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  1. Did you have a problem with the larger casters doing a full rotation on the vision nest
  2. I use three initially with two own the sides near the rear and one centered in the front . That configuration interfered with opening and closing of the ash drawer. I then tried two on the sides near the rear and two up front on each side of the ash drawer. I still get wobble when opening the top. I thought about putting more fire bricks under it, I am using six, might go to ten and trying a different pattern on the fire bricks. I read, I know,,, I read too much, where with only feet supporting the grill with no support in the middle that the grill could crack due to unequal support. That is what steered me toward the table nest.
  3. Recently put ceramic feet under my classic smoker and it wobbles when the top is opened. I have them sitting in a wooden table on firebrick. I am now considering a table nest made for the Big Green Egg Large. Any idea as to whether this will fit and solve the wobbling issue
  4. Just recently read where several users had their wooden grill cart catch fire because there was insufficient protection from heat where the cooker rested on the support shelf. It seemed that the cooker became so hot that the concrete block that the cooker rested on transferred the heat to the shelf and it caught fire. I have been looking for some type of heat shield but if the cooker rests on it and it reflects the heat back to the cooker thru the bottom, will that cause problems or..... am I needlessly worried about nothing. I have seen a four prong device that some cookers rest on, leaving a space between the bottom of the cooker and the shelf. Anybody know where I might purchase one of those if that may be the answer. Thanks,,Benbo
  5. Thanks for y'alls input and advice. I probably posses the skills but don't have all the neccessary tools . I would have to purchase a Kreg Jig and a cheap planer but have the rest of the tools. The price of the cedar at Home Depot threw me for a loop but I would enjoy the satisfaction of showing off a "my product". Thanks again for your input and direction,,,Benbo
  6. I have downloaded plans for building a cart for my Vision Classic B grill. I have seen pre built units on sale , constructed of cypress, that sell for $600.00 or more. Pricing out raw materials approached a little above $400.00. Question is whether it is more feasible to buy or purchase grill cart/table or build it, taking in consideration time and labor
  7. Thanks for having me aboard. Looking forward to being an interactive member
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