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  1. Easiest way to find your leaks is build a fire in it add a piece or 2 of wood get it smoking good then close the lid and the vents the smoke will show you the leaks. Some small leaks are normal. Good luck
  2. Nice looking rolls will have to try. Looking forward to seeing the recipe
  3. All the Kamados work about the same , there maybe a difference in the included accessories, deflectors , adjustable grates , etc. Either one of those will fill your needs. John Setzler wrote a good book that is very helpful to new Kamado users. Good Luck with your Kamado and keep us posted
  4. Welcome Frank. Here are some good tips from John.
  5. Chairman glad Costco helped you on your cracked pit boss. Don't let the not so sunny times stop you. We had about 2 inches of wet snow yesterday, it just made the ribs taste better. The difference between summer and winter BBQ is the parka I wear in the winter. Good luck with the Big Joe post some picks.
  6. Heuer you always find a way to make me chuckle
  7. Wish it was rainy cool and windy here. Right now i have an inch of snow and big flakes are still falling down. I keep telling myself the snow will make the ribs on the Joe taste better. I always fill the fire bowl up you can turn off the charcoal when your done. The weather might effect the settings a little, but not too much to worry about
  8. Great inventive first cook at first i thought the pan cakes were smiling. Happy Mom day all
  9. Welcome Alberto Glad you stopped Lurking and are going to do some smoking. Jack if ever a man looked like a cowboy Sam Elliot is him. Some good reading
  10. Welcome Chance. Golf posted a very helpful book for Kamado smokers Good luck
  11. Welcome back from the "dark side" hahaha Interesting i just got off the phone with my wife's son in California and he was complaining about the lack of smoke with his Traeger. We talked about one of those smoke tubes but neither of us have any experience with it. There is some useful info on the transition back.
  12. Welcome Terry Sorry i can't comment on the Kings grill, bot most Kamados grill about the same did you read John's book on Kamados in the start here post? Lot of helpful info there. Looking forward to seeing some cooks by you. Once again welcome.
  13. When i looked at Kamados i saw a classic and classic 2 , the petal fire ring was not a deal breaker nor was the Kontrol Tower, the airlift hinge was a big plus for me and my 5 foot wife she struggled to lift the regular kamado lids. Funny story i used to catch her peeking at the ribs or butts I was smoking. Despite me telling her " If your Looking your not cooking " she kept doing it till i showed her the video on a Kamado fireball incident. Hasn't peeked since. I'm getting of topic here either grill will be a good purchase.
  14. Buttburner Never tried that I'll give it a try next time. Thanks for the tip in advance.
  15. This would be a great way to start the day, and Mark on the rocks around a camp fire to end it. Looks like you 2 are going to have some great camping ahead of you.
  16. Welcome to the forum Glad your lurking are over. Have you looked at this
  17. Welcome to the forum The south sure has some good names for BBQ stuff i used to eat at a place in N Carolina called Fat Willy's Hog House. Hope you keep being excited by the kamado. Did you see this
  18. Nice looking ribs. Like your manly sized portion of ribs
  19. I take mine apart about every 4 to 6 months between i use a shop vac. If you don't want to take it apart go to a hard ware store and get a cork that fits the vacume hose and a foot of 1/2 inch flexible tubing drill hole in cork insert tubing this may fit between the ss plate and fire bowl adjust size of tubing as needed.
  20. Welcome Hope you enjoy your Big Joe. I have fond memories of NC BBQ. When you get to Northern Mexico stay with us. Here is some good info
  21. Henry sorry about your BGE accident but the cloud has a silver lining your getting a new grill. As for the cussing and crying, I would be doing it till the new one got here. I'm a bit (?) older i got started with a grill with my dad on a charcoal grill, fond memories of running from the garage through the snow with a platter of ribs or chicken.
  22. Experimenting is part of the fun of using a kamado. I quite often take mine of at about 170 and wrap with a cup of broth (will have to try the cider) and plop in the oven at 225 -250 they're always moist and you have a little juice to mix in to the pork There is no cast in stone way to do pulled pork as you have just found out. Glad your guests enjoyed the pork do you make your own vinegar sauce?
  23. Nice Kamado keep us updated on this project
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