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  1. Welcome to the forum Never did bread yet but did you read this has some dough stuff in it
  2. I was starting to think i had one too many Makers Mark
  3. Didn't see it here yesterday now it back guess its just one of the wonders of the computer age we live in
  4. I would imagine if you have the top vent closed you wont get any air flow through the grill so no smoke out of the top No air flow the grill will go out unless you have an air leak. If you get it smoking good with the top open then close it you should see where the leaks are.
  5. Ribs look great i did some ribs on a rack once and the only slight problem was the back rack cook more than the front My joe is hotter in the back. Glad to see you had the pit masters treats on picture 2 and gone in three
  6. Welcome to the forum lot s of good food and advice here
  7. John just had a thought you said this was for the JR i wonder if those tabs would keep the plate from sitting directly on the firebox ring and leave a1/4 inch gap or so around the plate. Don't know why it would be needed but just a thought.
  8. there will be a difference the deflector plates get heated by the charcoal and radiates it in to the grill so it will run hotter, it's purpose is to block the direct heat from the fire to the meat. The dome thermometer reads the air in the dome plus what comes around the deflector plates. If your grate reads that high and the dome thermometer is accurate check the position of the grate probe. Make sure its not overhanging the deflector plates and getting direct heat from the fire also make sure if you have 2 plates they are together with no gap and the probe isnt over the gap if you have one.
  9. Welcome to the forum the internets guide to good eating
  10. Nothing wrong with log houses i live in one and if i call it a cabin i get yelled at
  11. pizza doesn't look any better then those
  12. Welcome to the forum lot of good info here. Aren't you from where satswatch roams? You may have to protect your ribs and pork butts from him . once he gets a whiff of them. Enjoy your Akorn
  13. Usually the sawdust starters have a candle or paraffin smell when burning that's the binder that holds the dust together. The cotton balls can have a burning cloth smell if the alcohol is not high enough try to look for 90% content.
  14. Welcome to the forum lots of info here. Have you seen this?
  15. I agree needs 2 more racks of ribs. Maybe a few cold ones to wash em down
  16. Thats Mr Murphy "what can go wrong will go wrong"
  17. Had 4 wires no problem with gasket or leakage
  18. screw mine back in when finished cleaning, but i learned to keep 1 or 2 extra due to Mr murphy
  19. Wood shims under the low side and lock wheels
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