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  1. Just my $0.02 did you by any chance put them meat side down after wrapping ? This would put the sugary stuff on the bottom closest to the deflector plate, which might be hotter then the dome temp ,just a possibility . When i make my rub i use turbinado sugar i believe it has a higher burn temp. If you used this method before than it probably is something different you did and didn't notice.
  2. I stick a toothpick in the several places in the ribs to check for doneness if it feels like butter than your golden. Most important thing, the ribs are done when they say so timing them is just a guideline. I never had bad ribs off my joe or when i used my gas smoker . Some were just better than others
  3. You can use 4 ,3/4 inch gas pipe plugs i use them for my pizzas lifts the stone off the deflectors
  4. Reminds me of a saying my aunt used to tell me back in the late 50s at our outdoor picnics "You have to eat a pound of dirt before you die "Never understood the reason for that phrase, maybe because she lived through the depression.
  5. I don't think it would hurt anything as long as it moves ok. I would brush with a soft wire brush to remove any loose stuff
  6. I think you were trying for dual zone cooking with the divider in, remove divider and fill it up and use only 1 deflector plate.
  7. Mrs philpoms was a lucky lady great looking rib eye. The best steak out there.
  8. If you had the dish with the spuds in resting on the deflector plate may have caused the burnt bottom May want to try raising off deflector Bird does look good
  9. I have built a heater meter from a kit its a bit of a challenge for you eyes do to small components, but goes together nicely. Had a software glitch and Byran helped a lot fixing it , along with Ralph Thimble. It works as advertised and am happy with it, i mostly use the thermometers,and the blower only when i do a butt and am too busy to keep an eye on it.
  10. I had a few small pin holes in my Classic II i sent an email to Kamodo Joe to compliment them on the Joe but giving my impression of their product.i mentioned a few pin holes in the glaze, to my surprise they emailed me back and sent a bottle of touch up fo it. The pin holes most likely are caused by dust or air bubble when the glaze is sprayed on, doesn't effect the cooker in any way. Glad you got taken care of.
  11. Crystal Are you referring the the prices of the classic and classic II ? The major difference is the hinge and extras in the classic II. Another point when i saw the classic II next to 2 other komodos I got to compare them and my wife was able to lift the lid with ease sold her on the classic II,and we ALL know about a happy wife.
  12. Hi Dogster I know John suggests 250 for ribs and you cant go wrong following his advice. By the way he has some great pizza info. I try to try for 250 but sometimes the Joe has different ideas, and i go with what it likes sometimes 225 sometimes 275. I think you have a classic III with the slo roller. I think it has a metal heat deflector plate, wonder if it might radiate more heat than the ceramic one and effects the temp gauge more than the ceramic, and when you put the ribs on it blocked the radiant heat hitting the temp gauge. It would do the same with the ceramic but more pronounced on the III. Don't know if a temp probe would work well in a rack of ribs, the thickness is too small. Or i might be having a Makers Mark moment and over thinking it . No matter what your ribs came out great looking.
  13. I use a heater meter controller sometimes when i do a butt. One of the biggest hints i had on setting it up was to make sure there is no air leak where the controller plugs into the vent, and that the damper ( if it has one ) is air tight. The heatermeter was a diy project and had to make the blower attachment myself. I did have an air leak at the attachment point that did cause this to happen. I use mine when i'm busy and wont be able to look at the komodo as often as i would like., mostly i just use the wifi thermometers on it.
  14. Close to Youngstown place called Middlefield. I don't have an ash basket yet i use the drain vent that came with the Joe. I hate the small pieces that come in some bags.
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