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  1. fuplayer

    Good Evening from NW GA

  2. fuplayer

    joe jr temp hi temps

    @KamadoJosephine the name goes back to my college days in sports. I normally light one starter cube in the middle of the bowl.
  3. fuplayer

    joe jr temp hi temps

    I appreciate the responses. In retrospect I think I may have been using too much charcoal. I'll keep playing with it. Trial cooks are fun.
  4. I've been using the joe jr only a short time. The problem I'm having is keeping the temps down for a low n slow cook. I mean I have the bottom vent at about 1/8" and the top daisy wheel 1/4 open and still have a problem keeping below 300'. Maybe I'm letting it get too hot before dialing it down? Or using too much charcoal? I don't know but so far this thing is nuclear.
  5. fuplayer

    hello from South Carolina

    Greenville, thanks!
  6. fuplayer

    hello from South Carolina

    New to the forum. Great info here. I primarily use a Weber kettle, and Weber gasser. Just bought a Kamado Joe Jr and learning it.