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  1. Andrew53

    Howdy from Sugar Land, TX

    My name is Andrew. Two years ago I moved back to the USA after living almost twenty years in North Africa, the Mideast, and Europe. While living abroad was a wonderful experience, one short coming, a thing I missed, was cooking, grilling, and smoking meats with wood or charcoal. Soon after settling in, I resumed grilling using a Webber Q for sausages, burgers, steaks but the food lacked any substantive flavor. I desired more. So for the past year I’ve looked at smokers, wood pellet smokers, kamados, fire pits, and maybe a few others. Eventually, I settled on a Yoder smoker, but it was a decision full of reservations. First, there’s only Stacey and me. My sons live in California so big weekend or holiday cooking sessions are rare. Second, Cooking outdoors two or three times a week is desired. Third, getting a good sear on my steaks is essential. Finally, living in Italy gave me an appreciation for Neapolitan fire baked pizza. These all mitigate against wood pellet smokers. A few few weeks ago, as my doctors visit was wrapping up, we talked about plans for the 4th of July. He was going to be barbecuing his “award winning” Texas Brisket. Out came his iPhone with picture after picture of brisket. It was beautiful brisket, that was true. I asked what hardware he used. That’s when he showed me pictures of his Kamado. It was an epiphany. In the 1970’s my father in law was obsessed with grilling, smoking, baking, and roasting all kinds of meats. He was also in a quest for the perfect barbecue “cooker”. Every couple of years he’d get a new kettle, offset smoker, Smokey Joe, propane grill, or something that would satisfy his needs. Then one year he called me over to help unbox “the egg”, a kamado cooker an Air Force buddy had brought back from deployment in Okinawa. We assembled it and even held a traditional ceremony to bless it. Two days later my mother in law called to tell me about the unbelievable chicken and leg of lamb she had. A few days later I get the same story from my wife and her brother. Everybody was impressed with “The Egg”. Bottom line, The Egg ended his quest. Over the next 35 years my father in law never bought any other kind of grill! And, his cooking became a bit of a legend. So after my epiphany I ordered a Kamado Joe Ckassic II, to be delivered tomorrow.