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  1. When using the cotton balls be wary of alcohol on the fingers when lighting them. Don't ask
  2. I just sanded the loose stuff off mine peeled mostly where the hot air exits the vent.
  3. I don't get too hooked on one certain temp for smoking- I cant guarantee that at 225 a rack of ribs will be done after 5hrs. Sometimes a little sooner and some times a little longer, all depends on the meat and a few other variables. Also what works for me might not for you. Just keep notes on what works and what doesn't. I've seen all kinds of posts on brisket with a WIDE range of temps. I'm like A>O> i only did one brisket. But i did a lot of practice with chuck roasts. Never had a bad one some were just better than others.
  4. Beef fat I think that was why Mickey D,s fries tasted so great in the good old days, before they were forced to move to healthy hydrogenated vegetable oil. Keep us updated on the brisket.
  5. KJ does have problems with there coatings on their products. I had the same problem with the Kontrol tower sanded the coating that was peeling. Now i have 2 and every month or so I swap them and soak the greasy one in bar tenders friend over night then put it away till the one in use gets greasy . Cant help with the slo roller
  6. Welcome David have you read this?
  7. My wife always finds the 1 in 20. It's so hard not to smile or chuckle when it happens.
  8. While you were playing with the settings the fire is not stabilizing. You could be starting more coals then snuffing coals out which could lead to the fire not being stable and cause the smoke and smell, or it could be a bad bag. I would fill it up light the coals in 3 spots and let it catch with the dome open about 15 minuets or so close the dome with vents open till the dome reads 200 close vents to 1 finger width and wait about 2 hours and see if the smell is still there. If there than the coal is bad. I don't know if your all that familiar with charcoal but it takes a little time to get u
  9. And to think I thought the brits only ate steak and kidney pie. Only kidding looks like a great meal Your patio routine is similar to mine The peppers look similar to jalapeno peppers here. Stuff mine with cheese
  10. Grew up east of the mistake by the lake now I'm a country bumpkin. Nothing worse than bland patiently waiting for the silver queen season (only about 2 weeks long).Keep grilling and go cowboys.
  11. Looks like a very good dinner and dessert. Like the patriotic attire and you can watch the hummers zip to and from the feeder.
  12. Happy Birthday Burgermeiste. Got one in a few weeks I have a few more trips around . Why is the thermometer reading 73 and and not 71? Happy birthday and many more.
  13. Welcome Ben Please explain how you did your ribs then we can offer advice. My first comment on the picture is you don't have to cut the ribs. Also here is some good tips.
  14. Tom I hate you ! You have fresh sweet corn. One of my tsavorite things for the grill we have several more weeks till we start getting corn from southern Ohio. Glad your putting your new Akorn to good use. Here is some helpful hints .Good luck with your grill.
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