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  1. Hi Holly Glad you got it together and can start to enjoy it. I'm not an expert on the Joe had mine for almost a year, had some trouble putting the fire box in. When i gave it a good cleaning this spring and took it out and it was easier to reinstall the second time. I have the classic 2 and my fire grate sits on top of the petals. Maybe it might be easier that way,I take the grate out to vacume the ashes out after burning through a bag of coal. I could have mine together wrong or the big joe might be different. Any way hope you enjoy it.
  2. What kind of charcoal are you using? I switched from royal oak lump to rockwood lump and noticed the rockwood has almost no smoke on start up. Remember when I first got married and lived in an apartment i had complaints about my little habachi grill, plus they thought I was nuts grilling steaks at 0 degrees and a foot of snow.
  3. When I got my classic 2 from Loews the cover was in the box. Hope your steaks came out good. Hope you enjoy your Joe as much as i do.
  4. SA How did your 2nd rib try go? I did a rack of st Louis style ribs Sunday. 230 degrees from noon to 5 pm didn't wrap. Tender used tooth pick to test for doness. Very moist. Hope you had better luck this time. It's a learning process. It will come after a while and every rack is different.
  5. Look great what brand and size pan did you use?
  6. Another $0.02 worth you may have more than 1 leak. While you wait for the new top, you might want to try adjusting the dome if you have smoke there the seals might not be tight enough, I saw a posting awhile ago about sliding a dollar bill around the seal to check for tightness. I remember when ij got my classic 2 i had to adjust the front latch. Also check if it's leaking around the outside of the bottom vent not just the door. Try correcting one thing at a time, if you fix too mant things at one time you never know what the problem really was. Learned this repairing radios in the military.
  7. Had to settle for a 500 degree steak do to 3rd cook on same charcoal and was using it up before cleaning. I still can't believe one can turn charcoal off.
  8. Had this with a 500 degree rib steak, love this Joe
  9. Glad it's no longer pristine. We have about 20 wineries but they don't have the depth of Napa wines. We love V sataui wines.
  10. I've used ro for about 5 years in my grills, and have used it for a while in my one year old Joe classic 2, i quit using it when my last 2 bags were nothing but 1/2 dollar sized and smaller pieces. I now use Rockwood and am happy with it it has a lot of large pieces and burns clean with very little ash and hardly any smoke on starting. Had a little learning because of the size of lumps, but new to kamado cooking and it's a learning thing like anything new. We all have opinions I guess and what works for me might not for you.
  11. So your a couple of hours from gods second garden of Eden, called Napa. Any up dates on the shut down problem?
  12. Great first cook only thing wrong the grill is TOO clean. Good looking birds. The Kamado seems to bring out the need for refreshments while using, Pork red wine and white for birds
  13. Don't despair It will get better. Keep notes on the cooks for comparing between cooks. Also each slab of "food from the gods" are different, time will vary and they will be done when they want to be done, meat on a barbie or Kamado is really incharge. I think you just cooked to long, hard to use thermometer meat is too thin, I use a toothpick to test for doneness i've wrapped some and some not. It's a personal preference My wife likes wrapped i don't. Enjoy your grill and keep smoking.
  14. WOW Great first try, hope they all turn out this good
  15. Free joetissorie wow your deal got better
  16. len440

    Another Pizza

    After the pizza I had coals left over and did pork chops and spatchcock chicken, plus a cleaning burn to get the left over sauce off grates and deflector plates.
  17. The spider can be used to hold a drip pan or to put the deflector stones higher. Don't know off this is a necessity or not but I've used it several times .Enjoy your Joe.
  18. EB Sorry about getting the owner of the grill mixed up, my excuse is i have a lot of gray hair (maybe not a lot anymore) I looked at the grill pic and it looks like the slide door is warped or bent a little compared to mine. The curve on mine matches the curve of the slide. With the coals being lit at the front of the grill more than likely that is where your leak is. Let us know if you bending the door helps. I'm curious about this. Where in northern calif are you? wife's granddaughter is in Vacaville.
  19. len440

    Another Pizza

    I didn't mind that too much till the kids grew up and moved away, no more marshmallows to be toasted.Wonder how much charcoal we watched burn away?
  20. Don't think the top vent will help, usually it takes 2 openings to have air flow. In the photo posted by SPORO their is air flow at the top and bottom vent. This could keep the coals glowing very small . MIne goes out after 2 hrs i then open top an 1/2 inch to help cool dome. Sporo love the stand
  21. My 2 cents worth I've had my Joe classic 2 for about a year and it took some learning to control it. The kamado is like a saltwater fish tank "Good things happen slowly and bad things happen quickly". What iv'e learned in the last year the amount of charcoal affects the air flow through the coals and will affect the settings somewhat. Fresh coal and used coal will heat differently and a will heat at different rates. Avoid the temptation to chase the temperature. Make a setting change and wait to see what the change is doing some times 20 to 30 minutes. the biggest help for me was firing up Joe with both vents wide open and a fresh load of charcoal light 2 cotton balls (use 91%alcohol) wait 10 minutes add deflector stones start stopwatch , open a bottle of wine and watch the thermometer. at about 175 close bottom vent ( i close mine to 1 inch ) close top to about 1 inch also. Fine tune with top.Now for the reason for the wine sit and enjoy and watch the grill try for 250 degrees once there leave it for a while then change vents one at a time and keep a notebook of what that change did, after 30 min. make another change and keep track. I can't tell you exact settings because each grill is different, air temp ,wind,charcoal brand, ect. Try to hold 225 then 300 then 350 then 400. If you overshoot close the vent some and WAIT or just try for the next temp to hold. Keep track of these settings in the notebook. These will give you a starting point next time you that temp, then may not be 100% the same next time.Hope this helps and not too long.One last thing enjoy the grill.
  22. len440

    Another Pizza

    Here is the aftermath of the pizza cook . pic 1 coals left over pic 2 after stirr after stirring dead coals amount of ash from pizza cool I am still amazed that we can turn off charcoal to be used later.
  23. len440

    Another Pizza

    CK I agree with your explanation on the carbonization ( i could not think of that word on my last post), as for my smoke comment i meant at startup, RO charcoal kind of looked like a old steam locomotive, now yo know my age group. with smoke coming out of the top vent . The rockwood has very little smoke when starting. On the pizza above my wife noticed that the pizza had very little if any wood flavor compared to the three other times i used RO. It's amazing how complicated something like a piece of charred wood can be. Maybe we should do a discussion on brands of charcoal and our experience with it , and comments. On second thought this might be a VERY opinionated subject, at the least it would be of more value then the nakedwiz site that is outdated.Time to get the joe ready for some pork chops tonight and see how much ash and left over coal i have after the pizza cook.. We finally had 3 days without rain, but 5 more days of rain on the way.
  24. len440

    Another Pizza

    I have been using rockwood charcoal (last 2 bags ) i used to use royal oak for the last 15 years or so but last 3 bags were nothing but 1/2 dollar size and below pieces. That load in the first pic was as it came out of the bag very very few small pieces. Only had this kamado joe 2 since last july so i'm still learning about the fire management, lot different than using a chimney with my other grills. This rockwood doesn't smoke as much on startup and doesn't impart as much smoke flavor as the royal oak.I think the rockwood may be cooked more at the charcoal place cause it sounds more musical clinks when dumping (make sense)? I may do a butt soon so i can compare it with the royal oak. I'm keeping a log book as i learn the grill so i can compare the results. rereading this post make me think if the wood is cooked more at the manufacture besides making it sound lighter when poured the volitives in the wood may be cooked out more which might make less smoke on start up. Any opinions?
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