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  1. Pigfqr

    Iron Range Porketta

    Hey, what do you do with the EVO?
  2. Pigfqr

    Iron Range Porketta

    Alright I gotta try that. I love the traditional Porchetta, this look amazing as well.
  3. Pigfqr

    First low 'n slow on my Pit Boss

    Yeah, that looks pretty damn good. I think I may have to do the sealing thing as well.
  4. I think I might have started too many coals to start with. So If I didn't have it shut way down it would kick the heat up quickly. After 3.5 hours , when I started to spritz with an apple juice/cider vinegar mix, I noticed the heat would spike after lifting the lid and letting in air. At those points, It seemed to me that I had to almost completely shut it down to get it back under 250. Then I was worried that I had extinguished it, but thankfully that didn't happen. I just kicked the vents open a bit and the temp would stop falling and then hold. I really think my main problem was not waiting long enough after moving the vents to allow the temps to stabilize. I think I was chasing the temperature most of the time. Next time I will try to be more patient.
  5. Actually I might need to seal it a bit better, at least on the bottom. If I close the top and the bottom, the grill will extinguish. It takes a while, especially after a high temp burn, but it eventually goes out and I do have charcoal left, so I know it is snuffing the fire. That being said, I barely had the top vent open, just a sliver, and the bottom I had set with the spark inhibitor closed and just one row of holes barley showing. When it started to jump over 250, I had to close the bottom even more. I did have to jockey with the vents throughout the cook, but I don't know how much of that was user error vs. the grills fault. This was my first low and slow. I think that if I had a better sealing lower vent, things might have gone smoother.
  6. Here is the final product: https://photos.app.goo.gl/niPzUuUMDsTABg7k8 I was really happy with how everything turned out. Ribs were tender and juicy. Ended up going about 6 and a half hours. I did have to mess with the vents, probably more user error than the grills fault, but I was able to keep it between 225-250. Love this grill!
  7. Pigfqr

    New Owner of a Pit Boss Kamado

    Welcome to the club! Glad you like your grill. I know I love mine. I am curious, where are you located? I have only seen them for $599 around the Cincinnati area.
  8. ok First try at smoked ribs. 3 racks in. Trying to get the temp down a bit below 250. Its at 249 we'll see where it is in 10 minutes Hope this link works https://photos.app.goo.gl/BvZ5aDUpJEPpjHJy9 Oh btw, if the pic comes up, click it, for a little animation.
  9. Pigfqr

    New Boss with help from Traeger

    Damn! I tried
  10. Pigfqr

    New Boss with help from Traeger

    So you can set up a cold smoking rig. Smoke in one run the smoke through a dryer vent pipe to the bottom vent on the other one. I can't take credit for the idea, someone in the Charcuterie forum did it with a big Joe and a Joe Jr. Looks like he made some excellent smoked salmon though.
  11. I think we used the hinge housing as well. No damage done. Like I said thankfully all we had to do was drop it into it's cradle from the back of a pickup. We didn't have to start by lifting it off the ground. After that, wheeling it to my back patio, even through the grass, wasn't too bad.
  12. Well, if you make it, I have a white beard. Hope to see you there.
  13. Pigfqr

    CGS Adjustable Rig

    So for those of you that have the Adjustable Rig, how is it working out for you. Can you post some pics of how you are using it? I have to try to convince my purchasing manager (AKA wife) that this is necessary and would improve the family business.
  14. Pigfqr

    Cincinnati Eggfest!

    Oops forgot the date, it is this Saturday, July 14th.
  15. Pigfqr

    Cincinnati Eggfest!

    It's at Germania Park in Fairfield. http://cincinnatieggfest.com. From 10 AM to 2 PM they are having demos, so I would be interested in that. Plus I think over 70 people will be cooking, and all the food is included with admission. If I don't have to dog sit for my sister in law, I'll be there.