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  1. In a pinch after you foil it put in oven at 350 or kick the grill temp up.
  2. Mother nature can be pretty or the calm before the storm
  3. Heuer You have me laughing again.
  4. Just rub it in A.O. Soon me may start getting semi home grown from southern Ohio.
  5. Heuer Did those sad eggs come from sad hens? Jark Are those eggs for Olaf?
  6. Nice chicken and DANG more fresh sweet corn.
  7. Looks like turkey oven bags. How did they turn out texture wise? I think those are pot lid racks being interesting use.
  8. Prime rib with a side of Lobster grilling heaven.
  9. Sour You have my sympathies 8 hours crammed in a plane wow, hope your doing first class. Let us know how you enjoy your trip
  10. Sour Hope your stay in America is a great one
  11. Ribs or rib eye you guys are killing me. I'll probably go with ribs less effort and more time sitting in a comfortable chair with adult beverage. For all you dads out there have a happy fathers day, if your like me happy grandfathers day and Great grandfathers day ( one 22 month and the second 3 months ( sadly their in Calif).
  12. Bailey You have discovered the secret of BBQing, Grilling, Smoking, "do it the way YOU like it." I do mine at 225 -250 till they're done, meat is in charge. Glad you got them the way you like and they do look tasty. 'I do mine at 225 to 250 till there done
  13. WarEagle I concur with John above go with just the basics till you learn the grill. Keep in mind what we tell you what to do works on OUR grills and might not work 100% with yours but will get you in the ballpark. Now for my $0.02 worth when I got my grill I lit the grill following the advice here and also Johns book, make sure you have a free day to do this, position the grill so you can watch it from a comfortable chair with refreshing beverage, fill the fire box and lite 2 starters ( I use wax ones but used to use alcohol balls) bottom vent full open and lid open. When fire starters go out add grates and close lid open top vent full open (I take mine off) when about 40-50 Degrees from the temp wanted close the bottom to about 1/2 inch and 3/4 for the top. Give it about 1/2 hour or so to stabilize. If the temp is rising too fast close the top slightly. Once it's running at a constant temp for 1/2 hour or so play with the vents one at a time noting what each one does but wait at least 1/2 hour to see how it effects the grill temp, spend an afternoon learning your grill, as a bonus you can put a slab of ribs on during testing. Keep a note book on the settings and what your cooking. These grills aren't hard to learn to manage but they can be frustrating in the beginning. Especially if your new to charcoal. When the cook is done I open the bottom and top to bring it up to 500-600% to clean it for about 30 min or until the smoke clears while we eat. Then close all vents after its cool I open top vent 1 inch and cover.
  14. My wife has a servant. I"ll let you guess who it is. Any use of the left overs yet.
  15. Sour How did your smash burgers turn out
  16. Interesting idea did you by any chance measure the temps of both deflectors?
  17. Golf don't know which pic I like the best (leaning toward the last one ) I may have to go to our butcher for this weekend)
  18. Good choice of meat. I do chuck roasts quite often. Some one called them poor mans brisket. Yours looks very tasty. Left overs make good stew. or tacos. I see your in SC so I guess your corn is local. We still have a wait for ours. Lucky you.
  19. If there is ever a sign we may have too many lawyers or we have lost all common sense this might be it, or tooooooo many people suffer from my kind of humor.
  20. Sarge My son uses corned beef to make pastrami quite often and it turns out pretty good . If you want to practice you can use the "Poor mans" brisket a chuck roast, left overs tacos, beef stew ,ect. Good luck and looking forward to pics.
  21. Easy answer : Don't use it . Reality when cool remove all ash from the ash pan and remove it ( ashes will attract moisture and produce acid this is from the Akorn people) keep covered and clean frequently. Charcoal is brutal on grills.
  22. Interesting placement of ribs.
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