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  1. ADM This could be a case of too much information, your description of it makes me wonder how hungry people must have been to create that, on second thought it might have been a "here hold my beer while I make something," moments.
  2. Welcome to Kamodo cooking Here is a good book on Kamado's lots of good information. Hope to see some pics of your cooks soon
  3. Golf when are you going to cook those bad boys? Also KY is not too far away
  4. Jeffie if the smell is from your butts that might explain the 18inches of white stuff on the ground here. Send the smell but keep the white stuff please.
  5. Good video and great pulled pork. It is such a great feeling when your butts can be shredded like that I could almost smell the butts. Thanks for the video John
  6. len440

    Got a KJ

    Wannasmoke Nice grill I would suggest a cover I have one on mine and it's covered with 18 inches of snow now. Enjoy the new grill.
  7. Dan If you were trying for 250 and it shot up tp 350 several things could be causing this: 1: too much charcoal being lit 2: vents opened too much 3: not closing down vents fast enough 4: Charcoal brand 5: All the above I see nothing wrong with the vent pic that TKJ posted these are not air tight devices. It will take some time to learn your grill. On my classic a finger width open on the top and bottom gets me into the 225 to 250 range depending on how many fire cubes I use. The finger width may not work with yours or TKJ's, as each grill is different.
  8. Philpom Next Christmas you can adopt me That's what a rib eye roast should look like
  9. Well they keep saying history repeats itself
  10. Looking forward to it John This is a very important tool for BBQing
  11. GEBO did Santa bring you your grill gun?
  12. I tried all the methods stated above and use the coals under the bird most often, I've been spinning birds for many many moons never owned a gas grill. Each one has it's pluses and minuses. My advise would be to try them all and see which one works best for you. With the banked coals there is less chance of a flare up from the grease, with the coals underneath you have to watch the height of the coals under the bird. One good thing about the Kamado is there in not really a wrong way to use it. Except starting with lighter fluid.
  13. Welcome Mark076, that's a good book to read if i could add one thing to the book it would be to not over think what we are doing, don't fret and enjoy the Kamodo
  14. Welcome Hope you enjoy your Joe did you see this? I could never live up there, it would take forever for me to learn how to spell where your from. Have a Merry Christmas
  15. Gebo I've heard those words from my wife also. I told her (only once) that I wanted share the feeling of grilling in the winter. I don't think her reply would be allowed by John. I must confess when I use my weed dragon on the driveway weeds I have thought about lighting the Joe with it. But my common sense and not wanting to drag the 20 lb tank up the deck stairs stops me. Anyways hope santa brings what you want.
  16. I just use a starter cube for 350 maybe three and break in half and spread around a bit then light with a match. If it's late enough ( It's 4pm somewhere) have an adult beverage, and let the laws of physics take over. My neighbor uses his wife's crème Brule torch when she's not looking, or he uses a plain Benz-o-matic blow torch. Thousands of ways to light a grill. John has a good point about the glasses and a shirt you don't mind ventilating. My only comment about the grillgun would be I would have some concerns about dragging around an 8 foot hose.
  17. Nice looking chops John will be trying this when i get back home to Ohio
  18. Just4fun I hate you. You don't know how hungry you have made me. Those are fantastic looking. Cooked to perfection.
  19. Welcome hope you enjoy your joe did you read this?
  20. I think the pic above should have "Flight of the Valkeries" playing in the back ground.
  21. Don't think you will have any regrets What have you Komado'ed ( is that a word?) so far
  22. len440

    Well rats!!

    Mines been loose from day one and no problems with it. If you don't keep it super clean the top won't pivot open like the daisy wheel on the cast one does but I just pull the top off and use it that way. But my gasket is thicker than the one in the picture.
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