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  1. I have fond memories of enjoying a hot tub while watching the new years come in and the snow falling on us. I should confess a few bottles of pinot noir was involved.
  2. Doing Kansas rubbed rib for the 4th just about ready to fire the classic II for hickory smoking. Wonder how many oinkers are going to be eaten today. Happy Independence Day everyone
  3. AS you learned the thermometer can be off and you can cook at various temps and still make good pulled pork. Good luck on your second butt and have a Happy independence day. As a side question is that steam coming off your hot tub or are you having a giant shrimp boil?
  4. Each picture looks better than the one before. Sometimes the grill has a mind of its own Looking forward to the final pic Happy Independence day
  5. Waiting for the results off to a good start
  6. Hope your fish turned out ok by the way your setup looks like a scene from a 50s sfi movie
  7. Your pulled port turned out awesome and you learned something sounds like a good cook
  8. MD congrats on the little one. Looking at your other pics I think she will grow up to be a grill master
  9. You have the parts so might as well go for it expect a pic of the finished item
  10. I too found the hardest people to cook for is family. When we go to visit wife's family in California there is usually 3-4 main dishes No easy pizza either, especially when i have to put pineapple on one, ( sorry that's soooo wrong) but to each their own. I'll have some help this year due to my grand son got an Akorn and is cooking up a storm, plus he has developed a taste for Makers Mark. Don't know where that came from. Everyone have a smoking good 4th of July, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA
  11. Sgt Once you get to know and how to control them their not exactly fire and forget but they don't need to be baby sat either. the kamado it is easy to use. Once you get past the learning curve it's relative easy to use. Hope your having something cooking this weekend Looking forward to seeing your handy work on a stand.
  12. Welcome Sgt. That's a good book Golf posted. Thanks for your service and hope you enjoy your Kamado
  13. A friend of mine had a little problem with the old Daisey wheel leaking in the rain. His solution was to steal a tupperware container from his wife and put 1/2 a brick on top of it, after awhile she did forgive him. Tex is correct about the grease sticking the top till it heats up.
  14. It might take slightly longer. WE cool by the meat absorbing the heat from the dome, more meat the more their is to absorb from the dome we compensate for this by the vent settings might be slightly different to keep the air temp the same and don't forget the meat is in charge the same sized butts may finish at different times. Above all have a good fourth.
  15. Welcome DK This is a big help in the learning process Happy grilling.
  16. My son in pa had a cooking for friends story that started at a kids birthday party ( with a few beers) and it led to him smoking 6 briskets for a wedding reception 3 months later. But they were friends and he enjoyed doing it and they supplied the meat. Now he's cutting and welding a 250 gallon fuel tank into a smoker. One of our church members does a pulled pork dinner for church last one had 10 butts and we have a Butt rubbing party (My idea of a Lutheran butt rubbers tee shirt keeps getting over ruled for some reason.) Then we have a pulling party. For us it's because we enjoy it but as we dish out the pork people ask questions and are surprised at the time involved Tex your comment is true and informative and humous.
  17. Almost forgot it needs a Kosher dill pickle
  18. Looks like you have it dialed in. I had the same graph readings on mine and decided i didn't need the controller. Nice job of dialing it in.
  19. Is this the Norwegian version of our big foot? Nice looking cabinet.
  20. Karkal Any update on restore/cleaning of your Kamado? Have you used it yet?
  21. I don't use a controller that much but I can see what your getting at. There was some posts where they ran the probe down the top vent and clipped it to the dome thermometer. This would give you the repeatable readings your looking for.
  22. Don't know why the temp drop maybe internal fat melting ? But as for the finished product WOW that is one great looking sandwich maybe some German potato salad on the side, and a cold beer. Great job Chris
  23. That is a great looking steak
  24. Nnank Nice steaks doesn't get much better than a rib steak Your grill set up is the same i use for most of my grilling What was the side? Kind of looks like an English ( are they called that there?) muffin. Looks interesting.
  25. Welcome from Ohio Glad your enjoying your Akorn
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