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  1. Wow Great cook. When's the next pool party? It's so freaking hot and humid here in Ohio i could use a dip. Wonder what the paper would taste like, soaked in rib juice and with steak dripping on it .
  2. Team pc Very informative and delicious looking.Did all the ribs finish at the same time with the grill extender? I just might have to do ribs tonight.
  3. I guess no one has any thoughts . First i have not done ribs on multiple levels on my kamado, and can't say what the temp difference would be between the grill heights. When i use my vertical gas smoker there is a slight difference between shelves, when doing butts and ribs the can get done at times not so much the ribs but the butts. But these grates are farther apart than what your going to do. Sorry i can't be more helpful.How did your cook turn out? Your set up sounds interesting.
  4. My son showed me this video that might help. But there are many ways to skin a cat.Look at the forums here and on the internet. Lots of good (?) info on the internet but beware. https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=trimming+a+brisket+video#id=5&vid=50358ceb557360a56b27aaac0085d9d5&action=click
  5. I don't know too much about briskets but i think the hole where you circled is where they remove a gland of some type. Please keep us posted i'm somewhat new to kamado cooking. Good luck
  6. more info on the fried provo
  7. Thanks for your replies, this week end i'm going to try again. I'll use rack in upper position, direct heat at 375 dome. All i use on my birds are salt pepper and garlic powder.
  8. No smoking wood wife doesn't like smoked chicken. Chicken was really juicy and the skin was somewhat crispy and chewy. Thinking about trying direct with grates on upper level. Dome temp may be more important than grate temp, due to height of chicken. I know the Kamado grills maintain a moist atmosphere and the reason for not so crispy skin. But it was tasty.
  9. I think they are for adjusting the hinge or if you have to remove hinge. email and kamado joe people will answer
  10. Forgot to add these pics. Chicken was very juicy
  11. Cooking a chicken on a vertical rack, not too happy with it almost done skin is really pale . Cooked indirect at 375 rack temp with diffuser low position and rack on lowest level. Roasting rack on 8x10 x3/4 inch.Didn't pay attention to the dome temp.Joe preheated for 90 minutes.Would like it to be browner.
  12. Hi Holly Glad you got it together and can start to enjoy it. I'm not an expert on the Joe had mine for almost a year, had some trouble putting the fire box in. When i gave it a good cleaning this spring and took it out and it was easier to reinstall the second time. I have the classic 2 and my fire grate sits on top of the petals. Maybe it might be easier that way,I take the grate out to vacume the ashes out after burning through a bag of coal. I could have mine together wrong or the big joe might be different. Any way hope you enjoy it.
  13. What kind of charcoal are you using? I switched from royal oak lump to rockwood lump and noticed the rockwood has almost no smoke on start up. Remember when I first got married and lived in an apartment i had complaints about my little habachi grill, plus they thought I was nuts grilling steaks at 0 degrees and a foot of snow.
  14. When I got my classic 2 from Loews the cover was in the box. Hope your steaks came out good. Hope you enjoy your Joe as much as i do.
  15. SA How did your 2nd rib try go? I did a rack of st Louis style ribs Sunday. 230 degrees from noon to 5 pm didn't wrap. Tender used tooth pick to test for doness. Very moist. Hope you had better luck this time. It's a learning process. It will come after a while and every rack is different.
  16. Look great what brand and size pan did you use?
  17. Another $0.02 worth you may have more than 1 leak. While you wait for the new top, you might want to try adjusting the dome if you have smoke there the seals might not be tight enough, I saw a posting awhile ago about sliding a dollar bill around the seal to check for tightness. I remember when ij got my classic 2 i had to adjust the front latch. Also check if it's leaking around the outside of the bottom vent not just the door. Try correcting one thing at a time, if you fix too mant things at one time you never know what the problem really was. Learned this repairing radios in the military.
  18. Had to settle for a 500 degree steak do to 3rd cook on same charcoal and was using it up before cleaning. I still can't believe one can turn charcoal off.
  19. Had this with a 500 degree rib steak, love this Joe
  20. Glad it's no longer pristine. We have about 20 wineries but they don't have the depth of Napa wines. We love V sataui wines.
  21. I've used ro for about 5 years in my grills, and have used it for a while in my one year old Joe classic 2, i quit using it when my last 2 bags were nothing but 1/2 dollar sized and smaller pieces. I now use Rockwood and am happy with it it has a lot of large pieces and burns clean with very little ash and hardly any smoke on starting. Had a little learning because of the size of lumps, but new to kamado cooking and it's a learning thing like anything new. We all have opinions I guess and what works for me might not for you.
  22. So your a couple of hours from gods second garden of Eden, called Napa. Any up dates on the shut down problem?
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