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  1. Charcoal is a funny thing I've used Royal oak for umphteen years with no trouble but last year i had 2 bags with 50cent sized and smaller pieces so i switched to Rockwood and B&B and had great sized pieces. The stores were out of those 2 and a had to buy a bag of Royal Oak and as Gomer would say" surprise surprise surprise" all big lumps. My point in this rambling is you cant tell what's in the bags till you open them The brands seem to have a dubious quality control system. I wouldn't rule out a brand on a bag or too. It would be so nice if they used clear bags.
  2. Sorry about your first mishap. Glad your second kamado is working out for you. Hope your turkey turns out ok can;t offer advice mine goes into a fryer. Love the crispy skin.
  3. The pan could be useful with out water to collect the fat drippings and keep the deflectors cleaner. I wrap mine if i want to have juice to go with pulled pork, and with left overs
  4. Charcoal can give chicken a smoky flavor. My wife and i don't like smoked poultry. My first chicken was a smoky one I found this was caused by Royal Oak charcoal and leaving the dome closed, ( my other grills i left the lid open). I found that B&B and Rockwood does not give off a smoky flavor to chicken. But we both like the wood flavor it gives to pizza This is just my $0.02 worth. Other opinions my differ.
  5. Except having to brush off a foot of so of snow
  6. I have mine up against the wall under a 3 ft over hang. With our white out blizzards we get once or twice a year no problems
  7. That cow is headed for udder destruction
  8. I think with being around the kamado while we cook gets us used to the smoke plus its on our clothes. The next day we're not used to it.
  9. Don't forget if cattle only graze on a hill they will have 2 legs shorter on one side
  10. Adm has a great reply i had forgot about the water,because I don't use it. A big point is room temp for the meat
  11. I agree your grill is not as hot as you think it is. What kind of thermometer are you using? Curious your brisket doesn't take long.
  12. I don't wrap mine i just use a tooth pick to test for doneness. Your method will get you in the ball park From there it is a bit of trial and error each rack maybe a bit different. What didn't you like about them? Also watch the ends don't hang over past the deflector plates.
  13. len440

    Hi all

    Welcome KJ thats a good book to read
  14. Promise us NO baseball cards in the spokes
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