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  1. Taking the guts out will lighten it some what Sorry i can't offer more than that. When i had my deck built i asked the guys to help move mine from in front of the garage to the new deck. One of the Amish guys picked it up in a bear hug and i had to run after him with the stand as he went up 3 steps across the front porch( 30 ft) through the living room through the dinning room and on to the deck, then he lowered it on to the stand didn't even break a sweat. I'm not suggesting you try this just a  slight humor side note. Good luck with your move. I keep my joe covered with there cover and it works out pretty good. 

  2. First of all fill the charcoal basket, The vent settings you posted are a good starting point, they might work for my classic II but not for yours each grill will have different settings. The temp will be controlled by type and brand of charcoal, how it's lit, length of time after fire started. Now why did the temp creep up could be you have a slight air leak could be sun warming the grill some what, ( little effect just a guess) , once you had the fire lit you closed the vents once it hit 250. You choked the airflow when you did this but at these settings it still was allowing enough air flow to allow the fire to heat up to 280. I would rerun the experiment but fill the basket, close the vents at about 200 and let it soak for about 1/2 hr or so, as it gets close to your desired temp you may have to change the vent settings a bit  Slap on a slab of ribs (this way you're not wasting charcoal) and keep an eye on your temps. Be careful it's easy to start chasing the temp with vent settings wait about 1'2 hr per vent change. My settings vary slightly every cook after awhile it almost becomes second nature, you're just going through a learning curve. Don't know if you have seen this 



  3. Ahhhh we are starting to see their is more than one way to skin a cat. (sorry for the old adage ) As long as we enjoy the ribs it doesn't matter how their cooked. I've done them every way mentioned here but the hot pot (I don't have one) and had no problem eating them. By the way Nice video John.

  4. Tonkotsu Ramen??? I'll have to track down and try it I'm a Ramen fan ( not the dry bricks you find at wally world). Your right about the simmer as apposed to a boil, more of my memory cells are kicking in She sauced them with a LBJ sauce the the prez supposedly used I think it was from Life magazine . I think I might still have it . Looking forward to the video

  5. I think what John was presenting here was another way to enjoy ribs, and to try different  ways and not  just one way to do them, some foil, some cook fast some slow , with sauce on or sauce on the side. Sort of when asked how do you want your eggs for breakfast. The main point is to enjoy them anyway you like. 

  6. John Thanks for the good memories! That's the way my Mom did them when i was growing up, I think she called it parboiling , before going on the grill she put paprika on them. Those are nice looking ribs you made and I agree with the blind taste test. I can only imagine what that bite you took tasted like. 

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