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  1. len440

    First Week

    I guess gloves might help with my pork butts I use a large pair of tongs and a heavy duty spatula to transfer it. Always be careful around grills. Knuckle and arm hair will grow back, don't ask. Glad your enjoying the grill. Look for this book by John Setzler it's a big help for kamado users. "The Kamado Book of Knowledge "
  2. I don't have a kick ash basket (yet) but have been using charcoal grills for over 50 years and what I see in the warped basket is just plain normal wear and tear on a grill grate. It's metal and will expand and shrink and move around when heated to at the least red hot. So I don't see what the problem is.
  3. Keper The flaming weber grill shows your skill as a backyard grill master, because you still have your eyebrows!
  4. Glad your back BBQING good meal and good view
  5. Talon just reread you last posting. It might be a typo but you mentioned closing the gap in the plates once your 20-25 degrees over temp you should do it before the desired temp, you want to sneak up on the final temp, once you over shoot it will take a while to lower it. The breathing will go away once it's temp stabilized.
  6. I've had some smoke come out the bottom vent usually when im trying to lower temp of grill. In fact if you hit it right you can see the Joe breath smoke in and out.
  7. Gebo as you learn your Joe the temp fluctuations will lessen.Have seen John Setzlers Kamado guide lots of good info in it.
  8. Talon65 this just a W.A.G. but with the original post complained of billowing white smoke I wonder if you Have a creosote build up in the dome. I don't know how hot to get the stuff burned off. Hopefully some one with more knowledge can help us.
  9. Not to be critical by time you add all the extras would there be much of a price difference ? I'm just curious. Hope you enjoy your grill.
  10. For a whole bird stuff with buckeyes and it will be #1 recipe Enjoy the joe checkout john setzler's kamado guide .
  11. Adauria when you wrap or place in pan with foil you greate a steam type atmospere around the butt hence you lose the dry bark the same for ribs but most people put them back on grill to kind of dry out the outer layer. Each way makes for good eating. Brickpig is right about the juice collecting I use it when reheating a butt. .
  12. Talon 65 2 questions what brand of charcoal are you using? Also what do you mean by sweating? Fbov was correct in you corrected your problem all it took was time
  13. The only down side of a Kamado joe is cost, weight (if you have to move often) , warm up time and accessories are pricey. On the plus side it could be the last grill you buy. It doubles as a grill. oven and smoker. The smoke flavor will be different than a offset stick and a gas smoke, but tasty.It's easy to use and will run at any temp you want for a long time, you can also turn off the charcoal.
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