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  1. When it rains i use an umbrella and in the snow season a heavy parka. All kidding aside I'm lucky when I built my house I added a 3 ft. overhang keeps the rain off the grill but not me. Those are some interesting patio covers, I like the clear one with the wood beams. Keep the year round grilling going. Ribs are much better when you have to wade through foot and a half of snow, to smoke them.
  2. I would try a different brand of lump, over the years I've had several bags in a row that just didn't burn hot. I don't see anything you're wrong ditching the cast iron sewer grate is one thing i did and i take the top vent off when I start it. You're not a new owner so I would suspect the charcoal
  3. This reminds me of the "this is not candy packets" I found in a leather coat I bought once,
  4. I learned long ago that the meat is done when it wants o be done. Could be meat was cold, moisture in the meat thickness of ribs, the bone thing (?). When I use rib racks it does take a little longer to cook, possible do to less meat directly exposed to heat from deflector plate. But 12 hrs?????? Did you rearrange the ribs during the cook?
  5. In those 2 pics above note that the meat hanging past the deflector plates will cook much faster than what's over the deflector due to the deflector blocking and radiating heat and the gap between the deflector and grill walls will be much hotter due to the air being hotter, one of the reasons the dome temp is hotter. tip when I do ribs I cut off the portion that will be past the deflectors and use them as grill treats for the griller( I tell my wife it's quality control).
  6. Got my interest up will be watching for up dates hope KJ keeps up their good warrantee support
  7. Went to the groomer yesterday (for the dogs not me in know what you were thinking ) and she had this sign got a chuckle out of #1
  8. Warning BBQ grates in dishwasher will lead to stress with the boss, I'm not saying how I know but be forewarned. At high heat the ss grates may turn brown.
  9. Once the charcoal is out the cooling time will depend alot on the amount and temperature of the ceramics, If your sure the coals are out I open the top vent to aid in cooling before I put the cover on.
  10. Great looking meal I like country ribs also. Do you eat the corn around the cob instead of type writer style?
  11. forgot about how good they are, (we call them fatties) Thanks for reminding us of how good they are, and another great video. Might be my memorial day cook. How was the bacon?
  12. The air gap is a good thing. I don't know if there is different kinds of parchment paper. Trim it about an inch around the pie and transfer the pie from the bread board to the paper just before you plop it in the kamado wait too long and the moisture wets the paper and the pie might stick. NV great looking pie
  13. Birthday gift from my smart ### son a few years ago when I complained i couldn.t find a heavy duty burger flipper. He also sent me a stuffed Parrot ( he nicked named it Pirate Pete) when I wore an eye patch due to a dethatched retina. My son in law in Calif uses some kind of silicon gloves that he really likes.
  14. How long did you bake it I've burnt flour and corn meal when cooking several pizzas so now I use parchment paper . I use Royal Oak for pizza wife and I like the flavor it gives. Takes a little practice but you'll get there
  15. For round frozen food Pork butts ,whole chicken I use the sink and change the water once or twice. For flat food Steaks or chops I'll use a baking sheet ( that's a cookie type sheet but has a lip on 4 sides. Maybe some of our more scientific people could do a comparison.
  16. I use mine all the time build a small fire for direct or push the coals to the back side of the fire bowl. Cant comment on the felt gasket I have a classic II
  17. Been using lump charcoal for over 60 years and I'm no longer surprised by what I find in the bags. Rockwood is a good brand some bags are better than others. Charcoal is some what fragile your bag could have been close to the end of the charcoal run or from the handlers along the way playing charcoal bag toss. The small pieces you showed are what the contents in 2 whole bags of royal Oak were like. I keep hoping one day they will use clear plastic bags( I'm not holding my breath waiting), till then just something we have to put up with.
  18. Some high temp Grill or exhaust header paint the color may be tough to find rust-oleum.
  19. I'm always amazed by by human ingenuity. Where there's a need we will find a way. Nice mod
  20. Mike Welcome I open the vents and do a 500 -600 degree burn while we eat, next cook I flip over the foil is a good idea too
  21. makes me glad I'm not a Salmon
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