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  1. KC welcome hope your wait is short
  2. That was a "Hot Car " Wonder if this was the prototype for the hot wheels toys?
  3. I'm not overly concerned about keeping the charcoal the same size i just dump from the bag what i see is what i use. After a while you kind of get a 6th sense about the charcoal in the grill. I had to have learned something after a lifetime of grilling with charcoal.
  4. Agree with John worth is a relative thing. The reason I went with the air lift hinge was my 5ft wife struggled to open the grills we looked at with out it. Once she tied it, Happy wife happy you know the rest.
  5. First we have to figure what the dome temp we are measuring this is really the air in the upper part of the kamado. The Akorn will heat and stabilize a little faster due it not having the ceramic to heat up. The ceramic in our Joe's suck heat out of the upper chamber air while it is heating up, hence it takes longer for the ceramic Kamados to stabilize. All this ceramics ( think thermal mass) works as a heat sink and to a certain degree keep some of the small fluctuations in the fire temp to maintain a certain temp, either absorbing spikes or radiating some back into the chamber for dips. Fire spikes can be caused by grease burning, wood chunks catching fire, ect. fire is a living thing. As for "baby sitting " the grill if I'm doing a long smoke or roasting I use my temp controller to monitor the temps for me and have the alarms set for + or - 20 degrees, and it reports to my cell phone. I seldom use the fan for temp control except on an over night cook. Gadget this works for me and may be different for you it just takes time to learn your grill.
  6. Agree with Phipom before the kick ash basket i would put on a glove and stir around the coals 4 or 5 times, with the basket just shake fill with fresh coal and away we go
  7. That is a good looking yard bird your off to a good start. About the smoke ring. I've been using charcoal starting with my Dad since the mid 50s and to come clean never owned a Webber water buoy grill ( that was the first one was made from ) some of my grills had lids on but I always used them open. My first bird on my Classic II came out too smokie for us with some experimenting I found out this was because 1 flavor from the charcoal brand I was using and 2: I was using my classic II with the dome closed. This allowed the smoke flavor from the charcoal to stay in contact with the bird longer and the bird absorbed it. If I did the bird with the lid open no smoke flavor. If I changed brands of charcoal I can do the bird with the dome closed. This is just a part of the learning curve with using charcoal, even if using it for umpteen years. Also what make the Kamado experience fun, and we're never to old to learn something. Looking forward to seeing more cooks from you.
  8. Yoda once said " it's better to have the size and not need it , than not have the size and need it." I think an old sage said it's easy to spend someone else's money. It's a tough call to make. There have been a few times when I wished I had a bigger joe when I'm grilling for my family when they visit. 11 rib steaks was a challenge. But you learn to make do with what you have. With an occasionally a large church group i might lean toward the big joe. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  9. PJM welcome hope Jr works out for you. I can predict some good eats ahead for you, will be a bit of a learning curve, but you'll get through it. Have you read this? Before I go my neighbor told me to thank you for the 2 greatest inventions ever , Golf and Scotch.
  10. Welcome Butt Muncher Names can be a problem at times at least your here. Hope you get the pro up and running . here is some good info to start with
  11. Don't need any glasses to see that's a great meal
  12. I can see there point. The Kamados are a great over all cooking device, there a oven, grill and smoker are they the best for all three? Sadly no, if your just going too smoke meat then a smoker is the way to go, this is why the restaurant quit using the eggs. We can turn out some pretty good smoked meats but if I had to do it for a restaurant I would use some kind o stick smoker. But for my family and friends the Kamado Joe makes some great q and I have no complaints. I too have been lured and followed the smell of brisket and ribs to small hole in the wall joints that made great brisket and ribs. Jeffie looks like those eggs have seen some serous use, if only they could talk
  13. I use the sharpener and then steel that came with my knives (ever wonder why it has a K?) then after a while I take them to a Amish butcher and they come back super sharp. Nothing worse than a dull knife
  14. Bailey you have me chuckling all i can say is been there done that. Mine is age related.
  15. I do the same as Golf. Be very careful when you have both vents wide open, they can go nuclear very easy. Don't have any experience with JR cooling down it could be due to lack of thermal mass that the jr's bigger brothers ( sisters?) have. We'll have to wait for the Jr owners to respond. Glad it turned out ok for you. Keep a log book of your cooks and settings and comments till you get used to the grill. Have you read this? /)
  16. Golf is correct about the "pins" sticking up. I use mine rotated 90 degrees from Golfs this way I brush front to back when cleaning . The pins are also used with the star circle thing to lock it in place.
  17. Very interest John I will have to keep this in the back of my mind I like your coal bucket
  18. I think the grill type can best be summed up by a story. I was approached once while flying at our rc flying field and asked what kind of radio to recommend my reply was if you asked the 6 of us pilots you would get about 6 different answers The recommendation was usually the brand radio they were using. Each of these grills have pluses and minuses. I'm not trying to discourage you from asking questions that's why we are here. Hope we answer them all for you. What it's going to boil down to is make a list of what you want in a grill, the pluses for each, and possible accessories. The hard question is how much you want to spend. Good luck in you search. Keep us posted.
  19. we got the "LECTURE" from his wife also. I got an extra one because she thought I was trying to drop him off and escape before she got home
  20. Jack sounds like an ancient Chinese proverb or the teachings of Yoda. But it is so true
  21. Welcome Gadget Don't know if you read this or not enjoy your akorn.
  22. Keeper your lucky in another way. Several years ago I was building a rc model airplane at my buddies house and he had an exacto knife roll off his work bench and just by pure reflex he grabbed and caught it in mid air. Result was a trip to the ER with blade through his hand. Glad your ok and the knife too.
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