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  1. AHHHHH like my trans am there is a motor crammed in there
  2. I can't comment on changing to a different location. I've read all the post and it's all Greek to me. But what I can comment on is John has set up something special here, and has been a tremendous help to me with my Kamado, along with the rest of the Kamado guru "groupies ?" I hope a way can be found to keep it going. How ever it works out a big thank you John As a side note we need your burnt ends belly recipe.
  3. See why you married your wife both like same color in cars. Nice looking ride and you wont get wet in the rain. Hope you enjoy it, I once had a 1998 trans am had to sell it ( due to arthritis in both hips and knees could no longer get in unless the t tops were removed) fun car to drive and still miss it. Remember he who dies with the most toys wins.
  4. Your mouth isn't the only one. There has to be a video coming . Honey, Butter. Brown sugar?
  5. On occasions we will have the ever popular Christmas goose. Once the holiday rush is over we'll by several and keep in the freezer for in the summer. I do love turkey. For a case of sticker shock Home Depot has peanut oil 3 gallons for $48. May have to try one on a spit in the Joe.
  6. 3 yr old Kamado classic never seen the inside. Sets under a 3 foot over hang, wheels and caster and stand are almost perfect. Never had trouble with it freezing shut, before I put cover on open top vent a bit and open the latch to keep the gasket not pressed together. Had to scrape a foot or two of snow off it once in a while. This makes the ribs taste better.
  7. All of you are making me hungry for Turkey. Football on a transistor radio good memories. Our most stressful turkey day was the one when a local station had a 12 hour star trek marathon, the lady of the house was REALLY upset at me and the boys for some reason.
  8. Nice looking Hefty table looking forward to see the end product
  9. welcome \\one of the best tips is to read John's book on Kamados
  10. looks like in the last pic it shows that someone smoothed a rough edge when it was pulled from the mold before firing. Just cosmetic enjoy the grill
  11. I bet he makes Aquariums also
  12. I've used Royal Oak ( many many years) Fogo, Rockwood and B&B They do burn a little different but are close. If I'm spinning a chicken with the dome closed I won't use Royal Oak ( Imparts a smoky flavor we don't like in Poultry) dome open it's ok. For pizza I will use royal oak gives it a wood oven taste we like. To each his own. No matter the brand It's better than gas.
  13. Rich I had the same problem with smoke flavor from charcoal. Been using charcoal for umpteen years and when I bought my Joe i noticed the chicken had a smoky taste to it, from the same charcoal (we don't like smoked poultry) finally attributed this to cooking with the dome closed. Like Boater above B&B and Rockwood have a mild flavor ( I think this is due to it being cooked more in the kiln you can tell by it being more musical when dumped into the grill) Normally I used Royal Oak. Royal Oak is what i use for Pizza. This is all just part of the learning curve.
  14. Good comparison these reviews are good for someone looking at different grills. Also on the Joe II if doing a high heat pizza the latching lock will get hot. I can't remember how I came across this information.
  15. len440

    Mold Issues

    The circles look like stains and after your 600f degree for us and 320c for the metric crowd I agree the spores are dead and wouldn't worry too much about them. I am some what concerned about scrubbing the ceramics with soapy water.( Just my thought ). I have to commend you for moving the Joe these are heavy. By the way what the heck did you cook at 600f for and hour?
  16. Bone in skin on only way I do chicken breasts, but that's how I like them. To each his own way
  17. MD good point about food probe placement also keep it away from the edge or the seam between the 2 deflectors.
  18. Chuck Glad the brisket turned out ok, if your fire is going out it usually means your chocking the fire out. Good luck with the smoke test some leakage is expected, I get some wisps of smoke from the gasket on mine when I smoke. But if it looks like a steam engine (if your old enough to remember the good day of steam), yo have a problem. Have you read John's book on Kamado's in the beginner section?
  19. You may be starting the fire to small before you try to regulate it, The way I do my classic II, 1: fill fire bowl FULL 2: open both vents fully , I pull off the Kontrol tower 3: I use 1 fire starter about 1inch by 1 inch broken in half or 2 cotton balls soaked in 91 % alcohol placed in the center and light. 4: sit down and look at the nature around you till the starters burn out close the dome leave vents full open. 5: At about 175 I put the Kontrol tower on full open 6: at about 190 I close the bottom vent to the size of one of my sausage fingers same for top. 7 : At 220 I might close the top a bit if I feel its needed ( comes with knowing your grill) 8: wait about 1/2 hour or so for the grill to stabilize if it's in the afternoon I will be having some of Kentucky's finest as I wait I usually plan on 45 min to an hour to prepare the grill for slow cooking. Reading your first post you might just not letting the fire establish itself before trying to set a temp. Now these grills are all different and what works for me might not work 100% for you. The weather can be a variable and so is the charcoal but it all comes together with practice and when you have it all figured out something weird will happen. Don't get discouraged.
  20. Interesting device like all the cooling fins. I myself don't depend too much on the dome thermometer. When I get the stabilized grate temp I'll note the dome thermometer then as to cook goes on I'll glance at it once in a while to see if it hasn't changed instead of carrying my tablet around. Each cook the dome thermometer might be of 20-35 degrees off. The BGE thermometer might be more accurate due to it being digital. Will be waiting for some one to do a review.
  21. To put it in perspective I came across a video of an Ohio man who was strapped to a tree cutting off branches when he sawed into a bees nest. It was estimated in the 1/2 hour he was hanging there he was stung about 20,000 ( that number is correct) before they got him done they pulled bees out of his throat and mouth. He is going to recover. I can not image what he went through, makes me feel like a wussy complaining about 3 stings on my cheek
  22. Fits Now that is a great tail gating meal
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