I think I am going to smoke mine to internal 120, then sear them in a skillet so I can still make the pan sauce.
  2. Glad you liked it! Yes the Chili's in adobo can be a bit spicy.
  3. I always bring mine up slowly. I haven't had a issue yet. The one problem I had have seen is if you are using a temp controller, once the temp in the grill starts to drop and the fan kicks on, you are then pumping very cold air into the grill, so the pit temp can drop pretty quickly until the coals catch up.
  4. with the 200. 300 and ow 500, they will work standalone w/o internet, but you loose the remote features. ie. controlling it with your phone. but the buttons on the unit work just fine.
  5. Make this: https://www.skinnytaste.com/barbacoa-beef/ It is amazingly good, and low cal to boot.
  6. I have smoked then reverse seared steaks, and they are amazing. I believe Santa is bringing me a sous vide for Christmas ,so I will have to give the SV, chill, smoke, sear technique a try. If you don't have a SV device, definitely give the smoke then sear a try it is amazing. Get your grill to about 185-195, add wood to smoke, I prefer hickory and pecan. Place steak over indirect, smoke until internal temp is 118-120, depending on the thickness of the steak. Thicker steaks should be brought to a bit higher temps to make sure you end up at 125-130 internal temp after the sear. After reaching 118-120, pull the steak, and get the grill up to 550-600, sear for 2 minutes on each side, turning steak clockwise 45 degrees after the first minute to get the perfect diamond sear pattern. Best steak i've made so far. We'll see if doing the sous vide, chill, smoke, then sear adds to it or not once i get it.
  7. Thank you! It all was pretty damn good. Next time less smoke for the grapes though, maybe only 45 minutes. 1.5 hours was really good on the cheese though.
  8. This is the only time I've tried it, but I would think that it would dry out if you sliced before smoking, and it would probably take on way too much smoke as well. I have to say, doing it this way was incredibly delicious.
  9. Excellent! I will give that a go next time. This time it has been eaten.
  10. Well the wife and I corrected that this morning. All of the accoutrements were present. So good. Jody said it was the best smoked salmon she had ever had. Definitely doing this again. Can I freeze the smoked salmon? I know it will keep for at least a week. But if I could do a larger batch and freeze some it would be nice. Anyone know if this is possible?
  11. If it is no longer smoking when you add the ribs, go head and add more hickory and apple. It won't effect the pork shoulder. I believe the meat only takes smoke for the first 2-3 hours of cooking. But if you want smoke on those ribs you will need to add it, if it is no longer smoking.
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