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  1. Grew up on spam and still enjoy it Funny how it's popular in Hawaii and Japan. That an-225 was one giant airplane. Wonder what it would cost to fill up it's fuel tanks ?
  2. Try contacting Kamado Joe about these problems, also i think the owners manual has some info on adjusting the hinge tension, at least my classic II did
  3. I think the benefit of resting the steak between the low temp cook and the sear is that you can eat it right off the grill with resting again. Once its off the grill it's hard for me to wait. I cook mine on my Joe at about 275-300 on a grill over a deflector stone when just about done i move the to a warm plate and cover , open both vents and in about 10 min its up to about 500 and with a grate in the lowest level i throw it back on and finish searing , warning it's a fine line between sear and char. I don't think the savings from using the gas grill is too largo to worry about. Aussie Enjoy your Akorn and keep grilling
  4. Didn't think you were arrogant. The only thing i detected was you being proud of your kamado
  5. Aussie Also dig around here for the recipe page lots of good eats. Have you had emu burgers? There is a guy down the road that raises them for meat. I've had Ostridge burgers ( kind of dry for me) Jark 87 Beware of " I've just about mastered it" that has bitten me in my rump so many times. used same charcoal same out side temp, same number of fire starters and vent settings and the grill would not cooperate. BEWARE of Murphy's law. Guess it keeps things interesting. I may try your steak method . Boater With the correct dough ( followed John Seltzer dough recipes ) i prefer 500 to 600 degrees for a pizza. When you get that kiss of smoke on the pizza will ruin you for the chain pizzas
  6. Aussie welcome this might keep you out of a few rabbit holes
  7. Welcome Stuart Here is some great info for you this will get you off to a good start
  8. I agree with Jark87 sounds like it wasn't cooked long enough. We think we are in control but the meat really is. Did you check the temp in more than one place? It's kind of funny how when we don't follow our usual methods how things go awry, but doing things differently makes BBQing interesting.
  9. I don't like Salmon but my wife thought it was a fantastic way to do salmon
  10. You may want to try to contact Kamado Joe or where your wife got the slo roller from. Hope some one that knows more chimes in here
  11. Interesting looking grill I used a Hibachi type when i first got married, from 3rd floor balcony of apartment. and it was perfect for taking camping. Good memories, but I do not miss sleeping on the ground in a Coleman tent.
  12. Heuer one again you put a funny thought in my head for the rest of the day
  13. Welcome to the forum great looking cooks, need a description of them
  14. I'm not on the BBQ circuit but I've been bbq-ing since the 60's my spray bottles came from grocery stores wally world dollar general. The spritz liquid only stayed in only as long as I was cooking. Never gave much thought about the food safe topic. With my Kamado I don't really need to spritz what I'm cooking, now if I want to add flavor I will mop from time to time. This is just me and what I do. https://www.amazon.com/barbecue-mop/s?k=barbecue+mop I think the best one would be one that is sized for your cooking, the original post was asking about people on the BBQ circuit I would surmise that there concern would be longevity and size due to them cooking a lot more than I do.
  15. Boater you did date yourself I enjoyed Isaac and also Arthur C Clark ( his best was rendezvous with Rama there starting to make a movie on it ) Funny how our science fiction is now the norm.
  16. Like the fact it collapses for storage
  17. Plus Webb telescope introduced us to Lagrange points. Science is a wonderful thing. Webb will see back into the past to about 200 million years after the Big Bang ( not the tv show this is for my grand daughter who didn't know about the big bang).
  18. I spent the holidays in California with wife' s son and he has a Taeger smoker. He really enjoys it, but it's not one I would use. Basically all he had to do was 1: set the temp 2: fill the hopper 3: push a button 4: come back in 25 minutes and plop the ribs on 5: check in a few hours for doneness 6: pull off when done. NOTE I am not criticizing this in any way. This works for him and his life style ( he's always doing something ,) It's just something I wouldn't enjoy using. So a plus for the "pellet Pooper" ( thanks K_sqrd for that name) is ease of use. The down side was when it's humid and rainy , he has a covered patio ,the ashes is the burn hopper tend to turn solid and has to be dug out with his fingers, ( no problem when low humidity). For me it didn't have as much smoke flavor as a Kamado, maybe needed a smoke can. He used hickory but it may be a case of what I'm used to from my Kamado. The bottom line is as long as your grilling or smoking there is no bad way to do it. Did you buy anything matto 6? '
  19. Haven't seen roasted paprika, have to keep an eye open for it . how does it compare to smoked paprika?
  20. Happy birthday what time is the party?
  21. My Son in Okinawa has some Saki with a snake in it. I could say there's something with that part of the world, but i have been known to ingest tequila with a worm in it at times. Never ate it though.
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