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  1. Inarngr Ok you had 15 hours so they should be done by now how were they? Funny how a cow can have so many names to its parts.
  2. I think the flavor from the charcoal is from the wood used and how much it's carbonized. When I do chicken with the dome closed Royal Oak gives it more smoke flavor than Rockwood. We notice this because we aren't big fans of smoked poultry. Dome open not much difference do to the smoke not hanging around in the dome and less contact with the chicken. Now for pizza we only use Royal Oak for the flavor. The different carbonization is some what apparent with the size of a 20lb bag, and the tinkling sound it makes as you pour it into the grill, and maybe why some smoke more when first lighting them than others. This is all part of learning the grill and what you like and not what I like.
  3. No such thing as too small amount of food on the grill. I've fired mine up for marshmallows for the grand daughters, once they say please with the bag in one hand an the forks in the other you can't say no.
  4. Agree My tower is catching up to yours appearance wise. Grills are supposed to look used not pretty. Note used does not mean filthy
  5. AHHHHH we're never to old to learn something.
  6. Keeper Keeper that's the reason we always stop there at least a couple of times when we visit wife's sons in Vacaville. Always bring back a couple of cases of wines. They now sell a truffle pate' . Some of this and a cab on a picnic table as the sun goes down life is good. Later at night a good bourbon with friends rounds out the evening.
  7. Phi 3 is the good step Herman what was the internal meat temp? Just curious. They look really tasty. One of my favorite hunks of beef.
  8. Welcome Braai ( How is that pronounced?) This site was a great help for me both back when I got my Kamado and now. I think BBQing id in the dna of everyone some of us more than others. Need some pics of a "Braai".
  9. The cover I think keeps the rain film and snow grunge (PHEAD and daninpd you don't have to worry about this). Mine came with the cover and I'm glad it did. Milk Duds haven't had some of them for a long time. That holder for the scoop is not a precision made part with close fitting tolerance. The shop vac might be a good idea.
  10. Just finished cleaning my Classic II, disassemble and vacuumed out the ashes and brush the top and bottom ceramic, check the tightness of the bolts and wiped down the outside. Then reassembled it. Only took 5 minutes to put petals back in getting better at that yeaaaa. Got me thinking ( dangerous thing at times) how often does everyone else clean theirs? I do when I have trouble removing and sliding the ash scoop back in. Seems to coincide with the handy Andy bucket being filled with ashes that just fits under the classic II. It seems to average out to about 2 to 3 times a year. How about you?
  11. Welcome James The Kamado bug can be a tasty one. Please keep us updated on the imperial kamado resurrection with pics. I like seeing things being rebuilt.
  12. Welcome Sammy Grill slipping off? Hope you have many more happy cooks Here is some great info to read
  13. I agree John the US parent company is responsible for the quality of the product they sell. But unfortunately some of them don't seem to be overly concerned about the quality of their product their selling. I'm NOT singling out any company, I know they can't physically check every box for quality, and it's part on us for continuing to accept bad products Thankfully Kamado Joe has been great on honoring their warranty, I wonder if they are eating the warranty costs or back billing to china. But then companies don't eat anything they pass it on to the consumers. I maybe getting away from what the first post was about. The quality of my classic II WAS good only bad thing was the Kontrol Tower coating issue
  14. Lenny have you contacted Kamado Joe about all of this? As far as quality what's happening now is what we went through in the 70s, Japan was sending a lot of cheap stuff here that was junk including cars. We stopped buying them and forced them to improve their quality, which they did. Unfortunately we 're not holding our friends in China to the same standards. Here our workers on piece work used to have bins next to them to discard bad pieces (they still got paid for them) and the good pieces are passed to the next station. I think china just uses all the pieces. Now this is from my short time in a factory long long time ago. The money we shell out for these grills we should get a quality product. I had a couple of claims with KJ and was treated very well. When I bought mine I had them open the box and inspected it ( they weren't too happy) but it is ceramic and it traveled a long way to get here. Please keep us updated
  15. Andrew Welcome I can only speak of the Kamado Joe classic II as I have one it has worked like a charm since I had it. My Grandson has an Akorn and has no problems after getting past the learning curve and getting used to charcoal. Good luck with which ever one you choose. You may want to read this it applies to all kamados
  16. Very pleasing for the eyes, i think it will taste as good as it looks
  17. Agree with Jeffi They give you more lee way to control the small fire for a low and slow. They should have only 2 ingredients sawdust and wax. Glad your first cook went good.
  18. Dsp welcome to the petal aggravation club, good video and it gets easier with more practice I no longer say @#$^^&% when I clean and reassemble them
  19. I agree it's most likely glaze If it's paint it should burn off try a test run with no food try a 300 degree burn for few hours plus this will help you learn the grill
  20. I see your point it's a good one. I have a chimney from my pre Kamado days, but never used it on my Joe My fear is lighting too much charcoal, it should be ok for grilling steaks or burgers and pizza. But I'm never in a hurry getting the Joe going (It's an excuse to have a few fingers of makers mark and to relax). wife has noticed I go through more Makers since I got the kamado. she might be seeing things. But no mater what hope you enjoy the kamado
  21. Welcome boater Classic 1 or classic II can't go wrong with either. I went with the classic II due to the 5 piece fire bowl and my wife wanted the air hinge , but then it's a personal choice. The cart you might be able to sell on ebay or something. Now for the accessories, many options one good thing about America is that once we buy something they find ways to get us to spend more money on accessories. I just have a ash basket and Joetisserie I use the basket all the time and the Joetisserie quite a bit. The electric starter in my opinion not needed. Temperature controller I have one but very seldom use the temp control part I use it for remote monitoring of the temp. I strongly recommend learning to use the grill with out the controller. I don't mean to try and sway you on anything but this is what I use. My only strong recommendation: is to read John's booklet
  22. I have a classic II Kontrol tower ,gasket ,air hinge. Worth $1500 ??????? I do like the air hinge a lot. John has a good answer and so does Gebo. It's going to come down to personal decision on spending the money Either grill will work very well. Now if I was spending YOUR money it would be easy to could give a more definite answer. It's going to be a tough call for you keep us posted.
  23. Erik A few comments 1: glad your power is back my heart and prayers go out to all effected by the hurricane. 2: Glad to see your Kamado is in use again 3:Somebody is looking for a treat. 4 I do support law enforcement 5: Your kamado looks good chugging away. 6: hope your S.O.D. surprise went over big
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