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  1. Large were the only used one they were selling. There was a drawing for the mini, I didn't see any Xl for sale at the Cincinnati fest.
  2. Pigfqr

    Kamado Joe gasket

    yup, will do.
  3. Pigfqr

    Biscuits and Saysage Gravy

    Me too! Usually takes me at least 40 minutes.
  4. Wow! The eggfest here in Cincinnati was great. I think I only tried one thing that I didn't like, everything else was delicious. One dish inspired me to make Mac and Cheese on the grill. Man is it tasty with a little cherry smoke.
  5. Pigfqr

    Kamado Joe gasket

    That did the trick. No smoke leaks now. One side is still tighter than the other, but no leaks so I think it is good enough for government work.
  6. Oh by the way, I did get a Prime brisket, rather than choice. I think the extra fat helps keep it nice and moist.
  7. Yeah, me too, I think we may do a Brisket this weekend. It is looking too good.
  8. Pigfqr

    Kamado Joe gasket

    will do
  9. Pigfqr

    Kamado Joe gasket

    Has anyone replaced just one of the gaskets with the Kamado Joe gasket? I have been noticing a little smoke leaking out of the side of mine, so I thought that maybe the thicker Kamado Joe gasket might solve the issue.
  10. Thanks to John above, I followed the advice in this video BRISKET . The results were fantastic. I didn't have to use the brick, because the brisket fit my grill fine, but this will give you an idea on what to do. I hope it works out for you!
  11. Pigfqr

    New knives

    I have the Apex Edge Pro for sharpening, up to 3000 grit polishing tape. My limited research tells me that white steel has better edge retention and can take a sharper edge than vg10. My current knife with the VG 10 steel takes a pretty fine edge, but it doesn't last as long as I would like. 90% of it's use is on a wooden cutting board, 10% on plastic when cutting chicken. If the white steel gives me a better edge that lasts longer, I think I am going to pull the trigger. My current knife is a 240mm Gyuto, which I do really like, so I would probably want something similar in white steel. I would think the Edge Pro should work fine for sharpening white steel. Any other considerations that I am missing? Does white steel #1 need to be oiled after cleaning? I don't mind the oiling, just wondering if that is the case.
  12. Pigfqr

    New knives

    I am thinking of getting a high carbon steel knife. I currently have a vg10 Japanese chef' knife that I love, but I am always curious if there is something better. I did a little research ,and I am thinking white steel #1. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. It's at the Springdale Costco, til the 23 I believe. I picked up 3 bags of kamado Joe lump. $22 for 30 pounds. I don't think the prices have otherwise changed. here's a pic.
  14. Pigfqr

    Iron Range Porketta

    I was just saying to the wife last night that I need to make that again.
  15. Pigfqr

    New knives

    This is what I use, and I can't recommend it enough. I have a Japanese chef's knife, and after using the 3000 grit polishing tape, it will pretty much fall through an onion.