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  1. Sorry i miss read your posting. That's a good question about about going on sale sorry i don't have an answer for you good luck in your search and keep us posted.
  2. Smokin you posted this Thank you keeperovdeflame. I can't wait to try and see the flavor difference between the charcoal vs. wood pellet. I read somewhere on the forum about the difference of smoke levels of KJ and wood pellets smokers. I always thought smoke as smoke, never thought the density making a significant difference on food. I was more after the taste difference of charcoal vs. wood. While still loving the wood smoke on what I've been cooking, I always felt like something is missing somewhere in there within the food when using my pellet smoker. Maybe because I grew up with char
  3. My wife got me too with the sides She started with this is my side and that was your side then some where along the way the y got dropped then the our change like magic to hers.
  4. I kind of agree with Golf on controllers I have one but use it mostly for monitoring the temps I have used it on a couple of over night cooks just for piece of mind. At my age i have to keep all the pieces i can
  5. Scasi Dont want to tell you how to spend your money but if your looking at cooking for 10 to 15 you may want to bite the bullet and go with the big joe. Better to have too much room them too less. The only difference cooking for 3 on a big joe versus the classic is if your doing a butt or something it might take a little longer to warm up the ceramics. It's kind of a tough choice for you good luck. Keep us posted
  6. I bought new trucks from dealers with more cosmetic flaws could be a 10 minutes till quitting time on a Friday if China has such a thing
  7. Smokin welcome Have you read this? There is a learning curve from a pellet to the kamado, but not too hard. Keep us posted.
  8. The ashes will attract moister from out of the air and produce a form of acid. I got this from the Akorn people several years ago, they strongly advised to empty after each use.
  9. Nice looking grill sorry about the white stuff, but here it just makes BBQ taste better. What are the side tables made of?
  10. Better there than here haha
  11. To sum it all up it's your money and you can spend it anyway you want to. Bear you can ease her fears, tell her their tiny feet and will take baby steps
  12. We treated our shot card as if it was solid gold Last thing we wanted was a "do Over " on our shots and to ask what they were shoving into our arms and other parts. I almost filled up my second card. Military memories.
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