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  1. John I do wish you would stop posting such delicious pictures your always making me hungry. Short ribs are my second favorite part of a cow (steer?) Glad to see your putting your alfa to good use.
  2. Take the knob to a hardware store and they should be able to find the correct set screw for the knob
  3. Wrapping with a little liquid will give you the fall off bone ribs. I do this when my wife's family come here from calif, it might take a little experimenting to get it the way you like, of course it will depend on temp, 225 or 250. I don't use the bend test i probe with a tooth pick to test for doneness. Almost for got your corn on the cob kabobs looks like something I WILL have to try
  4. The Cleveland Clinic is cranking them out too about a dozen nurses doing the stabbing i was my nurses #93 so far that day and it was only 2pm. She said the really bad part was changing gloves for each victim. But at least she still had a smile. No pain or side effects.
  5. You seem to have a thing for chickens
  6. Looking at John's Kontrol tower I see baked on grease and smoke that is a byproduct of using charcoal and BBQing Plus being well used, and looks normal
  7. They are nice riding trucks I have 80,000 on mine been to Calif 3 times Florida 4 times and a lobster run to Maine. Still rides nice and like Ck says you don't buy trucks for mileage especially a 3500 . Just wish Ram would get rid of the round gear shifter, mine is about the same size as the fan control and when I first got it more than once I grabbed it by mistake . Are you ready for a test on the owners manual?
  8. I just read your last post John and a agree 100% with you. The internet is very suspect on there info
  9. I wasn't implying that the coating is the same as on the Kontrol tower or the basket because I have not seen the basket. I was just suggesting that KJ may not be testing enough, if it's powder coated, painted or what ever it is before releasing an item for sale to the public, I have a classic II and have no faults with it, they honored their warranty ( cracked deflector and Kontrol tower, and a surprise touch up paint) the Joetisserie works as advertised and would recommend these. But with Kamado Joe trying to sell itself as a top of the line product it doesn't take much to damage that reputa
  10. Is the Kale salad an attempt to neutralize the effects deep fried beef fat? It sure looked good so did the rest of the meal,
  11. Ziess welcome your only a noob for a short time. Sorry i can't help with your questions but if you dig around on the different forums help should be there for you I've read a few post about imperial kamados glad your saving it sadly we are becoming a throw away society. Don't know if you read this;
  12. Glad you got it moved ok and your first cook was successful
  13. I agree with John one would think after the peeling Kontrol tower they would be wary of coating anything, and at the very least test the heck out of it before selling it. In this day of internet it doesn't take long to get a tarnished reputation. They do have a good product but the accessories?????????
  14. not to sound flippant but having too much grate room doesn't hurl but too little can hurt at times. It's a hard choice to make. I've done steaks for 8 on my classic a few times it can be done but you have to pay attention especially if you have a picky one who likes hers well done but juicy (could be an oxymoron). But if your cooking for 4-6 usually I would lean towards the bigger one.
  15. Nice looking ride had my RAM for a few years with zero problems (except when i got kissed by a semi ) rides nice. I just wish they could get rid of the shark fin. Can Mrs. Reef reach the peddles?
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