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  1. Julia

    Classic M side tables and handle

    I do still need them, where are you located? I’d be willing to still pay shipping especially if you have the handle!
  2. Julia

    Classic M side tables and handle

    Oh I see, that might be the way to go then instead. I appreciate it!
  3. Julia

    Classic M side tables and handle

    Hey there! So it’s the same hardware? Like the bracket will fit into the Vision ones? I don’t much about refitting but I’m willing to try if you think they would work!
  4. Hey guys! I’m brand new here and just bought a used Vision Classic M (I’m pretty sure that is the model) for $150, yes you read that right. Hopefully nothing is wrong with it but there doesn’t seem to be anything major so far! So I’m taking the chance. So it came as shown without side tables or a handle. Before I purchase from Vision, I thought I’d ask you lot of anyone has some they aren’t using that they’d give away? I would be willing to pay for shipping of course. Just thought I’d ask first! I’ll post pics when it will let me, having issues on my phone for some reason. Anyway, thanks for any help! Can’t wait to crank her up!